Evolving the Multidimensional Human Within the 2012 Energies

The energetic field of the Earth and human consciousness has significantly changed throughout the month of May.  This change of the base foundational frequency for human incarnations on Earth is now the new field in which humanity will transform and ascend to a new Divine humanity.   At this level of soul evolution to a new Divine humanity, the human spirit and soul emanates as one with the body in expressing a fifth dimensional and above harmony.  It is a heart-centered unity consciousness of love, creativity, and peace.

The new wave pattern of Galactic, Solar, Earth, and Human energy will be fully anchored in the physical/etheric dimensional realm at the completion of the Venus retrograde on June 27.  Although, the energies and consciousness will continue to transform and evolve, the basic template of energies will be in place for the dimensional shift of Earth ascension and a new Divine humanity incarnate on Earth.

The Solar, Earth, and Human energies have been progressively changing for the last several decades.  Humanity has become conscious of this movement at different levels of degree through spiritual awakenings, change in perception of time, and the intuitive knowing of Earth changes and a higher dimensional humanity.  The sequencing of awareness has been unique for all souls along their path of soul evolution.  Within the differences in the timing of personal awareness, there has been the overall acceleration in the last twenty-five years.

Prior to this time period of accelerating energy, the early movement of the shifting energy and consciousness was first picked up in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.  We see the pointing toward our time period most strongly in the work of Sri Aurobindo, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and Edgar Cayce.  While there are many other great contributors to the understanding of a transforming shift in human consciousness from the early twentienth century, as well as the great prophetic and esoteric traditions of the Vedic, Buddhist, Biblical, Maya,  Inca, and Hopi, etc., the above mentioned contributors can focus our awareness as examples of the early transducers of this new energy.

The new frequency pattern of the energies that will be our foundational template for the remainder of the shift process were most specifically introduced through the solar flares in April.  This culminated in the critical mass energetic buildup on around April 29.  This set up the new moon energies of May 5 with planetary alignments.  All of these energies were integrated leading up to the Solar eclipse in alignment with the Pleiades on May 21.  This infusion from the Solar eclipse and the higher frequency Pleiadian energies has both intensified and organized the energies for the June 4 Lunar eclipse and the Venus transit on June 5-6.  This event is the fulcrum or hinge point to establishing the template of the 2012 energies and the energetic consciousness field in which the Earth and humanity can evolve and ascend to a higher dimensional consciousness.  The energies will become fully cohesive and harmonize by June 27.

Beyond this point, there will be many changes as the exact knowledge of how and when the shift occurs is being continually evolved by the healing and choices of consciousness. There may be many profound, dramatic, and intense shifts in energy. However, the grounding energetic field in which the acceleration of consciousness is taking place will be consistent to our awareness.  With the fast-paced accelerating movement, all the same inner work must be done.  There are no short cuts.  All of the 3D dualistic blockages and inharmonic fear, conflict, control, and separation energies must be fully released from the bodymind in order to anchor in the full capacity of the heart. A fully open heart can transduce very high frequencies of Divine energy and organize all the dimensions of the Divine mind within the incarnate form.

With the upgrade in energetic frequency, the new template is enabling a greater compressed healing, transformation, and ascension to the true self in Divine unity.  With the new template, we will continue to receive new more streamlined modalities that will support healing and the transformation of consciousness.  In addition to the new modalities, we will maintain the depth of the transforming movement to a higher dimensional humanity, but we will acquire new knowledge and perception of how we are transforming in a higher oscillating frequency harmonic.

All of the information and experience of the great mystics and visionaries within the spiritual, esoteric, and metaphysical traditions of the last three thousand years remain fully valid.  However, the information was developed in a more dense, heavier, and slower energetic field.  We can use the timeless wisdom of the great mystics of the past, but we must process our journey within a whole new energy template and timing sequence.  In fact, being aware of how they contributed will keep our consciousness focused on the true depth and height of Divine unity and the evolution to a higher dimensional human consciousness on Earth.

Even though we have transformed to a great degree over the recent time sequence period,  we are in effect just beginning to anchor and express the information, consciousness, and energy that will shift Earth humanity from a fear-based to a unity consciousness.  As this occurs, our isolation in consciousness will be over, and we will join other galactic higher dimensional intelligence and interdimensional intelligence during the incarnate experience on Earth.

Fully opening to the Divine love and heart-consciousness of the Venus transit energy is our next step in this rapidly moving journey.  It is an opportunity to open all of our deepest remaining wounds to the healing of Divine love.  By availing ourselves of this energy through intentional consciousness, we will incorporate and integrate the information through the rest of the Venus retrograde.  Thus, we will then be most fully aware of our new underlying energy field template as we transform throughout the remainder of 2012 and into 2013 and beyond.

As we continue to open to our multidimensional nature, the changes and next steps will be given more and more in the moment.  There is much challenging work ahead.  It will be assisted by our developing higher frequency consciousness and Earth consciousness that is more fluid, mobile, and harmonic.  May we continue to heal, remember, transform, evolve, and ascend to our true multidimensional consciousness so as to be able to make the human choice with all of creation to embrace a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness on Earth.

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