Time and the Dimensional Shift: From 3D Linear Time to 4D Synchronic Time and into 5D Multidimensional Time

With the higher frequency light, information, and energy that is now being received on Earth, human consciousness is evolving and ascending to harmonize with a faster oscillation.  The shift to a higher dimensional consciousness includes a major change in our awareness and experience of time.

As human consciousness is evolving to resonate with a higher frequency, we have the perception that time is accelerating. Everything is compressed.  There is seemingly more to do in an ever quickening movement of time. This is a real change to experiencing consciousness on Earth. It is not only the variation in a person’s intrapsychic means for processing experience in a time and space dimension, it is a collective change of the energetics and consciousness of the Earth and humanity.

Time is changing with a shift in dimensions. We know that the energy of dimensions beyond the third is more fluid, unified, and harmonic. Therefore, time is not experienced as a linear mechanical separation of existence. What is important for us to understand at this point in the shift is that we are moving to the highest fourth dimensional frequencies and then through to the fifth dimension. The specific energetic process of the actual external change, the inner mind process, and the rate that human consciousness transforms to a synchronic time state is yet to be fully understood.

Gregg Braden puts forth one way of potential understanding. He explains that the Schumann resonance (the Earth’s resonant frequency in the extremely low frequency spectrum created between the Earth’s crust and the ionosphere at 7.83Hz) is changing and now has multiple frequency harmonics. Braden sees a speeding up of the Earth’s Schumann resonance in combination with a lowering magnetic field as speeding up human cellular activity as humanity works to harmonize with the Earth’s increasing frequency. This is one way to view time acceleration.

In the larger context, the Earth’s changing energetic frequency is being initiated by information, consciousness, and energy from the galactic center. Most of this energy is processed by the sun, and then relayed to the Earth’s core through the poles. The energy is then transferred from the Earth’s core to the surface of the Earth. With increasing energy and higher frequency light being reduced to electromagnetic energy, there may be several complex interactions to understand our changing perception of time. A more precise understanding will ensue as the shift continues.

However, we can articulate the overall pattern of the movement of time within the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions.  In the current dense vibration of matter in 3D, time has a linear orientation of past, present, and future.  The 3D thinking mind is very good at orienting and processing experience in linear time. It continually plans, organizes, and references its experience based on a linear sequence.  As we are moving into a fourth dimensional frequency, this linear referencing is breaking down.  4D time is of the “now” and it is more difficult to remember one’s past activity in any type of sequence or to plan future activities in a linear sequence.  Since we are still operating in 3D in part, we will continue to use the 3D mind for future planning.  Instead of using 3D thinking to organize all time, we will only use it more specifically when it is needed.

In 4D time, there is no experience of the duration of time.  Time is neither experienced as moving fast or slow–there simply is no experience of the movement of time.  As we move through the 2012-2013 period, we are accelerating faster and faster into 4D time.  Humanity’s perception of time will totally shift when we are fully in the highest frequency bandwiths of the fourth dimension.  Our first experience of time in 4D will be of the “no time” experience, but we will still need the external mechanical device of a clock to orient interaction and organize activity.  Only in 5D time will the clock no longer be necessary.

In the fifth dimension, time is purely a function of interior consciousness. In a 5D mind to mind communication, persons can locate in time and space without a 3D time measuring device. Information is organized beyond a time and space field of distance and duration. The nondual infinite is energetically transduced and stepped down into the time and space coordinates of the slower vibrational frequencies along the continuum of 4D and below.

With the frequency change to higher light and less density to matter, we restore, transform, and evolve to our multidimensional being and consciousness.  As we continue to heal all bodymind restrictions and anchor in heart consciousness, we will be opening to the foundations of our higher consciousness capabilities in incarnate form.  Our evolving information and energetic pathways are preparing us for multifrequency telepathy of the higher Divine mind.

In 5D, time is no longer a constraint, and awareness can function at a conscious level in operating on multiple information resonant frequency bands at once.  Therefore, conscious awareness can communicate with multiple persons at once using different frequency channels simultaneously.  In the past, we have seen the foreshadowing of these capabilities in time and spatial location by great mystics through phenomena such a bilocation.  An example would be the bilocation of Padre Pio and Martin de Porres, who both would appear at two different locations at the same time.

Thus, we are transforming to our multidimensional capabilities in both time and location as we shift dimensions and evolve to a new Divine humanity on Earth.  May we continue to heal and integrate to the higher frequencies as we move from linear 3D time to 4D synchronic time, and then into 5D multidimensional time.

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