Heart Consciousness: Pure Intention and the Full Awareness of Negative Energy Without Attachment

As we continue to proceed in our healing and transformation to a heart-centered unity consciousness, we become more aware of our choice in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, and actions.  We understand that heart consciousness, which utilizes the full capabilities of the mind and body, is intentional.

It is our intentional consciousness of spirit and soul that expresses as information and feeling states through the mind and body that manifests healing and our creative action in the world. The level of our unified harmonic flow from the heart of our spirit, soul, and body being enables a given experience of the level of the true self in Divine unity that we energetically express through our multidimensional being.  Our spirit through consciousness, intention, and energy expresses in a unified continuum of soul, heart, mind, and body.

The human true self is fully creative and solution oriented.  It is our love, unity, peace, and joy in harmony with others, nature, the dimensions of the cosmos, and infinite spiritual realms.  Therefore, any fixation on any negative beliefs, emotions, and energies is not the full expression of our true nature in Divine unity.  The perpetual heart-centered being is the new multidimensional human incarnate on earth that we are evolving and ascending toward as incarnate souls and as a unified humanity.  We see the understanding of our intentional consciousness within fragments of many of the ancient esoteric systems, as well as more recent spiritual and scientific approaches.  Some examples include Taoist, Essene, Biblical, New Thought, HeartMath, and numerous other traditions that understand the nature of human creative intention through the consciousness of information, feeling, and action.  In order to help put the understanding into action there are ways of prayer, meditation, and many methods of feeling intentional consciousness in heart, mind, and body.

 However, in order to heal at deeper levels we need to balance the truth of our full intentional capabilities with the radical awareness of negative restrictive energies within our bodymind, as well as the actions of negative cultural systems of fear, conflict, control, and separation. These systems express through materialistic scientific paradigms, government, religions, the educational system, entertainment, negative frequency conditioning, energy, agriculture, artificial control of the environment and biology, etc.

Thus, evolving and transforming is an ever rebalancing of our deeper awareness of how the lower energies separate us from our true self of pure love and creativity, and the pure intentional awareness of only our high states of being.  We are making a shift toward only attention in pure loving, creative, and joyful intention in experience, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, and actions.  However, we still need to have an awareness of the deep rooted inharmonic restrictions within our conditioned consciousness and the world cultural systems.  Healing at this level is a balance of our intentional awareness with a full freeing of our biopsychic being to reveal the original Divine human blueprint. As we successfully seek this balance, we will heal to levels that will support the full capacity of our heart and all our interior communications capabilities of the Divine mind in the heart such as telepathy, teleportation, etc.

The ability to exercise pure intention and maintain an awareness of lower energy states still existing in the world will enable a true compassion and empathy for the challenges of others and the very real restrictive energies that have infiltrated the human condition on earth for thousands of years.  The ability to make others aware of these energies without our falling into a participation or manifesting them will assist others in their healing, transformation, and evolution.  Our goal is to move with the shifting cosmic energies to go beyond the lower level dualistic consciousness to a unity consciosness of the true self in Divine unity.

This is a time to continually place more awareness on the truth of where we are moving toward an expression of only higher or more harmonic frequencies of energy, love, joy, creativity, peace, etc. while also being more aware of how the inharmonic frequencies have conditioned restriction of energy and inner conflicts within our incarnate being.  It is also important to be more aware of how the fear-based conflict, control, and separation system operates through culture in the world.  In doing this, we can open to the next level of healing and transformation of the human being that can support the alchemical transformation of time, a new heaven and new earth, the noosphere, and Sri Aurobindo’s description of the Divine descent of a supramental consciousness within human incarnation and the divinisation of matter.