Heart Consciousness: The Full Embodiment of the Soul in Bodily Form

In order to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we need to fully embody our spirit and soul within the physical incarnate body.  We open to the experience of the highest levels of the true self in Divine unity by living from the consciousness of the heart.

What has been understood as the “mystic” consciousness throughout the last several thousand years of history is our natural human incarnate consciousness that is our multidimensional being of a unified spirit, soul, and body.  Because human beings have been immersed and conditioned within a false fear, conflict, control, and separation systematic program of consciousness during these thousands of years, the mystic consciousness for the most part has been understood as a spiritual state beyond the natural life of the human being in the incarnate form on earth.  In truth, the mystic state of consciousness is our natural soul/body being unencumbered by thought forms, negative emotional encodings, and all disharmonic frequencies that inhibit the pure joy, fluidity, and harmony that is the goodness of life as Divine wisdom, love, and creativity.  Therefore, we express our true divine consciousness when we live unarmored, no longer attaching to the restrictions that block our pure dyamic and harmonic energy flow within our multidimensional being.    

In this time period of healing, awakening, evolving, and ascending of humanity through a dimensional shift, it is more accurate to describe this consciousness as “multidimensional” and no longer as “mystical.”  This is because ascension to a higher consciousness is in the “here and now” and not a reaching for a “transcendental beyond” level of consciousness.  The human being fully incarnate on Earth, living from the true self in Divine unity, is an infinite nonlocal being.  While we are a soul participating here in this form, we are meant to embody our whole infinite being.

Thus, we are shifting the perspective of the term “mystic.”  In heart consciousness on Earth, we are not seeking a transcendental spiritual supernatural state.  We are opening to the infinite Divine consciousness fully in our bodily life on Earth.  Therefore, a completely whole human being lives what has been historically understood as the “mystic state” as a natural experience in the here and now.

What do we mean by a natural experience in the here and now?  The primary quality of the multidimensional self is its fluidity and freedom of the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.  Consciousness as physical information and energy and consciousness as non-physical information and energy unites in one free flowing continuum.  Thus, even though consciousness in the physical form is of a lower density, there are no restrictions to the emanation and expression of higher dimensional energies and nondimensional spiritual energies.  Therefore, the multidimensional human is fully free in the body and fully free at the nonlocal awareness on Earth and throughout the cosmos.  This is the ultimate truth of the human being living in the consciousness of the heart.

Living from heart consciousness enables the physical body to maintain a free harmonic vibration.  At the unrestricted vibration, the body and mind oscillates at the unified frequency.  In the human incarnate state, the heart is the center of consciousness with a base harmonic vibration of 8Hz.  This heart coherence level synchronizes the mind’s resonance at 8Hz which is the interface of the theta/alpha EEG frequency.  At this level, the lower dualistic thinking mind harmonizes to allow the higher unitary functioning mind to operate within the heart.

In order for the full opening of the heart in coherence with the higher chakras of the throat (5th), third eye (6th), and crown (7th) of the body/mind, the heart must anchor to the root chakra and all the way to the core of the Earth.  This is why the lower three chakras, root (1st), sacral (2nd), and solar plexus (3rd) of bodily life must be unrestricted.  Only with the free flowing energy of the lower chakras can the heart connect with the Earth’s core.  Thus, the heart center unites in two directions simultaneously from the 3D perspective–1. It connects to the infinite cosmos and spiritual realms through utilizing the fully free higher chakras of throat, third eye, and crown, and 2. It connects to the Earth’s core through the fully free root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.  From the root, we connect through the Earth chakras to the Earth’s core, and from the crown, we connect through the higher spiritual chakras to the cosmos.  Therefore, the going “in” becomes the going “out.”  Within the heart, we go within the Earth, which continues going within the sun, galaxy, universe, and infinite spiritual realms.

The “inside” and the “outside” are one.  This unity can only be apprehended by seeing all from within.  For the human being, this “within” center is the heart.  Once within, all restrictions and false energies relinquish enabling the “outside” to be in unity with the “inside.”  From the heart, we go within the earth, sun, galaxy, cosmos, and within the source of all.  We have always been this infinite and eternal unity.  When we awaken, transform, and evolve to our free flowing connection along the full dimensional and density continuum, we experience and express our true self in Divine unity.  In awakening to who we truly are as multidimensional being in Divine wisdom, we understand the fullness of this expression of love and creativity is always available in all the various forms that we participate in throughout the universe.

All of our capabilities of interior consciousness technology of the higher mind consciousness in the heart is part of our entire being that exists in bodily form. When we live from the true self, we fully live from the soul within the body.  We are transforming to our highest levels of consciousness within the body.  Thus, all the highest levels of spiritual consciousness are natural to our unitary spirit, soul, and body being.  As we continue to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we will live the fullness of all our consciousness capabilities through the full freedom of all our dimensions of spirit and soul in bodily unity.  May we seek to awaken and remember the true multidimensional self on Earth.

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