Divine Reconnection and the Evolution of Humanity

We are at a time in our soul evolution where humanity on earth is evolving to a fifth dimensional consciousness.  Living within the fifth dimension on earth is the Divine reconnection that the mystical traditions have pointed toward during the last five thousand years.  At present, we are in an accelerating transition of a shift in consciousness.

Human soul evolution on earth is now accelerating because of the cyclic position of our solar system in the galactic orbit, and the coordinated assistance from intelligent beings in the higher dimensions and spiritual worlds, i.e. higher self, interdimensional, ascended masters, soul groups, angelic, and Divine realms.

The universe is a continuum of multidimensional frequencies of light, information, and energy.  This consciousness of frequencies interpenetrates from higher to lower and from lower to higher as spiritual, subtle energies, and physical energies.  All of creation is structured as a center within that goes beyond. 

At the galactic level, the galactic center transduces consciousness and energy from the spiritual dimensions into the physical dimensions—This movement of energy from the higher dimensions into the lower physical dimensions has been described in multidimensional, subtle energetic, hyperdimensional, and torsion field models.

As a result of the earth’s present alignment with the galactic center, we have the opportunity to accelerate human transformation and evolve through resonance with higher dimensional cosmic energies emanating from the galactic center.  Therefore, at the galactic level, we go within the galactic center to transcend to higher dimensions.  We also do this at the earth and human level.

From the viewpoint of the earth, we connect our consciousness to its liquid, plasma, and crystalline outer and inner core in order to resonate with higher dimensions.  This dynamic grounded connection with earth aligns us intersubjectively with the powerhouse of light, information, and energy through the sun.  We align with the earth, sun, galaxy, universe, spiritual dimensions, and Divine through our multidimensional being of heart, mind, and body.

Our primary focus is going within our own human consciousness and being.  Here, we go within the heart to become aware of the higher dimensions of the Divine.  The entire continuum is all the same structure and sequence.  We go within to the door or gate that opens from the inside to experience the infinite, transcendent, and eternal.

The human truth of Divine love and creativity is within.  Through our consciousness residing within the interior of the heart, we are one with the Divine, our true self, others, and the universe.  We are in a time where we need to align and resonate with the entire spectrum of creation and the infinite through our heart, the earth, and the galaxy. 

As the frequencies of human consciousness and the earth shift dimensions, we can open our consciousness to a Divine reconnection as we evolve and transform to a fifth dimensional life on earth.