Information and Energy in the Fifth Dimension

The higher consciousness of the fifth dimensional light body is expressed as a harmonic of information and energy in Divine unity.  These vibrational frequencies emanate as love, peace, creativity, and joy.  This is our true self in Divine unity.

Because of our conditioning in the third dimension, we have picked up beliefs and emotions at a fear-based frequency of conflict and separation.  As we heal, transform, evolve, and ascend to the fifth dimension, we place our awareness on information and energy that vibrates at the frequencies we experience as love and creativity.

Information and energy are two interconnected aspects of consciousness.  We consciously connect to the source of Divine energy within our hearts.  Everything from the nonphysical through the physical planes is vibrational energy.  Information directs our awareness and attunes to selected frequencies of energy. 

Both our thought and feeling are part of information.  Therefore, in healing and creating, we are using our awareness through information to access and maintain higher and higher levels of energy.  These subtle energies vibrate along a continuum of multidimensions leading to the nondual, infinite, and eternal of God.

In healing, manifesting, and relationships, we often use means to access both physical and subtle energies of sound and light to attune our consciousness to our authentic self in Divine unity.  In this way, we are using energy to directly assist our openness to focus on information.  By placing our attention on both the information and energy components of consciousness, we can most effectively heal lower energetic fear blockages and open up to the higher dimensions of our multidimensional self.

Thus, the integration of energy healing and new thought approaches unite information and energy as the singular dynamic of consciousness.  We all must gain knowledge, understand, and accept that we can only attune vibrational frequencies from within.  The moment we look to find these frequencies from the outside, they elude us.  The conditioning of falsely attempting to direct information and energy through the externals of our environment is caused by the conflict and separation of a fear-based dualistic consciousness in the third dimension. 

Only by placing our awareness on information and energy from within do we manifest the frequencies in what we describe as the outside of experience in the physical plane.  From within, we attune to the infinite of Divine Being.  Through this level of consciousness, we always freely give Divine energy to others.  When this self-giving becomes mutual self-giving, our human community of consciousness expands to the higher levels of the 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions and above.

We experience our true multidimensional being from the interior of consciousness. We create our experience by how we use the information and energy aspects of our consciousness.  As we heal, transform, and evolve, we live from ever higher levels of the freedom, love, and creativity of the true self.  Our unique being of self that is in unity, and one with all, is only expressed by our direct connection to the Divine, infinite, and eternal within the center of our being.