Heart-Centered Knowledge in the Time of Shifting Dimensions

There has never been a time where so much contradictory information and disinformation is changing on a daily basis, even among sincere seekers and thoughtful persons who desire an evolving humanity to a higher consciousness.

While all types of information can assist our awakening and evolutionary transformation to a fifth dimensional consciousness, if the information does not resonate with your heart consciousness, then the information is being used knowingly or unknowingly to distract.  The activity of using information to activate both the first three chakras and the 3D level of the thinking mind creates a lower density vibrational frequency of fear and negativity.  We will find truth only within the frequency of the heart in the harmonic multidimensional human being.

We are in a time where we must open to the heart and reside within its wisdom.  Only in the heart, will we open to the higher dimensions of mind and greater knowledge of our multidimensional being, the universe, and dimensionless spiritual realms.  At this point in the dimensional shift, it is vital to go beyond the attachment to the fear, conflict, and control resonance.

That means we can learn and take in as much outside information as we can handle if it does not take us out of heart consciousness.  If the pursuit of thinking, knowledge, and understanding pulls us away from a heart-centered vibration in the Divine love and creativity, we must re-center and balance within the heart.  This time is all about establishing a new balance in the heart. 

As we move through the transition phase into the dynamic phase of the dimensional shift, we are being guided to a more inner wisdom where the mind’s reliance on outside information does not assist the heart resonance in the way it once did.  It is a shift to truly looking for the answers from within the heart of our being, instead of waiting primarily for outside information to understand what is happening in the dimensional shift. 

This does not mean that we eliminate outside information.  It means that we use it only based on synchronistic experience, spiritual guidance, and when it is in service of the heart.  Thus, it is not a question of the pursuit of a great quantity of outside information or no outside information at all.  Rather, it is a change in the state of consciousness that determines how we discern the way we seek and input the information into our transformation to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness.

The danger in the current information climate is when it perpetuates a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  May we become more discerning through our bodily, feeling, and heart consciousness in how we use and follow outside information.  In this way, we will resonate and further develop into a heart-centered unity consciousness of a fifth dimensional humanity on earth.