Living from our Creativity

The fear-based consciousness of our ordinary dualistic mind lives from the memory of the past. Because we are conditioned in a fear-based consciousness and culture that is the inertia of the knowledge of good and evil, the mind gravitates toward the negative. In this way, when we place our attention on a problem, we are continuing the mind’s focus on the past. Under a dualistic mind, we live from the past and thus fear the future.

The ego personality represents the dualistic mind and all the defenses and adaptations that we use to lessen the anxiety of fear and doubt. However, the ego only uses conflict to overcome conflict. The result is continuing conflict. How do we break outside of the fear-based cycle of conflict and separation? We must shift to a unitary heart-based consciousness. In the unity of the heart, our consciousness is transcendent. Only here do we go beyond past and future and into presence.

As human beings, we create from unity. From a consciousness beyond conflict, we have the freedom to allow change to emanate into our physical reality. Intention, creation and change always begins with the vision of the answer or solution. This vision is not reduced to a thought, feeling, or physical sense. Intention uses these processes, but from a transcendent consciousness that is nonlocal nondual, and centered in the heart.

This is the heart-based consciousness that is beyond time and space, and past and future. In this consciousness, the intention “is.” Therefore, there is no conflict, separation, or doubt. Here, we are living from creation. From the heart, our love and creativity is infinite in the Divine energy. Intention through a transcendent consciousness is a vision of the heart that sees persons healed, loving relationships, successful businesses, etc. Anything that furthers the loving abundance of humanity.

Quantum physics has understood the effect of the observer in the creation of experience and reality within our physical universe. This science says that the observer collapses the wave of infinite possibility into the particles of physical reality when we look. This looking is not seeing with the physical senses or the mind, but a transcendent seeing from the heart. When we look from this dimension, we allow the infinite intelligence of Divine action to collapse the wave into the physical dimension.

As we continue to let go of the ego’s need to control, our attention will be focused on our intentions within the transcendent consciousness of the heart. We will go about our activities in the unity of the present and not in the conflict of attaching to the duality of the past and future. We will allow the translation of the nondual intention to manifest in our physical universe according to the wisdom of its time and place. We will live from our creativity.