Consciousness and Technology in the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions

We are now entering a time period where human beings on earth will begin to transcend external technologies and shift to the interior technologies of the heart and mind dimensions.

For thousands of years, humans have been developing on earth primarily within the limits of a physical, sensory, and ego consciousness.  With a rapid expansion of physical technologies in the twentieth century, humans have been extending their sensory, communications, and motor abilities through external means.  Examples include radio, telephone, television, physical transport machines, computers, and the internet.

Early twentieth century mystic and integral philosopher Sri Aurobindo wrote about the coming of a supramental consciousness where humans would begin living from the dimension of the Divine mind within our human multidimensional consciousness.  Christian mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin also wrote about humans entering the noosphere.  In the noosphere, humans would primarily live from the interconnectivity of the mind dimension.

Supramental consciousness and noosphere are ways of describing a human transformation and shift to a fifth and sixth dimensional consciousness.  In his book The Mayan Factor, Jose Arguelles discussed the evolution to human interior technologies from the viewpoint of the Mayan tradition.  This tradition sees a shift in time and consciousness for humans and the earth anchored in the 2012 time frame and extending beyond.

We are at a point in the cycles of time and human history on earth where we will be moving beyond the limits of external physical technologies.  These technologies attempt to replicate our true human abilities through lower levels of physical consciousness and energy.  The extension of the human physical senses through exterior technology is ultimately limiting because of the limitation of the conscious mind to only place attention on a few areas of information at any one time.

The unconscious mind, heart, and higher spiritual dimensions of humanity can process vast amounts of information simultaneously.  Here is where the full power of human interior technologies reside.  As we shift to a fifth and sixth dimensional consciousness, we will open to the range of human interior consciousness and energy technologies that include universal telepathy, teleportation, creative intention, and energy conversion and generation.

By awakening, transforming, and evolving to the true self in Divine unity, humanity will become our own higher technology.  As we shift to this higher dimension of light, information, and consciousness, we will learn to interact and create within our incarnate life on earth through freedom, peace, love, and harmony.