Intention, Energy, and Healing Modalities in the Evolution and Ascension of Human Consciousness

Discovering the proper relationship between the intention of the inner mind and heart, and the resonance with outer energies is an important step in the evolution and ascension of humanity.

Ultimately, all healing, change, and manifestation occurs through a change of information in the mind in unity with the heart.  Only the human mind–the unconscious, intuitive mind, and higher self can change the information and energy from one conditioned state to the free choice of another expression.  All healing modalities, including talk therapies, body therapies, sound healing, energy healing, meditation, and/or any outer assisted process can only assist the soul, heart, and, mind to change consciousness, information, and energy which translates into forms of emotional codings, beliefs, decisions, and actions. Throughout this article, we will examine the integral relationship of how any exterior modalities may assist the inner soul technology of the human being to evolve to a unity consciousness and new level of being.

If all evolution and transformation of consciousness occurs at the mind, soul, and spirit domains of the multidimensional human, what effect does the awareness or assistance of external energies at the physical level of consciousness and body have in the transformation process?  Is the external ritual only an outer active component that has no direct effect on the inner actions of the mind and heart, or does the external energies or ritual play another role in assisting consciousness?  It is clear that the external energy cannot change human consciousness in and of itself.  A major pitfall in the consciousness journey is to fall into the subtle trap that the modality is responsible for the healing.  So the question arises, is the external energy or ritual just an anchoring point for the mind and heart to conduct its purely internal process of change, or is there a more direct effect of the ritual without it being the cause of transformation?  The outer support of the real energy of the modality has a direct effect through resonance by neutralizing the interference patterns that form the restricted energy of negative emotional blocks conditioned by fear, conflict, control, and separation.

By neutralizing the interference patterns and supporting the body, soul, and spirit with a higher energy resonance, it is easier for the spirit and soul through the heart and mind to heal the blockage and change consciousness through the intention of information.  Thus, the outer ritual or modality has a very real effect in the intentional process without directly causing the change.

In order to evolve to a new incarnate being of a fifth dimensional consciousness in Divine unity, we must heal all of the restrictions at the bodymind level.  This is a very deep level of healing that includes a full freeing of all the lower chakra energies.  Throughout history under our current level of conditioned being, many spiritual and esoteric traditions have focused on developing the higher level of mind in the spirit without truly freeing all levels of the bodymind.  We can find this knowledge among fragments of many ancient traditions, as well as more recent twentieth century integrations of modern Western psychology with the mystical traditions. However, the difficulty of healing all restrictions in the bodymind still persists.  An example of one ancient tradition that has maintained a high level of cohesive knowledge of the full energetic healing of our physical and mind being is the ancient Taoist esoteric yoga tradition. We will need to integrate the more comprehensive fragments with new understandings of how intention and healing modalties can completely heal the energetic restrictions within our biopsychicspirit being in order to evolve to the next level of humanity.

The total bodymind level of healing will restore the human being to its freely functioning soul in unity with the body.  The conditioned bodymind currently develops from fear-based culture in childhood development, intergenerational transmission of emotional encodings, past life, and entire soul history.  This complete level of biopsychic healing is necessary in order to bring in the full capacity of the heart to transmit Divine energy in the incarnate form.  The strengthened capacity of the heart to transmit higher dimensional energy will assist the continual tranformation of the current human mind to a higher capable multidimensional mind.

The threefold transformation stages as described by Sri Aurobindo are helpful for us to characterize the further development of our evolutionary and ascension pathway.  Aurobindo delineated three stages of psychic transformation, spiritual transformation, and supramental transformation.  The first two stages of psychic transformation and spiritual transformation could occur in conjunction with each other in preparation for the human ascent and Divine descent of the supramental consciousness into the human incarnate form.  For Aurobindo, the “psychic transformation” is a total change to our core being of a soul instrumentation.  We understand this to be the total unrestriction of the bodymind unitary system as well as the full awareness of our human being as an eternal evolving soul.  The total healing of the physical and emotional aspects of our incarnate being is part of the psychic transformation stage as described by Aurobindo.

In Aurobindo’s understanding, the “spiritual transformation” stage is a move beyond our current conditioned egoic mind to successive stages of the higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind, and overmind. With the transformation to the overmind, the human spirit, soul, and body is now ready to evolve to the third stage of a “supramental transformation.” The supramental transformation is the evolution to a Divine human incarnate on earth.  This is a fifth dimensional and above human with total interior consciousness capabilities of telepathy, teleportation, harmonic regeneration, creativity, and unconditional love.

Now that we have taken a look at the overall evolutionary view of our total transformation, let’s return to our discussion of the relationship of intention, energy, and healing modalities in our transformation.  This relationship mainly applies to the first stage of “psychic transformation.”  To some extent it overlaps into the second stage of “spiritual transformation.” At this point in our journey, the energetic assistance of the modalities as a help to our intentional consciousness is necessary because we are healing and transforming from within our energy restricted condition.  Once we have completely transformed the bodymind to a free psychic being, the interior consciousness of intention through mind organization of information and energy can generate and manifest all creativity, action, and love in the world without external modality assistance. With this understanding, we can see how truly foundational the full healing of our biopsychic being is in order to operate from the next evolved level of human being on earth.

When we make changes and manifest from our intentional consciousness as we are still in the healing stage of “psychic transformtion,” we are using the higher mind to organize and manifest intention.    Here, we use the mind and body to feel and know the outcome as already in existence.  Through this level of higher mind, we can enable the inner mind to heal energetic blockages in the bodymind and manifest creatively in our action in the world.  However, the level of higher mind is still working along with the egoic dualistic mind until we have evolved to full psychic transformation. It can heal and manifest in specific situations, but is is far from an unrestrictive and global creativity and manifestation.

Only through a healing of all timelines, negative emotional codings, childhood wounds, past life, and soul history conditioning can the pure power of the intentional mind be exercised through the incarnate human being on earth.   This level of total heart-centered intention through Divine mind is intrinsic to the unitary consciousness of the human being.  The feeling and thought centered intention of the current human mind while vitally important for our transformation, is nowhere near its full capabilities of the overmind.  Therefore, in our level of “spiritual transformation,” we are transforming the operating system of the current human mind to an entirely new system.  This is Aurobindo’s progression from the higher mind, illumined mind, and intuitive mind to the overmind.  Once at the overmind, an new operating system is in place to receive the supramental mind.  The level of the supramental mind is our true self in Divine unity living its full expression in incarnate form on earth.

This is our journey to a heart-centered fifth dimensional unity consciousness.  A better understanding of the proper relationship of intention, energy, and healing modalities in our healing stages within the psychic transformation and spiritual transformation stages will further our evolution as we align with the shifting energies to evolve and ascend to our true Divine unity on earth.