Healing and Transforming Core Traumas and Conditioning with the Solar Eclipse Energies

All truth and love is from within the heart in the center of our Being. The many different frequencies from the solar eclipse energies of Novermber 13 are providing a transformative action to clear and transform the deepest layer of our core traumas and conditioning. The core of our dense 3D restrictive energies is the structure of illusion that has hidden our true self. In order to transform all restrictions at the core, we must continue to look within.

We need to heal all restrictions of the bodymind in order to awaken the full capacity of heart consciousness. We cannot open the full infinite power of love through our heart center, if we maintain dense energy frequencies that are encoded and activated in the mind and body. Only through the full capacity of an open heart can the higher dimensions of the Light Body be united with the physical body. Therefore, the multitude of frequencies received from the eclipse are creating a unique transformative action that can enable the full release of all frequencies of the fear-based conditioning of conflict, control, and separation. It is only through our firm commitment to completely release all energies that do not resonate with love and creativity that we can awaken the heart to a level that will support higher dimensional human life on Earth.

We need to move beyond all traumas and restrictive energy patterns that do not resonate with our true self in Divine unity. As we delve into healing the deepest core of the 3D fear-based separation consciousness, we will find that the healing of the mental, emotional, and physical body is happening more simultaneously. With the accelerating galactic energies, we have been elevating our frequency of oscillation. We have reached a point where the very complex and multifaceted energies of the solar eclipse can penetrate the deepest layer of our core wounds. Thus, we find the release of multiple aspects of thought, emotion, feeling, and sensation all at once. Whereas in earlier phases of healing, we were much more fragmented and had to integrate the different aspects of a wound over a longer period of time.

It remains of utmost importance to place our intentional consciousness on the healing of all restrictions in the bodymind from childhood, intergenerational, and/or past lives. Only through a total commitment to transform all energies that are not of love, harmony, unity, and creativity, can we open the heart center to its fullest capacity to support the emanation of higher frequency Divine energy in the physical body.

With the fear attachments released, our awakened heart enables the soul to harmonically resonate with the body. As our body and higher mind resonate within heart consciousness, we unite the higher dimensions of the Light Body within the physical body. From our Light Body we live the higher mind within the heart. The Light Body is expressed from within the interior of our heart consciousness where we are able to communicate a higher influx of Divine Light.

Thus, as we clear all dense energetic restrictions, fully awaken heart consciousness, and integrate the Light Body with the frequencies of the physical body, we are evolving and ascending to a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness on Earth. We will awaken to our true Divine humanity of unconditional love and creativity with all of our abilities of telepathy, teleportation, cellular regeneration, and intentional creativity.

May we utilize the opportunity of the dynamic transformative frequencies of the solar eclipse energy to heal all conditioning in the egoic mind and body that is not of love, peace, unity, harmony, and creativity. In order to choose to ascend with the Earth to a higher dimensional frequency, each human has the free will to decide if they are truly done with the 3D life of fear, conflict, control, and separation. If the attachments to any activities that utilize these frequencies still persist, they indicate where we are not ready to live a higher dimensional incarnation. The key is to decide to relinquish all dense energy encodings and embrace the evolution and ascension to our true self in Divine unity.

In actuality, the number and complexity of our wounded conditioning is infinite within 3D. Therefore, it is impossible to heal in consciousness every single wound, encoding, and trauma coming from all life experience, genenerational frequencies, and past lives. However, in order to ascend to a higher dimensional consciousness, the responsibility is to decide and commit to healing all bodymind trauma. By doing so, we will be guided to healing the deepest structure of the core which will enable an evolutionary shift beyond the 3D frequency into a 5D frequency. We will say more about this aspect of core healing in an upcoming article.

Within the current phase of preparatory transition in the Dimensional Ascension which includes the recent eclipse energies, the clearing and transforming of the 3D dualistic energies of trauma is foundational. When we enter the manifestation phase of the Dimensional Ascension in 2013, the healing of the core traumas and conditioning will continue to be important for those that need to continue this work and their soul evolution is to choose ascension. The manifestation phase of Dimensional Ascension is the beginning that ultimately leads to a Dimensional shift of Earth Ascension and a higher dimensional humanity living on a New Ascended Earth.

The Subtle New Energies in the Current Phase of Dimensional Ascension

The current phase of the dimensional shift is the time period from the fall equinox to the winter solstice of 2012. The whole turning of the cycles and shifting dimensions has been a twenty-five year process of a continual acceleration. The galactic energies have been a catalyst within the third dimension to transition the Earth and humanity to a birth into a higher dimension.

In the past changing of these galactic, solar, and planetary cycles of evolution, the Earth and humanity would undergo a shift of ages and cataclysmic Earth changes accompanying the Galactic Center and solar energies. The exact same galactic cycle is occurring now, but with a different information and knowledge encoding to the consciousness and energy.  This time the changing of the cycles is a dimensional ascension.

Foundationally, it is an Earth ascension. The Earth, following Divine, infinite, cosmic, galactic, and solar intelligence, is shifting dimensions regardless of how humanity chooses to exercise its free will consciousness through the transition. It is also a human ascension because humanity is incarnate with the Earth during the dimensional shift. As part of soul evolution, each human person has a free will to choose whether to ascend to a higher dimension with the Earth.

The precise mechanism and manifestation of transition of the Earth in a dimensional shift has been veiled from human consciousness. As the energies accelerate and we continue to evolve and ascend in consciousness, it will be important for us to be diligent in self-observation, observation of nature, and awareness in multidimensional consciousness. We will have more information on the understanding of the mechanism of shift as the Divine timing sequence unfolds.

The December 21, 2012 date is an accurate reference point for a dimensional shift. It is not a date of Earth dimensional ascension. However, the reference point means something of significance and therefore we can expect some type of noticeable change on or around the winter solstice juncture of the dimensional shift. This transitional marker or reference point will not be the time of an instantaneous evolution and ascension to a higher dimensional Earth and humanity. It is a turning point which indicates the beginning of the first manifestation phase of dimensional ascension.

This brings us back to the current phase. The energies that are directly a part of the final preparatory phase were first felt a few weeks prior to September 22, 2012. We will make two significant observations regarding these galactic frequencies. 1. The subtle nature of their experience, and 2. The major importance that we clear and transform all core level trauma and conditioning from the dualistic 3D system.

These two points of focus are within our overall ascension process to the true self in Divine unity. The process is our awakening, transforming, and evolving to a heart-centered unity consciousness of a higher dimensional humanity on Earth. Thus, we will continue our healing practices, meditations, and opening the higher mind in the heart in the ways that we are guided. As we integrate the higher frequencies and move toward ascension we are taking action in loving service of humanity, the Earth, all of creation, and the cosmos.

Since the galactic energies are working within the Earth and human consciousness in the 3D world, they are part of the period of transition. Thus, they are experienced and felt in a subtle way. We may have ups and downs of high energy, dimensional openings, and releasing of dense energies and ascension symptoms, but the underlying awareness of the energetic change is subtle. This is because it is an energetic transition taking place at this point in the 3D world. In fact, the dimensional shift does not actually transform or morph the 3D world into a higher dimensional Earth.

Therefore, the dimensional shift does not actually take place in our current incarnate consciousness experience in the 3D world. The current acceleration of the 3D world of the Earth and human consciousness is a preparation for a dramatic change to a new higher dimensional human incarnate on a higher dimensional Earth. This is a higher frequency of our multidimensional being with the total harmony of the light body in unity with the physical body. The ascension process after December 21, 2012 will be both a phased ascension and a continuing process leading to a wholesale change of a higher dimensional Earth and a fifth dimensional and beyond humanity incarnate on Earth.

For those souls choosing a heart-centered unity consciousness beyond the old 3D dense duality of the fear, conflict, control, and separation matrix of consciousness, the current phase includes a simultaneous experience of 3D and the emerging 5D without being fully in 5D consciousness. The awareness of both 3D and 5D is not yet an ascended state. This is the subtle level of the ascension process that is the final phase of the preparatory gestational stage of the dimensional shift. This is a preparation in the 3D world to a change that takes place beyond the 3D frequency. Because the ascension is not actually a movement of one energetic frequency flipping into another, but rather a manifestation, emanation, or revealing, it will not be felt as a dramatic change. Yes, personal human ascension and Earth ascension happen beyond time in the blink of an eye. It is a glorious and magnificent change. However, it is not experienced as a stark dualistic difference as takes place in current 3D experience. It is a seamless moment of a permanent and higher dimensional awareness.

As we continue to experience the subtle nature of our evolving in the current preparatory phase of energies, our most important action in this phase is to clear and transform all core level trauma conditioning within the bodymind. In doing so, we can anchor in the full capacity of heart consciousness which is needed to support the higher dimensional mind and light body in incarnate form. With our deep clearing, we also need to choose a nonattachment to all of the lower 3D fear, conflict, control, and separation systems that have been infecting human consciousness on Earth for thousands of years.

We are shifting awareness to the spirit, soul, and higher mind within the heart in unity with the body and all of life. Within our present experience of the ascension process, we must commit to a life solely of love and creativity. May we choose to live as our true Divine self and evolve and ascend with the Earth into a fifth dimensional and beyond unity consciousness.

The Galactic Frequencies of Dimensional Ascension

The energies from the galactic center have been progressively increasing in frequency during the last two decades. The acceleration of these frequencies has exponentially increased since 2009. Now as we enter the last three months of 2012, we are moving through the final stage of the preliminary acceleration period of the cosmic energies that are informing human consciousness.

Energy From the Galactic Center and Interstellar Cloud

As our solar system is entering into a direct alignment with the galactic center, we are receiving high energy cosmic rays.  Within this plane of the universe, we are receiving this information through high frequencies of light. These photons contain charged particles, visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, and gamma rays. Information from the galactic center is one way that multidimensional subtle energies are transduced into the physical dimensions and communicated to our solar system and humanity.

In adddition to the direct galactic center information, there is an interstellar dust cloud that the Sun and Earth are traveling through that is combining with the increased cosmic rays. Both the galactic center energies and the dust cloud are changing and evolving the Sun. We see this most clearly in the recent development of the sun filaments and the large coronal holes. The Sun is transducing and transforming the galactic center information and conveying it to the Earth.  The Earth is integrating these energies through a weakening magnetic field which is evolving the Earth’s core. The frequencies organized by the core then resonate throughout the Earth, into the crust, and up to the surface.

Galactic Center Cycles

The Sun and the Earth has been through many galactic center cycles. The most clearly identified cycle is the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinox, the zodiac cycle, and the cycles of ages, as well as the more recent understanding of the Mayan Long Count calendar of 5,125 years. We find the understanding that the transitions of these cycles coincide with increased galactic energies and Earth changes throughout the ancient wisdom traditions. As our recent science has developed over the last few centuries, scientific knowledge is discovering information that relates to the knowledge passed down from ancient civilizations that lived through transition cycles. We are confirming the understanding of galactic energy cycles and Earth changes in solar and planetary evolution.

Ancient wisdom and modern science is showing that these galactic evolutionary cycles occur frequently on Earth such as every 26,000 years or a half cycle of approximately 13,000 years. Paul LaViolette has put forth the galactic superwave theory as an understanding of the mechanism for how galactic evolutionary cycles of energy manifest on Earth. Superwaves are bursts of energy from the galactic center that move through the galaxy at the speed of light. They are directly identified visually in other galaxies where the galactic center is currently active. Galaxies seen in a superwave phase are known as Seyfert galaxies.

Galactic Superwaves

As we are currently aligning with the galactic center, we are receiving direct energy that continually informs all the solar systems in the galaxy whether or not it is in the form of a superwave. Therefore, we are receiving more galactic energy in our present alignment. It is also possible that we may be ready for the next pass of a superwave. The galactic alignment/superwave cycle is the major expression of galactic, solar, planetary, and human evolution on Earth. This knowledge from the ancient esoteric and wisdom traditions is found in ancient Egyptian, Vedic, Buddhist, Biblical, Alchemical, Maya, Inca, and Hopi traditions, as well as many others. Depending on the tradition, we are either entering the fifth world or Sun or the sixth. Because of the physical Earth effects of the galactic center energy, all of the known past cycles have transitioned with catastrophic Earth changes such as warming, ice ages, and floods.

The basic understanding of a superwave is that the waves high energy particles push cosmic dust into the solar system overcoming the strength of the solar wind which usually keeps large amounts of dust outside of the solar system. The dust effects the Sun and results in increased solar flares. If the Sun receives a large quantity of dust, it will continually flare and enlarge as a T Tauri star that will severely affect Earth’s climate and magnetic field. In addition to the cosmic rays of a superwave, the wave is also accompanied by a gravity wave which can cause great stress on the Earth increasing earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Hopi tradition of the Blue star and the Red star may most clearly align with the superwave theory. At the moment of a superwave arrival, it is seen as a large blue star in the direction of the galactic center. The Hopi see the appearance of the Blue star as the heralding of a great transition. The subsequent arrival of the Red star is seen by the Hopi as the great purifier. In superwave theory, this may coincide with a relatively near by large red giant star, such as Betelgeuse, going into the supernova stage.

Earth Dimensional Ascension

Encoded in all of the ancient wisdom is some level of catastrophic change and rebirth to a new world age. Examples are the cyclical shift from a golden, silver, bronze, and iron ages. Within this viewpoint, we are currently in the iron age (the most dense frequencies) and are shifting to the highest frequencies of a golden age. Thus, all of the previous known cyclical transitions from the galactic center have encoded information and energies expressed in a superwave causing major Earth changes and the movement to another phase of 3D evolution.

However, with this galactic alignment and potential superwave, a whole different level of consciousness, information, and energetic frequency is encoded. This energy is not a shift of ages, it is a shift of dimensions. The 5,125 Mayan Calendar is the most recent segment of the 26,000 year precessional cycle. According to Jose Arguelles, this time period has contained the encoding of a galactic synchronization beam that is moving us through acclerated consciousness and material evolution. This information from the galactic center is a Divine timing sequence of evolution that is a prelude to a dimensional shift. Terence McKenna also picked up on the encoding of this accelerating energy in his timewave zero theory. Therefore, as the current precessional cycle is transitioning, we are moving through a leap in consciousness and frequency that is beyond the recorded history of the previous change of cycles. This major change at the turn of this cycle is a dimensional ascension for Earth and humanity.

We do not really know how many world age cycles humanity has been through on Earth. Some believe we have been evolving in the current 3D cycle for the last three 26,000 year cycles. It may be many more. With the current galactic energies, the Divine timing sequence is for the solar and planetary evolution to a higher dimension. This is exactly what the Sun and Earth are undergoing which is a force of galactic evolution that is larger and beyond incarnated humanity at present. Yes, humanity is a major participant in assisting the anchoring of higher dimensional frequencies of the Earth grid and human consciousness, but the decision of the solar system to elevate dimensional frequency is beyond human choice and action.

The Earth is absorbing and integrating these higher dimensional frequencies slightly ahead of humanity. There is a clear decision for Earth to ascend frequency according to Divine Being. Without the ascension frequencies, the Earth would go through another precessional cycle with superwave physical effects of large earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, ice age, and a T Tauri Sun. In the Divine sequence of the dimensional shift, the same galactic center/superwave process seems to appear. The difference is the energetic frequency is coded differently than the otherwise typical 3D effects that happen at a cycle transition within the 3D frequency.

Human Evolution and Ascension

The human choice is whether to evolve with the Sun and Earth into a higher dimension, or whether to resist and cling to the denser 3D energies of duality. Human souls that are ready to make a firm commitment to unity consciousness will continue to evolve and ascend with the Earth into a higher dimensional frequency. Human souls that are not ready to evolve to this stage in human incarnation on Earth will continue their soul evolution in other 3D planetary systems. For any solar and planetary system undergoing a dimensional shift, it is a great opportunity for soul evolution and a major time of choice.

Once the Earth makes its complete transition and fully organizes at a fifth dimensional frequency, only a 5D frequency human civilization will be incarnate on Earth. This is the next stage in human consciousness on Earth that is a heart-centered unity consciousness. The new incarnate consciousness expresses the Divine Being of love and creativity within synchronic and multidimensional time. It is a telepathic civilization of intentional creativity, teleportation, cellular regeneration, unified loving relationships, and contributionist creative expression of abundance.

This frequency of incarnate existence is a great learning through love and creative choice. It is the conscious noosphere described by visionary mystic Teilhard de Chardin, the supramental consciousness communicated by Sri Aurobindo, and the new heaven and new earth. It is the consciousness of fifth dimensional and beyond incarnate life. As the Earth evolves and ascends to a higher frequency through the dimensional shift, let us make the human decision to evolve and ascend in spirit, soul, and body to a heart-centered unity consciousness of our true self in Divine Being.

Heart Consciousness and the Body: Transforming the Physical Body to Higher Frequencies of Matter

Heart consciousness fully unites the soul with the body in pure harmony through the spirit.  Through a heart-centered consciousness, our infinite and eternal being can be expressed within the physical body on Earth.  It is the fullness of love and creativity unhindered by the duality density of incarnate life.

We awaken, transform, and evolve to the higher consciousness of the true self in Divine unity by the intentional choices of the soul through the heart and mind.  While the interior consciousness of dimensions beyond the physical is the initiator and catalyst for all change in human consciousness, there are very real changes to the physical body.  The body receives a harmonic upgrade of its vehicle.  All systems of the body must be able to relay the information and consciousness of the multidimensional and beyond dimensional soul while expressing through the incarnate body. This is the importance of understanding the human energy field, chakras, heart, brain, nervous system, and endocrine system.  We learn of the importance of the heart’s nervous system and electromagnetic field, and all of the brain’s systems in mediating the consciousness of the soul in the body.  While the body is the vehicle for expressing the nonlocal and infinite soul, it forms a unity with the soul and spirit during incarnate expression of the soul’s evolution of its eternal cosmic and Divine being. Therefore, even though the soul transcends its physical organization as body, its being is one with the body for experience on Earth and other interdimensions of incarnation.

The fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation has dimmed awareness of the multidimensional self that is peace, joy, love, and creativity.  The lower 3D duality consciousness has conditioned disharmonic blockages throughout the energy system of the body.  The result has been a conflict oriented frequency of matter that enables disease, separation, and disharmony.  Under this level of egoic 3D consciousness, the body is not able to be in resonance and carry the higher dimensional information of the heart and the full capabilities of the higher Divine mind, i.e., peace, joy, love, unity, intentional creativity, telepathy, harmonic cellular regeneration, and teleportation.

While incarnate, the heart is the center of life for multidimensional consciousness and how the soul experiences consciousness within the body.  In order to anchor in the fullness of heart consciousness, all restrictions of the bodymind throughout all chakras must be healed and released.  In choosing the practices that resonate for us which may include meditation, prayer, energy healing, introspection, self-observation, experiencing feelings and emotions, and service along the pathways of the many spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric, and scientific traditions, we open to the awareness of the higher self and Divine unity. All of these practices and paths are intended to be guides for our inner intentional consciousness in choosing to live our heart-centered unity of love and creativity.

It is only from this awareness and intention that the restrictions are healed, heart consciousness is anchored, and the higher mind capabilities restored. Throughout the entire process, the physical body is changing in order to receive and transmit the harmonic frequencies of the higher mind in the heart. From within this aspect of evolving consciousness, we see the transformation of DNA, the easing of the nervous system, coherence of the electromagnetic frequencies of the heart, increased frontal lobe brain activity, and entrainment of the pituitary gland, hypothalamas, thalamas, and pineal gland. Therefore, all of the physical changes are part of evolution and ascension, but they must be understood from the level of the soul and spirit that is enabling the change.

Thus, the frequencies and harmony of the physical body are critical for our Divine expression of love and creativity while our soul is incarnate. Our key context becomes the seeing of the physical body not from a linear 3D mechanisitc awareness as organizing consciousness with density, but as the vehicle for expression of consciousness, and even as consciousness itself vibrating along a continuum of frequency. When the body is understood from the centrality of consciousness from the infinite soul and mind beyond the physical, then the physical changes to the density of the body and the workings of the heart, mind, and brain fit well into the ascension process.

In awakening to unity consciousness of the heart, the bodymind restrictions are primarily released by the emotional work of integrating the false self defenses of the shadow and by forgiveness.  All this must be done with the clear intent to live a life of love and creativity.  In this process, the conditioning of the fight or flight trauma response and the improper use of the 3D thinking mind is changed.  These nervous system changes are necessary to open the heart by quieting the inharmonious noise of the 3D thinking mind.  Practices that are helpful here are the many types of meditation, harmonic sound frequency resonance of soul and body with 432Hz, and Divine energy transmissions such as the Oneness Blessing and Oneness Meditation.  They quiet the lower mind and move activity to the frontal lobes where frequencies of the higher unity mind are expressed.

All of these are preparatory steps of fully anchoring the organization of heart consciousness, and the evolution of the body to a less dense frequency of matter.  This will be a change to either a refined carbon structure or a shift to a more crystalline silicon structure.  All of these changes involve the Divine energy and soul evolving both the information sent to DNA and a transformation or activation of the DNA itself.

This brings us to the role of certain systems of the physical brain that transduce and mediate the higher mind in its support of the central consciousness organization of the heart.  The purely resonant properties of these physical systems are necessary for the fully harmonic functioning of the third eye and crown chakras through the pituitary, hypothalamas, thalamas, and pineal gland. A highly functioning nervous and hormonal system is key to resonance tuning for heart consciousness in expressing all its capabilities in the body.

The fully awakened heart supported by the higher mind through the fully functioning brain is vitally important for our interdimensional communication, remembering who we are, our mission, and our soul evolution while we are incarnate in the body on Earth. May we continue to progress in our understanding of our Divine Being as spirit and soul, and the role of the physical body in our ascension to a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness.

432Hz and the Dimensional Shift

Harmonic sound frequencies, both audible and inaudible, can assist human consciousness to remember the true self.  The harmonic resonance of our Divine consciousness as a unified spirit, soul, and body being gives the soul an experience and direction in making a free will choice to open to heart consciousness.

In this way, sound is one vehicle of consciousness as energy that can be used in healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending in our heart consciousness of Divine unity.  We can resonate with the sounds of nature, the animals, and sound consciousness instruments such as drums, singing bowls, bells, crystal bowls, gongs, flutes, whistling vessels, etc.  These are just some of the numerous instruments used throughout sacred traditions for healing and transforming consciousness.  We also have chant, tuning forks, and all types of music that harmonizes with the energetic frequencies of love and creativity.

The understanding of tuning music and instruments to various frequencies in cycles per second (csp) or Hertz (Hz) for optimal human resonance of the true self in Divine unity is very complex.  We can find knowledge among the spiritual, philosophical, psychological, metaphysical, and esoteric traditions, and in the sciences of physics, biology, and studies of acoustics, sonics, and cymatics, etc.  In this article, our purpose is to outline a general understanding of a range of frequencies with an emphasis on 432Hz. in order to gain a context for the healing and ascension of our soul and body to a higher fifth dimensional consciousness.

Our aim is not to understand an in-depth comparison of frequencies for instrument and music tuning, but rather to see an overall sequence and movement of frequencies as we shift dimensions and realize a new Divine humanity on Earth. In the audible range of human sensory hearing, we find frequencies for tones and tuning that are harmonic with all the musical notes in various frequencies in a range from A=418Hz up to A=456Hz. Since the first half of the twentieth century, A=440Hz has been the standard concert pitch tuning. Prior to this time, we had much more variability of many lower pitches as well as some higher frequencies. Today, there are various viewpoints on the standard 440 and alternatives such as 432Hz, 444Hz, and above such as 446Hz, 448Hz, and 456Hz.

Because of the multidimensionality of the harmony of consciousness in the subtle energetic domains beyond the physical, the simplicity and infinite complexity cannot be reduced into individual frequencies.  The pure frequency resonance of the spirit, soul, and body in Divine unity is a multidimensional, multifrequency harmonic. It cannot be reduced to only one frequency measured through physical instruments in Hertz.

However, we can discover some important information on individual frequencies and the range of frequencies that are harmonic with them.  This general knowledge can provide us with an important context for the dimensional shift, healing, and evolving to a higher consciousness of a new Divine humanity incarnate on Earth.

In order to ascend to a fifth dimensional consciousnsess and beyond, we must anchor in the full capacity of heart consciousness.  We can only open a full heart-centered consciousness by healing all restrictions of fear-based conflict, control, and separation frequencies within the body and mind. This includes all of the negative emotional encoding and false beliefs within the body and lower 3D conscious mind.

For the human incarnate, the heart is the center of human consciousness for the soul within and through the body.  The importance of 432Hz frequencies for the current stage of the dimensional shift is that they resonate an energy of the unity of the soul and body.  Therefore, 432Hz is also heart-centered because the heart is the unified center of how the soul expresses through the body.  By bringing into conscious awareness the centered and grounded feeling of the experience of the soul and body in perfect harmony, 432Hz can assist further healing of any restrictions of the bodymind that create a separation of the soul from perfect harmony with the body.

As we release all restrictions, we can bring in the full capacity of the heart to transduce the higher dimensional frequencies into the body. With the full capacity of the heart, all of the capabilties of the higher mind/Divine mind of intuition, intentional creativity, telepathy, regeneration, teleportation, etc. can be organized from heart intelligence.  Thus, the heart is the central organization that is served by the functions of the higher mind and the physical body through the brain, nervous system, endocrine (glandular), and all other physical systems.

The experience of 440Hz is a more separate awareness through the senses, emotional level, and the thinking of the lower 3D mind and brain.  It resonates at a more egoic frequency that is received in separation outside of the self.  The 432Hz frequency is sensed and felt as coming from within and without. This means that the spirit, soul, and body is feeling a peaceful energetic oneness.  The harmonic habitation of the soul in the body is necessary to fully open heart consciousness.  This is the gift of the 432Hz resonance at this time of healing, evolution of consciousness, and shifting dimensions.

I believe that we will realize another basic frequency that will be the resonance of the spirit and soul’s higher mind in the heart.  This unified heart, mind, and brain resonance will be at a frequency at or above 448Hz.  This frequency will help adjust the human incarnate to a fully 5D consciousness.  After an adjustment period, a singular frequency will no longer be necessary for assistance.  The spirit, soul, and body will naturally resonate a multidimensional frequency of intention as sound within and harmonize without to a multifrequency sound.

As we are currently working with 432Hz to heal, harmonize soul and body, and open to the full capabilities of heart consciousness, frequencies lower than 432Hz are useful in helping quiet the 3D thinking mind. This quieting of the 3D conscious mind opens the heart and enables a heart-centered awareness to listen to the knowledge of the higher mind. There are many examples of the lower frequencies within the A=420’s range.

Thus, 432Hz is a pivotal frequency for assisting our intentional consciousness at this juncture in the dimensional shift.  We can use 432Hz in conjunction with some work in lower frequencies as we move to a new multidimensional humanity in the fifth dimension.

Time and the Dimensional Shift: From 3D Linear Time to 4D Synchronic Time and into 5D Multidimensional Time

With the higher frequency light, information, and energy that is now being received on Earth, human consciousness is evolving and ascending to harmonize with a faster oscillation.  The shift to a higher dimensional consciousness includes a major change in our awareness and experience of time.

As human consciousness is evolving to resonate with a higher frequency, we have the perception that time is accelerating. Everything is compressed.  There is seemingly more to do in an ever quickening movement of time. This is a real change to experiencing consciousness on Earth. It is not only the variation in a person’s intrapsychic means for processing experience in a time and space dimension, it is a collective change of the energetics and consciousness of the Earth and humanity.

Time is changing with a shift in dimensions. We know that the energy of dimensions beyond the third is more fluid, unified, and harmonic. Therefore, time is not experienced as a linear mechanical separation of existence. What is important for us to understand at this point in the shift is that we are moving to the highest fourth dimensional frequencies and then through to the fifth dimension. The specific energetic process of the actual external change, the inner mind process, and the rate that human consciousness transforms to a synchronic time state is yet to be fully understood.

Gregg Braden puts forth one way of potential understanding. He explains that the Schumann resonance (the Earth’s resonant frequency in the extremely low frequency spectrum created between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere at 7.83Hz) is changing and now has multiple frequency harmonics. Braden sees a speeding up of the Earth’s Schumann resonance in combination with a lowering magnetic field as speeding up human cellular activity as humanity works to harmonize with the Earth’s increasing frequency. This is one way to view time acceleration.

In the larger context, the Earth’s changing energetic frequency is being initiated by information, consciousness, and energy from the galactic center. Most of this energy is processed by the sun, and then relayed to the Earth’s core through the poles. The energy is then transferred from the Earth’s core to the surface of the Earth. With increasing energy and higher frequency light being reduced to electromagnetic energy, there may be several complex interactions to understand our changing perception of time. A more precise understanding will ensue as the shift continues.

However, we can articulate the overall pattern of the movement of time within the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions.  In the current dense vibration of matter in 3D, time has a linear orientation of past, present, and future.  The 3D thinking mind is very good at orienting and processing experience in linear time. It continually plans, organizes, and references its experience based on a linear sequence.  As we are moving into a fourth dimensional frequency, this linear referencing is breaking down.  4D time is of the “now” and it is more difficult to remember one’s past activity in any type of sequence or to plan future activities in a linear sequence.  Since we are still operating in 3D in part, we will continue to use the 3D mind for future planning.  Instead of using 3D thinking to organize all time, we will only use it more specifically when it is needed.

In 4D time, there is no experience of the duration of time.  Time is neither experienced as moving fast or slow–there simply is no experience of the movement of time.  As we move through the 2012-2013 period, we are accelerating faster and faster into 4D time.  Humanity’s perception of time will totally shift when we are fully in the highest frequency bandwiths of the fourth dimension.  Our first experience of time in 4D will be of the “no time” experience, but we will still need the external mechanical device of a clock to orient interaction and organize activity.  Only in 5D time will the clock no longer be necessary.

In the fifth dimension, time is purely a function of interior consciousness. In a 5D mind to mind communication, persons can locate in time and space without a 3D time measuring device. Information is organized beyond a time and space field of distance and duration. The nondual infinite is energetically transduced and stepped down into the time and space coordinates of the slower vibrational frequencies along the continuum of 4D and below.

With the frequency change to higher light and less density to matter, we restore, transform, and evolve to our multidimensional being and consciousness.  As we continue to heal all bodymind restrictions and anchor in heart consciousness, we will be opening to the foundations of our higher consciousness capabilities in incarnate form.  Our evolving information and energetic pathways are preparing us for multifrequency telepathy of the higher Divine mind.

In 5D, time is no longer a constraint, and awareness can function at a conscious level in operating on multiple information resonant frequency bands at once.  Therefore, conscious awareness can communicate with multiple persons at once using different frequency channels simultaneously.  In the past, we have seen the foreshadowing of these capabilities in time and spatial location by great mystics through phenomena such a bilocation.  An example would be the bilocation of Padre Pio and Martin de Porres, who both would appear at two different locations at the same time.

Thus, we are transforming to our multidimensional capabilities in both time and location as we shift dimensions and evolve to a new Divine humanity on Earth.  May we continue to heal and integrate to the higher frequencies as we move from linear 3D time to 4D synchronic time, and then into 5D multidimensional time.

Evolving the Multidimensional Human Within the 2012 Energies

The energetic field of the Earth and human consciousness has significantly changed throughout the month of May.  This change of the base foundational frequency for human incarnations on Earth is now the new field in which humanity will transform and ascend to a new Divine humanity.   At this level of soul evolution to a new Divine humanity, the human spirit and soul emanates as one with the body in expressing a fifth dimensional and above harmony.  It is a heart-centered unity consciousness of love, creativity, and peace.

The new wave pattern of Galactic, Solar, Earth, and Human energy will be fully anchored in the physical/etheric dimensional realm at the completion of the Venus retrograde on June 27.  Although, the energies and consciousness will continue to transform and evolve, the basic template of energies will be in place for the dimensional shift of Earth ascension and a new Divine humanity incarnate on Earth.

The Solar, Earth, and Human energies have been progressively changing for the last several decades.  Humanity has become conscious of this movement at different levels of degree through spiritual awakenings, change in perception of time, and the intuitive knowing of Earth changes and a higher dimensional humanity.  The sequencing of awareness has been unique for all souls along their path of soul evolution.  Within the differences in the timing of personal awareness, there has been the overall acceleration in the last twenty-five years.

Prior to this time period of accelerating energy, the early movement of the shifting energy and consciousness was first picked up in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.  We see the pointing toward our time period most strongly in the work of Sri Aurobindo, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and Edgar Cayce.  While there are many other great contributors to the understanding of a transforming shift in human consciousness from the early twentienth century, as well as the great prophetic and esoteric traditions of the Vedic, Buddhist, Biblical, Maya,  Inca, and Hopi, etc., the above mentioned contributors can focus our awareness as examples of the early transducers of this new energy.

The new frequency pattern of the energies that will be our foundational template for the remainder of the shift process were most specifically introduced through the solar flares in April.  This culminated in the critical mass energetic buildup on around April 29.  This set up the new moon energies of May 5 with planetary alignments.  All of these energies were integrated leading up to the Solar eclipse in alignment with the Pleiades on May 21.  This infusion from the Solar eclipse and the higher frequency Pleiadian energies has both intensified and organized the energies for the June 4 Lunar eclipse and the Venus transit on June 5-6.  This event is the fulcrum or hinge point to establishing the template of the 2012 energies and the energetic consciousness field in which the Earth and humanity can evolve and ascend to a higher dimensional consciousness.  The energies will become fully cohesive and harmonize by June 27.

Beyond this point, there will be many changes as the exact knowledge of how and when the shift occurs is being continually evolved by the healing and choices of consciousness. There may be many profound, dramatic, and intense shifts in energy. However, the grounding energetic field in which the acceleration of consciousness is taking place will be consistent to our awareness.  With the fast-paced accelerating movement, all the same inner work must be done.  There are no short cuts.  All of the 3D dualistic blockages and inharmonic fear, conflict, control, and separation energies must be fully released from the bodymind in order to anchor in the full capacity of the heart. A fully open heart can transduce very high frequencies of Divine energy and organize all the dimensions of the Divine mind within the incarnate form.

With the upgrade in energetic frequency, the new template is enabling a greater compressed healing, transformation, and ascension to the true self in Divine unity.  With the new template, we will continue to receive new more streamlined modalities that will support healing and the transformation of consciousness.  In addition to the new modalities, we will maintain the depth of the transforming movement to a higher dimensional humanity, but we will acquire new knowledge and perception of how we are transforming in a higher oscillating frequency harmonic.

All of the information and experience of the great mystics and visionaries within the spiritual, esoteric, and metaphysical traditions of the last three thousand years remain fully valid.  However, the information was developed in a more dense, heavier, and slower energetic field.  We can use the timeless wisdom of the great mystics of the past, but we must process our journey within a whole new energy template and timing sequence.  In fact, being aware of how they contributed will keep our consciousness focused on the true depth and height of Divine unity and the evolution to a higher dimensional human consciousness on Earth.

Even though we have transformed to a great degree over the recent time sequence period,  we are in effect just beginning to anchor and express the information, consciousness, and energy that will shift Earth humanity from a fear-based to a unity consciousness.  As this occurs, our isolation in consciousness will be over, and we will join other galactic higher dimensional intelligence and interdimensional intelligence during the incarnate experience on Earth.

Fully opening to the Divine love and heart-consciousness of the Venus transit energy is our next step in this rapidly moving journey.  It is an opportunity to open all of our deepest remaining wounds to the healing of Divine love.  By availing ourselves of this energy through intentional consciousness, we will incorporate and integrate the information through the rest of the Venus retrograde.  Thus, we will then be most fully aware of our new underlying energy field template as we transform throughout the remainder of 2012 and into 2013 and beyond.

As we continue to open to our multidimensional nature, the changes and next steps will be given more and more in the moment.  There is much challenging work ahead.  It will be assisted by our developing higher frequency consciousness and Earth consciousness that is more fluid, mobile, and harmonic.  May we continue to heal, remember, transform, evolve, and ascend to our true multidimensional consciousness so as to be able to make the human choice with all of creation to embrace a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness on Earth.

Cosmic Energy, The Dimensional Shift, and a New Divine Humanity

We are experiencing a very intense and distinct change in the cosmic energies that are transmitting to us through the Sun and Earth.  We receive energy directly from the Sun and Earth, directly from the galaxy, and as galactic energies that are transmuted by the Sun and then communicated to human consciousness.

Our focus throughout this article is on how humanity interacts with physical/etheric energy in the solar system, galaxy, and cosmos.  This forms one of our key connections with nature and the cosmos.  On a deeper level, our spirit/soul/ body beings are also mediating energy direct from higher beyond space and time realms. Here, our information and consciousness is not dependent on any of the space and time cosmic energies of the physical/matter dimensions.  Therefore, our consciousness operates on these different multidimensional channels simultaneously.  Because our souls are experiencing incarnate life, we must heal, integrate, and harmonize with the physical cosmic energies of the galaxy to which we are also in unity.  The emphasis of this article is to focus on our interaction with the changing information through cosmic energies within the physical/etheric frequencies.

The human heart center is our soul’s interface with the physical/etheric dimension.  Our heart, the Earth’s core, the Sun, and the Galactic core form an energetic unity for our incarnate experience in the dimensional universe.  The heart is the central foundation for mediating the human soul’s higher mind capabilities and the infinite eternal Spirit in Divine unity.

In the evolution and ascension process, we are increasing the heart’s capabilities to transduce much higher dimensional energy than we have experienced in the fear-based 3D consciousness of control, conflict, and separation.  In order to open the heart to its fullest capabilities, we must continually release all mental, emotional, and physical restrictions of the bodymind.  Therefore, the incoming energies can assist the integration of all chakra centers, nerve plexus, and endocrine system glands.  Transformation, evolution, and ascension is a movement of interior information, consciousness, and energy.  It is intentional within the soul evolution as coordinated by the higher self, higher intelligence, and the Divine Being.  However, our interior process also works in coordination with the timing frequencies of galactic and stellar evolution.  This is where the current cosmic energies are coordinating with and assisting our evolution to a new Divine humanity incarnate on Earth.  It is a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness of the true self in Divine unity.

We understand this elevation in human consciousness as a dimensional shift.  While there is a synchronized galactic and stellar evolution, incarnate human consciousness needs to assent to the sequence of an evolutionary leap.  There is much assistance through interdimensional and angelic intelligence, but the dimensional shift must be mediated directly through the multidimensional human in incarnate form.  Thus, with the accelerating changes in our solar system and galactic energies, the timeframe for the unfoldment of  humanity on Earth completing a dimensional shift with the Sun and Earth is not specifically delineated.  We are definitely within a dimensional shift window and huge changes will occur for humanity and the Earth regardless of the exact level of shift that manifests. However, humanity must play its role in working for the Divine plan to bring a clear universal shift into a new Divine humanity living a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness on Earth.

Notwithstanding the timing of the dimensional shift and the coming new Divine human, we are currently in the midst of an important change in the galactic and solar cycles.  We have seen these signs in solar system warming and the increasing activity of the Sun’s solar flares and CME’s over the last few decades.  Today, we see a potential increase with the possibility that the Sun’s eleven year change of magnetic field may develop into four poles as the field of the Sun’s Northern hemisphere is reversing much faster than the Southern hemisphere.

There are several factors that can give us insight into the sequence of the cyclical sequences of galactic evolution. One manifestation is the solar system entering a more active interstellar dust cloud in our orbital path around the galaxy. These particles may penetrate the heliopause, which is the reach of the Sun’s solar wind that keeps many incursions of interstellar dust outside the solar system. With a greater degree of dust entering, the energy and information between the Sun, Earth, and human consciousness is changing frequency.

Next, we have our solar system alignment with the galactic equator which occurs according to the Earth’s 26,000 year precessional cycle.  This provides us with a more direct infusion of cosmic rays from the galactic center or core. These rays of charged particles are in the form of infrared, light, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays. All of these rays are part of the information and consciousness evolution. While it is important that we learn and remember these larger galactic and cosmic cycles, the infinite complexity of the exact sequencing is beyond the current levels of the human mind. We will be better able to discern this information as we evolve to our higher dimensions of mind in the spirit.

Another galactic cycle that we need to understand is the periodic galactic superwave. The understanding of galactic superwaves has been developed by the research of Paul Laviolette. Using astronomy, ancient Egyptian, many other esoteric systems, the sciences, and ice core samples, Laviolette has theorized superwave expansions of energy that emanate from the galactic core and move throughout the edge of the galaxy approximately every 15,000 years. These waves push interstellar dust into the solar system which greatly affects the Earth’s climate in terms of ice ages, heating, and floods.  The dust affects the levels of light and heat from the Sun, as well as impacting the Sun directly causing increased solar flares. At times of great change in the solar system, Earth’s climate is in a flux of cooling, warming, magnetic field change, and seismic and volcanic activity.

The galactic superwave, moving at the speed of light, is seen as a large bright blue light in the direction of the galactic center. The visual of the superwave may relate to the Hopi prophecy of the Blue star which heralds the time of great change. We find knowledge of galactic cycles, Earth changes, and shifts in human consciousness within all major esoteric, spiritual, metaphysical, and prophetic traditions throughout our recent twelve to thirteen thousand year history.

Interestingly, Laviolette was able to determine that the Earth had higher levels of cosmic dust and coolings around 3,200 BC. This date is near the beginning date of 3,114 BC of the current 5,125 year Mayan Long Count calendar which recycles on the winter solstice of 2012.  The cosmic energies around 3,200 BC may have occured from a relatively smaller superwave than the wave that ended the last ice age over 15,000 years ago.  This coincides with Jose Arguelles understanding of a galactic synchronization beam which has been evolving us through 3D mechanical time to a 4D synchronic time of telepathic unity consciousness.

Thus, we see information being exchanged at the physical/etheric level through the light and sound spectrum of the cosmic energies.  We are also being influenced by the Sun, Earth, galaxy, and cosmos through higher dimensional subtle energies beyond the physical and etheric level.  These levels of energy are communicated to our higher dimensions of soul and spirit without being reduced to physical cosmic energies.

We have the opportunity to evolve and ascend our incarnate being to higher dimensional levels of consciousness.  The timing of the galactic and cosmic forces through their interaction is helping us remember, reorient, and transition to higher harmonic levels of our being of love and creativity.  This transformation is a spirit, soul, and body evolution.  We are moving to a less dense and more harmonic patterns of matter and higher dimensions of our soul as experienced through the spirit in unity with the body.  We will reach the true freedom of the human being of our own interior consciousness technology of telepathic communication, teleportation, and harmonic levels of heart, mind, and body creativity.

As we continue to reunite with nature, we restore our consciousness of infinite loving being and we remember our connection to the greater cosmos of intelligence. It is our choice to do the work of healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to realize our true higher consciousness within incarnate being. May we continue to embrace the cosmic healing energies, and use our consciousness to resonate with our true being and to unite with the Divine, in order to flow with the evolution to a new Divine humanity on Earth.

The New Human Being of the Divine Cosmic Galactic Mind

We are in the midst of an evolutionary shift to the next stage of human consciousness in incarnate form on Earth.  Within this shift to a new consciousness, humanity is experiencing a transformative movement to a whole new reorganization of our multidimensional spirit, soul, and body beings in the physical body.

This evolution includes a complete harmonization of our energy system of the physical bodymind, an evolution beyond the egoic 3D levels of mind to the higher dimensions of unitive consciousness, and a descent of the Divine mind to create the full expression of the new Divine human.  The new human being on Earth, which has been described by Sri Aurobindo as the “supramental consciousness,” is what we are currently understanding as a transition to a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness.  When we describe the new consciousness in dimensional terms, we are describing a change in information, consciousness, and energetic frequency that is existing within the physical/etheric domains of the universe.  Higher frequencies of spiritual consciousness beyond the physical/etheric express in unity within the physical/etheric frequencies.  We are experiencing an evolution to a Divine humanity as experienced in incarnate form on Earth within physical/etheric energy.

Earth incarnations exist within a much greater evoltionary system of other incarnations, and within a soul evolutionary system that is beyond incarnate experience. It is all part of a dynamic spiraling of infinite being and consciousness.  Along the infinite continuum, higher dimensions of the cosmos exist at a purely energetic level beyond physical/etheric organization (This is beyond what we are describing as the new Divine Earth humanity), and then beyond into dimensional spiritual realms. 

What we refer to as fifth dimensional consciousness is a spectrum of spirit and soul energies that can unite within the physical/etheric bands such as in our experience within this solar system and throughout the galaxy. Therefore, this current transformation to a new Divine humanity is part of a natural change to human incarnate experience on Earth.  

Various solar and planetary systems go through a timing sequence of stellar and planetary evolution.  This includes all planetary matter and ether–mineral, plant, and animal life, and intelligent human life which serve as vehicles for human soul evolution.  The information and consciousness that determines different ways of planetary and life evolution is coordinated by intelligence at higher domains as part of the Divine Being.

Human evolution beyond the current heart, mind, and body systems that we know as Homo Sapiens occurs with a precise sequencing of solar and Earth evolution.  In order for humans to evolve to a stage of being that is the new Divine Humanity, the Earth (including the atmosphere, electromagnetic field, and noosphere), the Sun, and the Galactic frequencies, are also evolving with human consciousness in synchronistic timing.

Human evolution now directly coincides with Earth evolution.  Within the last five to six thousand years of human experience on Earth, human consciousness has inharmoniously separated itself from the unitary physical/ether level of our Earth environment.  This separation through a fear-based system of external conflict and control has created energetic restrictions within our bodymind. 

In the physical plane, the body, emotions, and mind function in unity.  In current human culture, we have been conditioned in a separation from our bioenergy and nature.  In the 1930’s, Wilhelm Reich began a modern understanding of the consciousnesss of the bodymind through the development of his body-oriented therapy.  He utilized “character analysis” to release the energy restrictions manifesting as “character armour,” and “vegetotherapy” to release the same energy restriction manifesting as “body armour” (somatic muscle restrictions, i.e., forehead, chin, chest, diaphragm, abdominals, and pelvis).

In our present evolution and ascension to a new Divine Humanity, Reich’s work points to the importance of the free flowing harmonic movement of our bioenergy at the level of the physical body, emotions, mind, and ether.  This is our unification with nature and represents the deeper healing of our lower chakras which is necessary to evolve to a higher mind and align with a supramental consciousness.  Our natural bioenergy is a continual inflow and outflow of expansion and contraction.  This movement is a natural harmonic tension and discharge of energy.  The harmonic of expansion and contraction is the freedom of expression of our love and creativity in the Earth dimension.  When we restore the bodymind back to its balance of energy, any of our secondary defense mechanisms for releasing blocked energies within our incarnate body and mind will disappear.

All of the restricted energies at the somatic and egoic mind level result from negative emotional encodings and beliefs within our bodymind that exist from childhood, intergenerational transmission of information fields, and past lives.  These codings have occurred in human consciousness because of the fear, conflict, control, and separation system that has inhibited the true self in divine unity. 

The deeper healing of all the bioenergic systems of our bodymind will enable the full capacity of our heart consciousness to transduce, transmit, and express the full loving power of higher dimensional frequencies.  Without the full restoration of our harmonic expansion and contraction of bioenergies that express to a great degree through our lower chakra centers, the heart cannot anchor in the tremendous spiritual energy of higher domains.  As we release the restrictions of the bodymind, anchor in the full potential of the heart, and develop all our higher dimensions of mind (telepathy, teleportation, cellular regeneration, etc.), we will ascend through a descent of the supramental consciousness.  We become the realization of a new Divine Humanity.

In addition to the modern body-oriented therapies and somatics begun with Wilhelm Reich’s work, there are other healing systems and pathways that also focus on the full restrictions of the bodymind that is necessary for a deeper level of healing.  The Taoist Esoteric Yoga path is one of the more intact ancient systems for balancing the total energies of the bodymind vehicle.  This knowledge has been recently brought forth in the works of Mantak Chia.  Fragments of knowledge that can help us heal the bodymind frequencies in this time of transition exist within many esoteric traditions.  Some include the ancient Egyptian, Hindu, esoteric Christian, Sufi, Kaballah, earth-based shamanic paths, i.e, Incan, and many esoteric and metaphysical paths that include crystal healing and sound healing.

Our evolution and ascension to the new Divine Human being is now a simultaneous healing of the bodymind level, opening heart consciousness, and evolving Divine mind capabilities.  This human evolution is taking place in unity with Earth evolution.  Both the changing Earth frequencies and an emerging Divine humanity will open this solar system and incarnate Earth humanity to a larger connection and communication with other solar systems and intelligence that operate at the next level of intelligent evolution within the physical/etheric planes of the cosmos. 

Heart Consciousness: The Full Embodiment of the Soul in Bodily Form

In order to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we need to fully embody our spirit and soul within the physical incarnate body.  We open to the experience of the highest levels of the true self in Divine unity by living from the consciousness of the heart.

What has been understood as the “mystic” consciousness throughout the last several thousand years of history is our natural human incarnate consciousness that is our multidimensional being of a unified spirit, soul, and body.  Because human beings have been immersed and conditioned within a false fear, conflict, control, and separation systematic program of consciousness during these thousands of years, the mystic consciousness for the most part has been understood as a spiritual state beyond the natural life of the human being in the incarnate form on earth.  In truth, the mystic state of consciousness is our natural soul/body being unencumbered by thought forms, negative emotional encodings, and all disharmonic frequencies that inhibit the pure joy, fluidity, and harmony that is the goodness of life as Divine wisdom, love, and creativity.  Therefore, we express our true divine consciousness when we live unarmored, no longer attaching to the restrictions that block our pure dyamic and harmonic energy flow within our multidimensional being.    

In this time period of healing, awakening, evolving, and ascending of humanity through a dimensional shift, it is more accurate to describe this consciousness as “multidimensional” and no longer as “mystical.”  This is because ascension to a higher consciousness is in the “here and now” and not a reaching for a “transcendental beyond” level of consciousness.  The human being fully incarnate on Earth, living from the true self in Divine unity, is an infinite nonlocal being.  While we are a soul participating here in this form, we are meant to embody our whole infinite being.

Thus, we are shifting the perspective of the term “mystic.”  In heart consciousness on Earth, we are not seeking a transcendental spiritual supernatural state.  We are opening to the infinite Divine consciousness fully in our bodily life on Earth.  Therefore, a completely whole human being lives what has been historically understood as the “mystic state” as a natural experience in the here and now.

What do we mean by a natural experience in the here and now?  The primary quality of the multidimensional self is its fluidity and freedom of the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.  Consciousness as physical information and energy and consciousness as non-physical information and energy unites in one free flowing continuum.  Thus, even though consciousness in the physical form is of a lower density, there are no restrictions to the emanation and expression of higher dimensional energies and nondimensional spiritual energies.  Therefore, the multidimensional human is fully free in the body and fully free at the nonlocal awareness on Earth and throughout the cosmos.  This is the ultimate truth of the human being living in the consciousness of the heart.

Living from heart consciousness enables the physical body to maintain a free harmonic vibration.  At the unrestricted vibration, the body and mind oscillates at the unified frequency.  In the human incarnate state, the heart is the center of consciousness with a base harmonic vibration of 8Hz.  This heart coherence level synchronizes the mind’s resonance at 8Hz which is the interface of the theta/alpha EEG frequency.  At this level, the lower dualistic thinking mind harmonizes to allow the higher unitary functioning mind to operate within the heart.

In order for the full opening of the heart in coherence with the higher chakras of the throat (5th), third eye (6th), and crown (7th) of the body/mind, the heart must anchor to the root chakra and all the way to the core of the Earth.  This is why the lower three chakras, root (1st), sacral (2nd), and solar plexus (3rd) of bodily life must be unrestricted.  Only with the free flowing energy of the lower chakras can the heart connect with the Earth’s core.  Thus, the heart center unites in two directions simultaneously from the 3D perspective–1. It connects to the infinite cosmos and spiritual realms through utilizing the fully free higher chakras of throat, third eye, and crown, and 2. It connects to the Earth’s core through the fully free root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.  From the root, we connect through the Earth chakras to the Earth’s core, and from the crown, we connect through the higher spiritual chakras to the cosmos.  Therefore, the going “in” becomes the going “out.”  Within the heart, we go within the Earth, which continues going within the sun, galaxy, universe, and infinite spiritual realms.

The “inside” and the “outside” are one.  This unity can only be apprehended by seeing all from within.  For the human being, this “within” center is the heart.  Once within, all restrictions and false energies relinquish enabling the “outside” to be in unity with the “inside.”  From the heart, we go within the earth, sun, galaxy, cosmos, and within the source of all.  We have always been this infinite and eternal unity.  When we awaken, transform, and evolve to our free flowing connection along the full dimensional and density continuum, we experience and express our true self in Divine unity.  In awakening to who we truly are as multidimensional being in Divine wisdom, we understand the fullness of this expression of love and creativity is always available in all the various forms that we participate in throughout the universe.

All of our capabilities of interior consciousness technology of the higher mind consciousness in the heart is part of our entire being that exists in bodily form. When we live from the true self, we fully live from the soul within the body.  We are transforming to our highest levels of consciousness within the body.  Thus, all the highest levels of spiritual consciousness are natural to our unitary spirit, soul, and body being.  As we continue to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we will live the fullness of all our consciousness capabilities through the full freedom of all our dimensions of spirit and soul in bodily unity.  May we seek to awaken and remember the true multidimensional self on Earth.