The Multidimensional Human–Unity of Consciousness and Body

In a fifth dimensional consciousness, we know and understand that there is no separation between consciousness and the body or between mind and matter.

By being primarily restricted to a narrow range of 3D consciousness throughout the past thousands of years, humans have become increasingly conditioned to perceive a foundational separation between mind and matter.  As we continue to awaken to a heart-centered unity consciousness, a more accurate understanding of the unified organization of consciousness and the body throughout all dimensions is emerging.

The core misunderstanding is that consciousness and matter are distinct, but interrelate with each other in many multiple complex ways.  One way this expresses even in a spirit/soul/mind worldview, is through the philosophy of mind/matter dualism with the primacy of mind.  Here, we find that a dimensional and reincarnational understanding of intelligent beings can be maintained while still remaining restricted to a 3D polarity/duality consciousness that sees the physical form as separate.  In this view, the body is seen as a separate temporary vehicle inhabited by the mind/soul/spirit for experience in 3D planetary life.

While intelligent incarnate beings have many vehicles of physical form throughout their infinite journey in the universe dimensions and the nondimensional spiritual realms, we no longer need to limit ourselves to an illusory separation of consciousness and body.  As we awaken and evolve into a 5D unity consciousness, we become aware that the intelligent being is entirely consciousness.

Consciousness is the all.  Here, we are using consciousness in its broadest meaning by being synonymous with Divine Being, Source, Spirit, soul, heart, and mind.  The infinite spiritual essence and being emanates consciousness as light, information, and energy.  The key is intelligent organization according to frequency and vibration.  Consciousness manifests in varying rates of vibration and density across dimensions.  Matter is not separate from consciousness. In essence, matter is consciousness vibrating at specific frequencies.

All exists in a dimensional continuum of frequencies.  Dimensions one through three are the most dense vibrations of consciousness.  When elements of consciousness are organized at these slow frequencies and densities, we call it “matter.” We also refer to it as the 3D physical plane and physical body.

Therefore, we can now understand the term “matter” as describing consciousness in its slower more dense states.  The human physical body is consciousness intelligently organized into a vehicle for experience and manifestation.  The infinite soul becomes one with the body in all its incarnational experiences throughout star systems, dimensions, and nondimensional spiritual realms.  Even though physical matter of the body changes form, the consciousness that organized its vibration is infinite and eternal.  The memory of all creation is an infinite existence as part of the one Source.

As we are awakening and evolving into a more unified multidimensional human, a shift in our consciousness to the awareness of the unity of consciousness and the body will further our evolution and ascension to a foundational organization at the fifth dimensional level.  In this transformation, we will continue to have physical bodies on earth, but with a lighter density. Consciousness as the physical systems of the body will fully resonate in the harmony and flow of a heart-centered unity consciousness.