The New Human Being of the Divine Cosmic Galactic Mind

We are in the midst of an evolutionary shift to the next stage of human consciousness in incarnate form on Earth.  Within this shift to a new consciousness, humanity is experiencing a transformative movement to a whole new reorganization of our multidimensional spirit, soul, and body beings in the physical body.

This evolution includes a complete harmonization of our energy system of the physical bodymind, an evolution beyond the egoic 3D levels of mind to the higher dimensions of unitive consciousness, and a descent of the Divine mind to create the full expression of the new Divine human.  The new human being on Earth, which has been described by Sri Aurobindo as the “supramental consciousness,” is what we are currently understanding as a transition to a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness.  When we describe the new consciousness in dimensional terms, we are describing a change in information, consciousness, and energetic frequency that is existing within the physical/etheric domains of the universe.  Higher frequencies of spiritual consciousness beyond the physical/etheric express in unity within the physical/etheric frequencies.  We are experiencing an evolution to a Divine humanity as experienced in incarnate form on Earth within physical/etheric energy.

Earth incarnations exist within a much greater evoltionary system of other incarnations, and within a soul evolutionary system that is beyond incarnate experience. It is all part of a dynamic spiraling of infinite being and consciousness.  Along the infinite continuum, higher dimensions of the cosmos exist at a purely energetic level beyond physical/etheric organization (This is beyond what we are describing as the new Divine Earth humanity), and then beyond into dimensional spiritual realms. 

What we refer to as fifth dimensional consciousness is a spectrum of spirit and soul energies that can unite within the physical/etheric bands such as in our experience within this solar system and throughout the galaxy. Therefore, this current transformation to a new Divine humanity is part of a natural change to human incarnate experience on Earth.  

Various solar and planetary systems go through a timing sequence of stellar and planetary evolution.  This includes all planetary matter and ether–mineral, plant, and animal life, and intelligent human life which serve as vehicles for human soul evolution.  The information and consciousness that determines different ways of planetary and life evolution is coordinated by intelligence at higher domains as part of the Divine Being.

Human evolution beyond the current heart, mind, and body systems that we know as Homo Sapiens occurs with a precise sequencing of solar and Earth evolution.  In order for humans to evolve to a stage of being that is the new Divine Humanity, the Earth (including the atmosphere, electromagnetic field, and noosphere), the Sun, and the Galactic frequencies, are also evolving with human consciousness in synchronistic timing.

Human evolution now directly coincides with Earth evolution.  Within the last five to six thousand years of human experience on Earth, human consciousness has inharmoniously separated itself from the unitary physical/ether level of our Earth environment.  This separation through a fear-based system of external conflict and control has created energetic restrictions within our bodymind. 

In the physical plane, the body, emotions, and mind function in unity.  In current human culture, we have been conditioned in a separation from our bioenergy and nature.  In the 1930’s, Wilhelm Reich began a modern understanding of the consciousnesss of the bodymind through the development of his body-oriented therapy.  He utilized “character analysis” to release the energy restrictions manifesting as “character armour,” and “vegetotherapy” to release the same energy restriction manifesting as “body armour” (somatic muscle restrictions, i.e., forehead, chin, chest, diaphragm, abdominals, and pelvis).

In our present evolution and ascension to a new Divine Humanity, Reich’s work points to the importance of the free flowing harmonic movement of our bioenergy at the level of the physical body, emotions, mind, and ether.  This is our unification with nature and represents the deeper healing of our lower chakras which is necessary to evolve to a higher mind and align with a supramental consciousness.  Our natural bioenergy is a continual inflow and outflow of expansion and contraction.  This movement is a natural harmonic tension and discharge of energy.  The harmonic of expansion and contraction is the freedom of expression of our love and creativity in the Earth dimension.  When we restore the bodymind back to its balance of energy, any of our secondary defense mechanisms for releasing blocked energies within our incarnate body and mind will disappear.

All of the restricted energies at the somatic and egoic mind level result from negative emotional encodings and beliefs within our bodymind that exist from childhood, intergenerational transmission of information fields, and past lives.  These codings have occurred in human consciousness because of the fear, conflict, control, and separation system that has inhibited the true self in divine unity. 

The deeper healing of all the bioenergic systems of our bodymind will enable the full capacity of our heart consciousness to transduce, transmit, and express the full loving power of higher dimensional frequencies.  Without the full restoration of our harmonic expansion and contraction of bioenergies that express to a great degree through our lower chakra centers, the heart cannot anchor in the tremendous spiritual energy of higher domains.  As we release the restrictions of the bodymind, anchor in the full potential of the heart, and develop all our higher dimensions of mind (telepathy, teleportation, cellular regeneration, etc.), we will ascend through a descent of the supramental consciousness.  We become the realization of a new Divine Humanity.

In addition to the modern body-oriented therapies and somatics begun with Wilhelm Reich’s work, there are other healing systems and pathways that also focus on the full restrictions of the bodymind that is necessary for a deeper level of healing.  The Taoist Esoteric Yoga path is one of the more intact ancient systems for balancing the total energies of the bodymind vehicle.  This knowledge has been recently brought forth in the works of Mantak Chia.  Fragments of knowledge that can help us heal the bodymind frequencies in this time of transition exist within many esoteric traditions.  Some include the ancient Egyptian, Hindu, esoteric Christian, Sufi, Kaballah, earth-based shamanic paths, i.e, Incan, and many esoteric and metaphysical paths that include crystal healing and sound healing.

Our evolution and ascension to the new Divine Human being is now a simultaneous healing of the bodymind level, opening heart consciousness, and evolving Divine mind capabilities.  This human evolution is taking place in unity with Earth evolution.  Both the changing Earth frequencies and an emerging Divine humanity will open this solar system and incarnate Earth humanity to a larger connection and communication with other solar systems and intelligence that operate at the next level of intelligent evolution within the physical/etheric planes of the cosmos. 

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