Healing with the Emotional and Intuitive Body in Heart Consciousness

In order to heal all the wounds that were conditioned by a fear-based consciousness, we must feel them with a non-judgmental feeling consciousness.  This is a higher level awareness that is beyond what we understand as our ordinary intellectual mind.  The feeling awareness emanates from the mind within the heart.

A higher feeling based awareness from the heart center is needed because the intellectual mind was used in the conditioning of negative emotions and beliefs as a result of external experience in a fear-based consciousness and culture.  The intellectual mind is dualistic.  Therefore, it defends against painful experience by judging the experience as too painful for the emotional system.  Thereby, it stores the information out of conscious awareness in the unconscious mind.  By doing so, the person identifies with the negative experience which continually limits the peace, freedom, and love of the self.

Because the intellectual mind maintains the identfication with the wounding experience, it cannot effect healing.  The rational intellect can be used to point us in the direction toward healing, but within itself there always remains a duality.  This duality is the core of the negative fear-based condition of conflict, separation, and external power and control.  The conditioned mind results in limitation and an awareness that restricts the person from fully expressing the truth of their interior of infinite love and creativity.

Healing occurs when consciousness shifts to a level beyond the awareness where the mind encoded the perceived problem.  The healing and transformation of emotional wounds occurs from levels of awareness that we have called altered states of consciousness, higher consciousness, transcendent consciousness, mystical consciousness, etc.  All these descriptions, and the infinite dimensions within them, are a continuum of our heart-based consciousness of the true self in Divine unity. 

We need to continue to develop our heart consciousness in order to more effectively use the emotional body and intuitive body through a feeling awareness that heals. We can further our transformation to a heart-based consciousness with meditation, energy healing practices, and many mind and heart spiritual practices. 

All of these practices focus on an observing loving awareness of the infintite true self within the heart in the Spirit.  As we develop our heart consciousness and use this higher feeling awareness to heal, we continue our human transformation toward a unity consciousness.