Cosmic Energy, The Dimensional Shift, and a New Divine Humanity

We are experiencing a very intense and distinct change in the cosmic energies that are transmitting to us through the Sun and Earth.  We receive energy directly from the Sun and Earth, directly from the galaxy, and as galactic energies that are transmuted by the Sun and then communicated to human consciousness.

Our focus throughout this article is on how humanity interacts with physical/etheric energy in the solar system, galaxy, and cosmos.  This forms one of our key connections with nature and the cosmos.  On a deeper level, our spirit/soul/ body beings are also mediating energy direct from higher beyond space and time realms. Here, our information and consciousness is not dependent on any of the space and time cosmic energies of the physical/matter dimensions.  Therefore, our consciousness operates on these different multidimensional channels simultaneously.  Because our souls are experiencing incarnate life, we must heal, integrate, and harmonize with the physical cosmic energies of the galaxy to which we are also in unity.  The emphasis of this article is to focus on our interaction with the changing information through cosmic energies within the physical/etheric frequencies.

The human heart center is our soul’s interface with the physical/etheric dimension.  Our heart, the Earth’s core, the Sun, and the Galactic core form an energetic unity for our incarnate experience in the dimensional universe.  The heart is the central foundation for mediating the human soul’s higher mind capabilities and the infinite eternal Spirit in Divine unity.

In the evolution and ascension process, we are increasing the heart’s capabilities to transduce much higher dimensional energy than we have experienced in the fear-based 3D consciousness of control, conflict, and separation.  In order to open the heart to its fullest capabilities, we must continually release all mental, emotional, and physical restrictions of the bodymind.  Therefore, the incoming energies can assist the integration of all chakra centers, nerve plexus, and endocrine system glands.  Transformation, evolution, and ascension is a movement of interior information, consciousness, and energy.  It is intentional within the soul evolution as coordinated by the higher self, higher intelligence, and the Divine Being.  However, our interior process also works in coordination with the timing frequencies of galactic and stellar evolution.  This is where the current cosmic energies are coordinating with and assisting our evolution to a new Divine humanity incarnate on Earth.  It is a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness of the true self in Divine unity.

We understand this elevation in human consciousness as a dimensional shift.  While there is a synchronized galactic and stellar evolution, incarnate human consciousness needs to assent to the sequence of an evolutionary leap.  There is much assistance through interdimensional and angelic intelligence, but the dimensional shift must be mediated directly through the multidimensional human in incarnate form.  Thus, with the accelerating changes in our solar system and galactic energies, the timeframe for the unfoldment of  humanity on Earth completing a dimensional shift with the Sun and Earth is not specifically delineated.  We are definitely within a dimensional shift window and huge changes will occur for humanity and the Earth regardless of the exact level of shift that manifests. However, humanity must play its role in working for the Divine plan to bring a clear universal shift into a new Divine humanity living a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness on Earth.

Notwithstanding the timing of the dimensional shift and the coming new Divine human, we are currently in the midst of an important change in the galactic and solar cycles.  We have seen these signs in solar system warming and the increasing activity of the Sun’s solar flares and CME’s over the last few decades.  Today, we see a potential increase with the possibility that the Sun’s eleven year change of magnetic field may develop into four poles as the field of the Sun’s Northern hemisphere is reversing much faster than the Southern hemisphere.

There are several factors that can give us insight into the sequence of the cyclical sequences of galactic evolution. One manifestation is the solar system entering a more active interstellar dust cloud in our orbital path around the galaxy. These particles may penetrate the heliopause, which is the reach of the Sun’s solar wind that keeps many incursions of interstellar dust outside the solar system. With a greater degree of dust entering, the energy and information between the Sun, Earth, and human consciousness is changing frequency.

Next, we have our solar system alignment with the galactic equator which occurs according to the Earth’s 26,000 year precessional cycle.  This provides us with a more direct infusion of cosmic rays from the galactic center or core. These rays of charged particles are in the form of infrared, light, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays. All of these rays are part of the information and consciousness evolution. While it is important that we learn and remember these larger galactic and cosmic cycles, the infinite complexity of the exact sequencing is beyond the current levels of the human mind. We will be better able to discern this information as we evolve to our higher dimensions of mind in the spirit.

Another galactic cycle that we need to understand is the periodic galactic superwave. The understanding of galactic superwaves has been developed by the research of Paul Laviolette. Using astronomy, ancient Egyptian, many other esoteric systems, the sciences, and ice core samples, Laviolette has theorized superwave expansions of energy that emanate from the galactic core and move throughout the edge of the galaxy approximately every 15,000 years. These waves push interstellar dust into the solar system which greatly affects the Earth’s climate in terms of ice ages, heating, and floods.  The dust affects the levels of light and heat from the Sun, as well as impacting the Sun directly causing increased solar flares. At times of great change in the solar system, Earth’s climate is in a flux of cooling, warming, magnetic field change, and seismic and volcanic activity.

The galactic superwave, moving at the speed of light, is seen as a large bright blue light in the direction of the galactic center. The visual of the superwave may relate to the Hopi prophecy of the Blue star which heralds the time of great change. We find knowledge of galactic cycles, Earth changes, and shifts in human consciousness within all major esoteric, spiritual, metaphysical, and prophetic traditions throughout our recent twelve to thirteen thousand year history.

Interestingly, Laviolette was able to determine that the Earth had higher levels of cosmic dust and coolings around 3,200 BC. This date is near the beginning date of 3,114 BC of the current 5,125 year Mayan Long Count calendar which recycles on the winter solstice of 2012.  The cosmic energies around 3,200 BC may have occured from a relatively smaller superwave than the wave that ended the last ice age over 15,000 years ago.  This coincides with Jose Arguelles understanding of a galactic synchronization beam which has been evolving us through 3D mechanical time to a 4D synchronic time of telepathic unity consciousness.

Thus, we see information being exchanged at the physical/etheric level through the light and sound spectrum of the cosmic energies.  We are also being influenced by the Sun, Earth, galaxy, and cosmos through higher dimensional subtle energies beyond the physical and etheric level.  These levels of energy are communicated to our higher dimensions of soul and spirit without being reduced to physical cosmic energies.

We have the opportunity to evolve and ascend our incarnate being to higher dimensional levels of consciousness.  The timing of the galactic and cosmic forces through their interaction is helping us remember, reorient, and transition to higher harmonic levels of our being of love and creativity.  This transformation is a spirit, soul, and body evolution.  We are moving to a less dense and more harmonic patterns of matter and higher dimensions of our soul as experienced through the spirit in unity with the body.  We will reach the true freedom of the human being of our own interior consciousness technology of telepathic communication, teleportation, and harmonic levels of heart, mind, and body creativity.

As we continue to reunite with nature, we restore our consciousness of infinite loving being and we remember our connection to the greater cosmos of intelligence. It is our choice to do the work of healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to realize our true higher consciousness within incarnate being. May we continue to embrace the cosmic healing energies, and use our consciousness to resonate with our true being and to unite with the Divine, in order to flow with the evolution to a new Divine humanity on Earth.