Accelerated Healing in Support of the Light Body

As we move into 2011, the earth is receiving an increasing consciousness and energy vibration through our position in the galaxy.  This is enabling an acceleration in the process of healing in support of the awakening and transformation to the light body.

The light body is the human ascension to a unified spirit, soul, and body consciousness.  It is the mystical consciousness of the higher dimensional light described by the mystical, metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual traditions throughout our past 13,000 years of our history and before.  These traditions include, but are not limited to, the ancient Egyptian, Kaballah, mystical Christianity, Eastern Christian hesychasm, Sufi, Vedic, Tibetan Buddhist, Taoist, Western alchemy, Mayan, and Incan traditions.  All of these traditions point to the true human as a luminous light body being of consciousness and energy that unites in a very high harmonic resonance of spirit, mind, and transformed matter. 

While incarnating humans have been working on awakening to the light body through these numerous traditions, the overall human and earth consciousness has been in a fallen third density egoic consciousness.  As we are now upon another galactic alignment at half a precessional cycle of approximately 13,000 years, we are approaching a dramatic shift in earth conditions and a shift/leap in consciousness.

This alignment is more profound than the known previous alignments because it is opening to a shift of the entire human consciousness to the fifth dimension.  The full realization of the light body in human form is a fifth dimensional consciousness.  Because of the shifting vibrations from the galactic center (charged particles of cosmic and gamma rays, etc.), we are all being given the opportunity to realize the light body.

However, the light body cannot be supported by the dense physical body with negative emotions and unhealed cellular memories.  Therefore, a life long process of healing and integration is required in order to allow the higher energies of light to coexist in bodily form.  All negative and destructive frequencies must be healed in order for the synchronous alignment of the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  As negative emotional energy and false beliefs are healed, the unified chakras and multidimensional bodies enable the physical body to support the light body.

The physical body consciousness has three main anchoring points–1. grounding of the body with earth energy, sun, galactic center, and cosmos,  2.  heart consciousness through the center of one’s being, and 3.  Pineal gland opening to higher dimensional information.  These main areas anchor in the energy to all the systems and complexities of the consciousness of the physical body.  All of the physical systems play an integral role in the spirit, soul, and body being.

While in the past the full integrated healing to support the light body took a lengthy life long process of meditation, prayer, and contemplation, we are now in a period where we have the opportunity to participate in a process of accelerated healing.  “Accelerated” does not necessarily mean easier, it means the fullness of integrated healing in a more condensed time frame.  The current accelerated path of healing is actually more challenging in many respects, but the opportunity is a great gift because of the changing vibration and dimensional shift.

It offers a more direct way to heal the entire encoded traumas of the mind and body without the slow methodical grind of healing under the denser 3D earth and cosmos frequencies.  The higher frequencies that are new to our awareness provide us the opportunity to heal and forgive all wounds within our soul and body that are from this lifetime, inherited through emotional and genetic fields,  past life, and interdimensional.

The incoming higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies are opening us to many more healing modalities that facilitate a more direct healing of our being.  While there has been an explosion of new ways to approach healing through consciousness, energy, the unconscious mind, and soul, some of these ways include Integrated Energy Healing (IET), hypnotic regression, timeline therapy, Reconnective Healing, crystal healing, sound healing, Quantum K, the Emotion Code, and the Healing Codes.

All of these ways are allowing us to heal the unconscious mind and the physical body at an accelerated pace.  We are able to handle more healing in a shorter duration because of the higher frequency energy that is being received by the planet and human consciousness.  The mind and physical body needs to be healed in order to support the power and frequency of higher fifth dimensional energy.

So let us embrace the potential of all healing opportunities that are presented to us through 2011 as we move toward 2012 and beyond.  Happy New Year!