Earth’s Dimensional Shift

As human consciousness is transforming and evolving through to the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension, the earth is shifting to support the higher dimensional incarnate life.

The earth has been in the immediate process of shifting dimensions within the last twenty-five years as our solar system crosses the galactic center.  When a solar system nears the end of its long term cycle within a particular dimension, the dynamics of the shift occur within a relatively short time period.  Several decades is this short period of 3D time.  The dynamic shift over time leads to a spontaneous shift in the organization of light, information, and consciousness to reveal a higher dimension on the earth plane.

Biblical, Egyptian, and Mayan sources all communicate the dynamic period of a dimensional shift leading to a time of transition where we shift from 3D space and time to the no time 4th and 5th dimensions.  Both the esoteric and scientific ways of knowing are putting forth this information in synthesis.  Many mystics, scientists, and visionaries of today such as Jose Arguelles, David Wilcock, David Sereda, Nassim Haramein, Carl Johan Calleman, and many others are using science and spirit to understand the short term dynamics and spontaneous change of the dimensional shift. 

The shift parodoxically occurs over time leading to an instantaneous change.  It is as if the galactic energy successively creates a higher vibration within the third dimension, and then this infinite energy snaps the entire solar system and human consciousness into the fourth dimension. 

The earth’s dimensional shift is understood through the mind in the heart.  The heart and mind can understand the dynamics and signs of a dimensional shift, but it is beyond the human mind to be able to know and understand the precise process of its manifestation.  Exactly how the Divine intelligence transforms a solar system from one dimension to another in short a period of 3D time is a mystery to the present soul evolution of human spirt/soul/body unity within an earth incarnation.  

The mystical, metaphysical, and prophetic traditions have pointed toward our time period as the emergence of a higher light vibration on the earth and within the multidimensional spirit, soul, and body unity of the human being in Divine unity.  Today, the sciences are providing information of this transformation through the understanding of the changing sun and interplanetary solar system change.

Present technologies are able to measure changes in the physical electromagnetic range of existence.  Here we see changes in planetary temperatures, the elements, DNA, and the molecular/cellular level.  These are physical domain changes that originate from hyperdimensional energy, torsion fields, and subtle energy.  These higher dimensional energies that are evolving our organization of light, information and consciousness are programmed by higher dimensional waves emitted from the galactic center.  

At the level of dimensional shifts, the solar, planetary, and human consciousness works in harmony with Divine energy.  Human consciousness evolves in synergy with the galactic frequencies which emanate from the higher spiritual dimensions.  Thus, we are transforming to our true self of the light body in Divine unity.  This higher conciousness level of our human incarnation in the physical plane will be supported by the new earth in the fifth dimension.