Detaching from Ego in Creative Intention

As we continue our awakening and learning of the process of creative intention, we better understand how the ego attaches to the narrow cause and effect of the physical band of consciousness.  The ego consciousness is conditioned in the belief that physical results emerge from only physical causes. 

In truth, the real causation emanates from consciousness through the heart and mind dimensions.  Consciousness causes physical manifestation.  Thus, consciousness originates and the physical is the result.

When we first awaken to the power of intention to create in the physical world, we often react with amazement.  The first results of our actions of creative intention usually take the forms of little signs of guidance.  For example, the spontaneous opening of a book to a seemingly random page which gives us the answer to a question that we had asked without attachment, or events and people showing up that assist our journey.

Our discovery of the intentional nature of the true self is inspiring.  As we persist in the strengthening and expanding of our consciousness, our intention will manifest in our overall journey of health, relationships, abundance, and purpose of life.  However, the fear-based ego consciousness of the false self does not relinquish all at once.

As we are practicing intention, the satisfaction of a given result can also coincide with the ego’s sense of unease or questioning.  This sense of questioning the spiritual cause of a result arises when the ego finds that it had no part in the outcome.  The outcome manifested from our attention and intention through the mind in the heart.  We detach from the outcome because it “already is beyond time and space,” and with ease we trust in the infinite organizing intelligence to manifest the intention into physical form.

Along our transformative journey to an intentional consciousness, we need to become aware of any ego beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.  Our self-observation will improve our focus on intention, and ultimately detach from the no longer necessary fears and doubts of the ego.  In this way, we will continue to transform to the fullness of our true self consciousness of love and creative intention.