Accelerating Energy and Unity Consciousness

Within the last several thousand years, the process of healing the wounded self and transforming to the true self in Divine unity has been a lifetime journey.  Very few persons would make it to the higher levels of a unity consciousness in a single lifetime on earth.  Many have opened to the transformative journey, and healed numerous layers of the conditioned fear-based consciousness, but the core of the duality consciousness often remained.

Transformation to the true self in Divine unity has taken decades of persistence and discipline in meditation, self-observation, and contemplation.  It was only through this long term wearing away of conditioned negative patterns of belief and emotion, as well as a change to a higher mind, that in turn changed the energy of the endocrine and nervous system of the physical body to be able to reflect and experience an infinite nonlocal consciousness.

In the history of human transformation, spontaneous or sudden awakenings do occur, but are usually accompanied by long time frames of integration and periods of plateau before consciousness is elevated to the next higher level.  Often individuals have lived lifetimes being at a new profound peace, yet not the fullness of the human in Divine Being.

We are now in a period at the end of the age where the acceleration of energy is altering the experience of the time frames of transformtion.  As we are completing a 26,000 year precessional cycle, the earth and solar system is aligning with our galactic center.  With this occuring, we are in a window of time where the awakening, healing, and transforming of consciousness is being accelerated by necessity. 

At this time, we no longer have decades of persistent meditation and psychological healing to become our true unified self.  We must awaken, heal, and remember our full multidimensional being in what would have otherwise been an impossibly short duration of time on earth.

We are in the midst of a major shift in humanity from a very constricted conflict-based 3-dimensional consciousness within good and evil, to a unified 4-dimensional consciousness of cooperation, peace, unity, and creativity.  The shift is described in the biblical tradition as the New Heaven and New Earth.  The evolution of consciousness on earth to an integrated 4D will enable humans to live in harmony and to further evolve up to the fullness of 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions, etc.  While transforming to a unity consciousness will enable love and creativity on a new earth, the vibration of consciousness will still remain far below the dimensions of the higher heavens.

The gift of life in this dimension of the physical plane is to express Divine consciousness through the denser vibrations of physicality.  Instead of consciousness almost completely falling into the 3D aspect of the physical, awareness will remain transcendent while expressing within the physical.  We are being led to an opening to a major consciousness change by an accelerating energy that is altering the perception of time.  The nature of time will change at a fourth dimensional consciousness.

The human consciousness on earth is evolving to a heart-based consciousness beyond the duality of the intellectual mind.  Sri Aurobindo called this “the supramental consciousness.”  At this approaching level, humans will be unique expressions of a unified whole.  The nonlocal unity consciousness will be fully intersubjective, intentional, and telepathic.  In this window of accelerated change, we must be willing to let go and heal the totality of the multidimensional self.  The time is now.