Intention in the Fourth and Fifth Dimension

In the fourth and fifth dimension, intention is infinite and spontaneous.  The possibilites are unlimited and there is no space/time delay in manifestation.  This is where humanity is moving toward as we approach a shift to a fourth dimensional consciousness.

In our current 3D life, we can access higher dimensional spiritual energy, but the manifestation of our intentions are integrated within the 3D plane of our consciousness and world.  Thus, the process of moving beyond ego consciousness and into the heart consciousness of intention involves letting go of an attachment to the outcome.  It requires a trust in the infinite energy and information of the Divine to create the desires, purpose, and mission within the depths of the soul.  In 3D, we have a veiling between the conscious and unconscious mind.  As a result, intention is a continuum of specific and non-specific aspects at the conscious level.

Our intentions are specific in the sense that we must know what we want on a conscious level.  However, they also contain a non-specific element because we must not limit the infinite solutions and potential of the infinite Divine mind.  Therefore, within the third dimension of the veiling between conscious and unconscious, we must be both specific to our desire and non-specific or non-directed to allow the Divine to manifest the most loving and good outcome.

When we shift into the fourth dimension, we will fully be within a heart consciousness.  The veil between conscious and unconscious will be no more.  Therefore, at the fourth and fifth dimension we will no longer have the specific/non-specific aspects of the continuum of intention.  With our greater vision and unconditional love in a unitary consciousness, our intentions will just be.  We will not have to contend with the many questions of whether they are clear enough, have we let go, are we nonattached, do we really feel it in the present moment, and are we limiting the full gifts of the Divine because of our specificity of what our conscious mind thinks it wants?

Whether our intentions are within the current 3D reality or moving toward the vision of the upcoming 4D reality, they must have clarity.  Intention always involves a focus on the solution or Divine blueprint.  We must be clear on what we intend to create and experience in order for the intention to manifest.  Clarity requires a definite decision of the will that does not doubt by focusing on the problem.  If we do not have a clear intention, then the past conditioning of the unconscious mind will continue to produce the current outcome that is the absence of the vision or goal.

As we shift into the fourth and fifth dimension, the unlimited and spontaneous quality of intention will be applied to healing, relationships, communication, and creativity.  Jesus gave us a glimpse into the infinity and immediacy of intention within a fourth dimensional heart consciousness.  He said that whoever says to a mountain, ‘be lifted up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt in the heart, but believes what he says will happen, it shall be done’ (cf Mark 11:23).  The movement of the mountain symbolizes the unlimited potentional of intention that allows the Divine energy to infinitely organize consciousness, light, and information.  Jesus also showed the immediacy of the manifestation of intention through his healings which were all spontaneous upon the intention.

Seeing and feeling the clarity of intention in the present moment enables Divine energy to accomplish the manifestation.  This action of seeing and feeling is a clear decision of the will through the heart and mind.  It is our gift of co-creation that trusts the infinitely greater Divine intelligence to organize consciousness according to the information or idea of the intention.  We have these gifts now in our 3D world because of our mutidimensional nature.  However, we have yet to fulfill their higher potentials because of the split between the conscious and unconscious mind, the interference of negative beliefs conditioned in the mind, and the encodings of negative emotions. 

As we continue to heal and transform, we approach the consciousness of the true self in divine unity of the light body of a fully 4D consciousness.  In the vision of our shift to 4D and then on to 5D, all of the impediments to human intention and creativity will be relinquished.  We will have the freedom and joy of a consciousness that creates infinite and spontaneous intentions through love.