Human Being and Consciousness in Divine Unity

The truth exists as a multiplicity within a unitary consciousness.  If our conscious awareness is only placed on the appearance of separation through the most dense level of the physical dimension, we become separated from the true self of love, peace, and creativity.  Our journey of transformation evolves us and leads us to the awareness of our true unity. 

The vibration of consciousness at the level of physical form exists within an unseen unitary consciousness.  When we transform our consciousness to our true self in Divine unity, we are one with the Spirit and all of creation.  We express our nonlocal and nondual unity through form in the physical dimension. 

The omnipresence of God is immanent and transcendent.  Because God is infinite, eternal, and omnipresent, all of creation must consciously realize God from within.  Therefore, we need to know and experience God immanently in order to unite with the transcendence of God.  Thus, transcendence and immanence are two aspects of a single whole.

The conditioning of our consciousness has narrowly restricted us to the physical senses and rational intellect.  This narrow focus forces us to see only external separation in time and space.  Because of our attachment to the physical dimension, we often unknowingly perceive God as only outside.  The experience of outside or external creates separation.

In healing and transforming to our true self in Divine unity, we expand our consciousness to experience the diversity of forms within a unified whole.  The awareness of the infinite can only be experienced within.  To realize our humanity as image of God, we learn that God cannot be found outside.  The beyond time and space dimension of mind, heart, and Spirit are consciously connected to from the interior.

One way of understanding the human-Divine relationship is to look at the relationship of drops of water or waves to the ocean.  Each wave is a unique diversity of the one ocean.  There is no separation between the wave and the ocean.  The wave is the ocean and the ocean is the wave.  However, the entirety of the ocean transcends the wave. 

Our human–Divine relationship is known through the same principle.  We are like the waves of infinite Divine expression in diversified forms, and God is the ocean.  Thus, to know God, we need only look and feel within.  By looking and feeling within, we become aware of the whole without losing our personal participation within the unity.  We find the unitary life of peace, joy, love, and creativity within, and then express it outward in the physical world.