Meditative Awareness and the Heart Consciousness of Intention

In the last post, I discussed how our healing journey of trauma releases the Divine energy of intention. Now, I will describe the importance of the practice of turning our attention to the interior of our heart.

We look within to access the higher frequencies of the Divine light that is beyond thinking, words, images, and concepts. By consciously stilling the lower frequencies of the body and mind, we open to the heart consciousness of Divine light that is beyond time and space. This is the practice of meditative awareness.

In a new vision of mystical transformation and creative intention, we transform to the heart-based consciousness of the true self through the depth healing of trauma and the creative action of intention. This path incorporates simultaneous healing of trauma and the meditative practice of opening to the infinite light of consciousness.

This way integrates the mystical traditions and the more recent transformative traditions that place more attention on the intentional creativity of the true self. The way emanates from the core of intention while recognizing the need for the depth healing of the wounded consciousness and the practice of opening to the Divine energy of the transcendent heart consciousness. In order to truly intend from the heart, we are always reducing trauma within our multidimensional being and increasing the light of consciousness in Divine unity.

As we transform ever closer to the true self in Divine unity, we are able to use the mind from within the heart to intend from beyond time and space. When the mind operates from the heart consciousness, it can form thought beyond the duality of the thinking consciousness of the mind. Therefore, intention proceeds by the prototypes of thought forms only when within the observing consciousness of the heart.

Our heart dimension is a nonlocal and nondual unity conciousness of infinite being, communion, and creativity. Because we have been conditioned to operate from primarily the sensory and rational bands of consciousness, the consistent practice of meditative awareness is needed to shift our awareness to the heart in Divine unity.