The Galactic Frequencies of Dimensional Ascension

The energies from the galactic center have been progressively increasing in frequency during the last two decades. The acceleration of these frequencies has exponentially increased since 2009. Now as we enter the last three months of 2012, we are moving through the final stage of the preliminary acceleration period of the cosmic energies that are informing human consciousness.

Energy From the Galactic Center and Interstellar Cloud

As our solar system is entering into a direct alignment with the galactic center, we are receiving high energy cosmic rays.  Within this plane of the universe, we are receiving this information through high frequencies of light. These photons contain charged particles, visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, and gamma rays. Information from the galactic center is one way that multidimensional subtle energies are transduced into the physical dimensions and communicated to our solar system and humanity.

In adddition to the direct galactic center information, there is an interstellar dust cloud that the Sun and Earth are traveling through that is combining with the increased cosmic rays. Both the galactic center energies and the dust cloud are changing and evolving the Sun. We see this most clearly in the recent development of the sun filaments and the large coronal holes. The Sun is transducing and transforming the galactic center information and conveying it to the Earth.  The Earth is integrating these energies through a weakening magnetic field which is evolving the Earth’s core. The frequencies organized by the core then resonate throughout the Earth, into the crust, and up to the surface.

Galactic Center Cycles

The Sun and the Earth has been through many galactic center cycles. The most clearly identified cycle is the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinox, the zodiac cycle, and the cycles of ages, as well as the more recent understanding of the Mayan Long Count calendar of 5,125 years. We find the understanding that the transitions of these cycles coincide with increased galactic energies and Earth changes throughout the ancient wisdom traditions. As our recent science has developed over the last few centuries, scientific knowledge is discovering information that relates to the knowledge passed down from ancient civilizations that lived through transition cycles. We are confirming the understanding of galactic energy cycles and Earth changes in solar and planetary evolution.

Ancient wisdom and modern science is showing that these galactic evolutionary cycles occur frequently on Earth such as every 26,000 years or a half cycle of approximately 13,000 years. Paul LaViolette has put forth the galactic superwave theory as an understanding of the mechanism for how galactic evolutionary cycles of energy manifest on Earth. Superwaves are bursts of energy from the galactic center that move through the galaxy at the speed of light. They are directly identified visually in other galaxies where the galactic center is currently active. Galaxies seen in a superwave phase are known as Seyfert galaxies.

Galactic Superwaves

As we are currently aligning with the galactic center, we are receiving direct energy that continually informs all the solar systems in the galaxy whether or not it is in the form of a superwave. Therefore, we are receiving more galactic energy in our present alignment. It is also possible that we may be ready for the next pass of a superwave. The galactic alignment/superwave cycle is the major expression of galactic, solar, planetary, and human evolution on Earth. This knowledge from the ancient esoteric and wisdom traditions is found in ancient Egyptian, Vedic, Buddhist, Biblical, Alchemical, Maya, Inca, and Hopi traditions, as well as many others. Depending on the tradition, we are either entering the fifth world or Sun or the sixth. Because of the physical Earth effects of the galactic center energy, all of the known past cycles have transitioned with catastrophic Earth changes such as warming, ice ages, and floods.

The basic understanding of a superwave is that the waves high energy particles push cosmic dust into the solar system overcoming the strength of the solar wind which usually keeps large amounts of dust outside of the solar system. The dust effects the Sun and results in increased solar flares. If the Sun receives a large quantity of dust, it will continually flare and enlarge as a T Tauri star that will severely affect Earth’s climate and magnetic field. In addition to the cosmic rays of a superwave, the wave is also accompanied by a gravity wave which can cause great stress on the Earth increasing earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Hopi tradition of the Blue star and the Red star may most clearly align with the superwave theory. At the moment of a superwave arrival, it is seen as a large blue star in the direction of the galactic center. The Hopi see the appearance of the Blue star as the heralding of a great transition. The subsequent arrival of the Red star is seen by the Hopi as the great purifier. In superwave theory, this may coincide with a relatively near by large red giant star, such as Betelgeuse, going into the supernova stage.

Earth Dimensional Ascension

Encoded in all of the ancient wisdom is some level of catastrophic change and rebirth to a new world age. Examples are the cyclical shift from a golden, silver, bronze, and iron ages. Within this viewpoint, we are currently in the iron age (the most dense frequencies) and are shifting to the highest frequencies of a golden age. Thus, all of the previous known cyclical transitions from the galactic center have encoded information and energies expressed in a superwave causing major Earth changes and the movement to another phase of 3D evolution.

However, with this galactic alignment and potential superwave, a whole different level of consciousness, information, and energetic frequency is encoded. This energy is not a shift of ages, it is a shift of dimensions. The 5,125 Mayan Calendar is the most recent segment of the 26,000 year precessional cycle. According to Jose Arguelles, this time period has contained the encoding of a galactic synchronization beam that is moving us through acclerated consciousness and material evolution. This information from the galactic center is a Divine timing sequence of evolution that is a prelude to a dimensional shift. Terence McKenna also picked up on the encoding of this accelerating energy in his timewave zero theory. Therefore, as the current precessional cycle is transitioning, we are moving through a leap in consciousness and frequency that is beyond the recorded history of the previous change of cycles. This major change at the turn of this cycle is a dimensional ascension for Earth and humanity.

We do not really know how many world age cycles humanity has been through on Earth. Some believe we have been evolving in the current 3D cycle for the last three 26,000 year cycles. It may be many more. With the current galactic energies, the Divine timing sequence is for the solar and planetary evolution to a higher dimension. This is exactly what the Sun and Earth are undergoing which is a force of galactic evolution that is larger and beyond incarnated humanity at present. Yes, humanity is a major participant in assisting the anchoring of higher dimensional frequencies of the Earth grid and human consciousness, but the decision of the solar system to elevate dimensional frequency is beyond human choice and action.

The Earth is absorbing and integrating these higher dimensional frequencies slightly ahead of humanity. There is a clear decision for Earth to ascend frequency according to Divine Being. Without the ascension frequencies, the Earth would go through another precessional cycle with superwave physical effects of large earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, ice age, and a T Tauri Sun. In the Divine sequence of the dimensional shift, the same galactic center/superwave process seems to appear. The difference is the energetic frequency is coded differently than the otherwise typical 3D effects that happen at a cycle transition within the 3D frequency.

Human Evolution and Ascension

The human choice is whether to evolve with the Sun and Earth into a higher dimension, or whether to resist and cling to the denser 3D energies of duality. Human souls that are ready to make a firm commitment to unity consciousness will continue to evolve and ascend with the Earth into a higher dimensional frequency. Human souls that are not ready to evolve to this stage in human incarnation on Earth will continue their soul evolution in other 3D planetary systems. For any solar and planetary system undergoing a dimensional shift, it is a great opportunity for soul evolution and a major time of choice.

Once the Earth makes its complete transition and fully organizes at a fifth dimensional frequency, only a 5D frequency human civilization will be incarnate on Earth. This is the next stage in human consciousness on Earth that is a heart-centered unity consciousness. The new incarnate consciousness expresses the Divine Being of love and creativity within synchronic and multidimensional time. It is a telepathic civilization of intentional creativity, teleportation, cellular regeneration, unified loving relationships, and contributionist creative expression of abundance.

This frequency of incarnate existence is a great learning through love and creative choice. It is the conscious noosphere described by visionary mystic Teilhard de Chardin, the supramental consciousness communicated by Sri Aurobindo, and the new heaven and new earth. It is the consciousness of fifth dimensional and beyond incarnate life. As the Earth evolves and ascends to a higher frequency through the dimensional shift, let us make the human decision to evolve and ascend in spirit, soul, and body to a heart-centered unity consciousness of our true self in Divine Being.

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