The Fifth Dimensional Light Body

Our transformation and evolution to the light body is the essence of who we are as humans.  This is our true self in Divine unity.  Our created being is a multidimensional unity of Spirit, soul, and body.

The multidimensional unity of our true self is manifested and expressed within and through the light body.  We become our full multidimensional unity from the unitary consciousness of the heart. Thus, a heart-centered consciousness is the awareness and pathway to transforming to our light body.

The light body is the consciousness of the heart expressed through mind and body.  It is beyond fear and the conflict of separation.  Therefore the light body is not affected by inertia, entropy, and the duality of the knowledge of good and evil.  It is the unconditional love of the true self in Divine unity that lives in peace, harmony, partnership and creativity.

The fear-based consciousness of the narrow 3D reality has conditioned wounds, distortions, and blockages to the first three chakras.  The blockages within these centers of the human energy field narrow consciousness to the ego of separation and conflict.  The light body, which encompasses a 5D reality, fully emanates from the heart chakra.  Any action and expression of the energy of the first three chakras are now expressed within the heart.

The fullness of the light body is our soul’s true being within the incarnated form.  Here, the Spirit, soul, and body unity can experience unconditional love through experience in the planetary realms.  Our true self is love, peace, harmony, partnership, cooperation, and creativity. 

The light body is less dense than the 3D body.  Without the opposing restrictive force of fear, the multidimensional self operates from the highest dimensions of Divine energy.  Therefore, the Spirit, soul, and body unity can exercise the fullness of nonlocal and infinite consciousness.  Within this consciousness, the body is beyond disease, and can participate in the ability of consciousness to communicate through telepathy, move through teleportation, and regenerate through light.

The light body is experienced beyond the 3D space and time, and exercises the full power of intention in its mission to love and create within incarnate form.  The light body on earth is evolving as we continue to proceed along a dimensional shift to a 4D and 5D consciousness. 

Here, we have delineated some basic aspects of the heart consciousness of the light body.  It gives us a feel for the truth of our human potential within an earth incarnation.  I more fully explore the consciousness of the light body in my forthcoming book on 5th dimensional life.  The fully transformed light body includes a whole spectrum of knowledge and experience that will affect all areas of human life on earth.