The Human Body in the New Fourth Dimensional Consciousness

As we move toward the shift to a fourth dimensional consciousness on earth, we can assist our transition through personal transformation, and by envisioning the full range of human consciousness and activity in the fourth dimension.

One foundational area is the qualities and capabilities of the human body.  What will be the nature of the physical body in a fourth dimensional consciousness?  How we understand the nature of the body in the fourth dimension and then the fifth, depends on our knowledge and view of the relationship between body and Spirit, and matter and consciousness.

Does consciousness only express itself through a body, or is the body consciousness itself vibrating at a denser level along a continuum of consciousness?  If we are more inclined to the former, we may see a fourth dimensional consciousness expressing through a more perfected physical three dimensional body.  The 3D body would be more in harmony, no longer reflecting the conflict, separation, and unbalance of a 3D consciousness.

If we resolve the body/Spirit polarity into a unity, we will see that the full integration to a fourth dimensional consciousness will express as an upgraded fourth dimensional body.  A fourth density body is still physical.  It is a light body with a higher vibration and frequency which makes the physical body less dense and lighter.  This is the resurrection body of Jesus that is able to move through walls, but is still physical to the touch. 

The human body of higher dimensional matter represents the primary characteristics of a 4D body in a fourth dimensional consciousness on earth.  At the level of the 4D body, the cells are fully maintained by the light of Divine consciousness, and are no longer subject to the errors in regeneration within the 3D entropy process. 

The change to a 4D body points to a different type of transition of the body to higher dimensions and to the heavens.  The work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the twentieth century furthered our understanding of “the mind of the cells” in a supramental consciousness manifested on earth.

We have briefly hinted at what the nature of the human body will be like in a fourth dimensional consciousness on earth.  The full nature and capabilities of this body cannot be described in the short blog format.  We have, however, put forth the understanding that in a 4D consciousness the current 3D physical body will transform to a 4D physical light body.