432Hz and the Dimensional Shift

Harmonic sound frequencies, both audible and inaudible, can assist human consciousness to remember the true self.  The harmonic resonance of our Divine consciousness as a unified spirit, soul, and body being gives the soul an experience and direction in making a free will choice to open to heart consciousness.

In this way, sound is one vehicle of consciousness as energy that can be used in healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending in our heart consciousness of Divine unity.  We can resonate with the sounds of nature, the animals, and sound consciousness instruments such as drums, singing bowls, bells, crystal bowls, gongs, flutes, whistling vessels, etc.  These are just some of the numerous instruments used throughout sacred traditions for healing and transforming consciousness.  We also have chant, tuning forks, and all types of music that harmonizes with the energetic frequencies of love and creativity.

The understanding of tuning music and instruments to various frequencies in cycles per second (csp) or Hertz (Hz) for optimal human resonance of the true self in Divine unity is very complex.  We can find knowledge among the spiritual, philosophical, psychological, metaphysical, and esoteric traditions, and in the sciences of physics, biology, and studies of acoustics, sonics, and cymatics, etc.  In this article, our purpose is to outline a general understanding of a range of frequencies with an emphasis on 432Hz. in order to gain a context for the healing and ascension of our soul and body to a higher fifth dimensional consciousness.

Our aim is not to understand an in-depth comparison of frequencies for instrument and music tuning, but rather to see an overall sequence and movement of frequencies as we shift dimensions and realize a new Divine humanity on Earth. In the audible range of human sensory hearing, we find frequencies for tones and tuning that are harmonic with all the musical notes in various frequencies in a range from A=418Hz up to A=456Hz. Since the first half of the twentieth century, A=440Hz has been the standard concert pitch tuning. Prior to this time, we had much more variability of many lower pitches as well as some higher frequencies. Today, there are various viewpoints on the standard 440 and alternatives such as 432Hz, 444Hz, and above such as 446Hz, 448Hz, and 456Hz.

Because of the multidimensionality of the harmony of consciousness in the subtle energetic domains beyond the physical, the simplicity and infinite complexity cannot be reduced into individual frequencies.  The pure frequency resonance of the spirit, soul, and body in Divine unity is a multidimensional, multifrequency harmonic. It cannot be reduced to only one frequency measured through physical instruments in Hertz.

However, we can discover some important information on individual frequencies and the range of frequencies that are harmonic with them.  This general knowledge can provide us with an important context for the dimensional shift, healing, and evolving to a higher consciousness of a new Divine humanity incarnate on Earth.

In order to ascend to a fifth dimensional consciousnsess and beyond, we must anchor in the full capacity of heart consciousness.  We can only open a full heart-centered consciousness by healing all restrictions of fear-based conflict, control, and separation frequencies within the body and mind. This includes all of the negative emotional encoding and false beliefs within the body and lower 3D conscious mind.

For the human incarnate, the heart is the center of human consciousness for the soul within and through the body.  The importance of 432Hz frequencies for the current stage of the dimensional shift is that they resonate an energy of the unity of the soul and body.  Therefore, 432Hz is also heart-centered because the heart is the unified center of how the soul expresses through the body.  By bringing into conscious awareness the centered and grounded feeling of the experience of the soul and body in perfect harmony, 432Hz can assist further healing of any restrictions of the bodymind that create a separation of the soul from perfect harmony with the body.

As we release all restrictions, we can bring in the full capacity of the heart to transduce the higher dimensional frequencies into the body. With the full capacity of the heart, all of the capabilties of the higher mind/Divine mind of intuition, intentional creativity, telepathy, regeneration, teleportation, etc. can be organized from heart intelligence.  Thus, the heart is the central organization that is served by the functions of the higher mind and the physical body through the brain, nervous system, endocrine (glandular), and all other physical systems.

The experience of 440Hz is a more separate awareness through the senses, emotional level, and the thinking of the lower 3D mind and brain.  It resonates at a more egoic frequency that is received in separation outside of the self.  The 432Hz frequency is sensed and felt as coming from within and without. This means that the spirit, soul, and body is feeling a peaceful energetic oneness.  The harmonic habitation of the soul in the body is necessary to fully open heart consciousness.  This is the gift of the 432Hz resonance at this time of healing, evolution of consciousness, and shifting dimensions.

I believe that we will realize another basic frequency that will be the resonance of the spirit and soul’s higher mind in the heart.  This unified heart, mind, and brain resonance will be at a frequency at or above 448Hz.  This frequency will help adjust the human incarnate to a fully 5D consciousness.  After an adjustment period, a singular frequency will no longer be necessary for assistance.  The spirit, soul, and body will naturally resonate a multidimensional frequency of intention as sound within and harmonize without to a multifrequency sound.

As we are currently working with 432Hz to heal, harmonize soul and body, and open to the full capabilities of heart consciousness, frequencies lower than 432Hz are useful in helping quiet the 3D thinking mind. This quieting of the 3D conscious mind opens the heart and enables a heart-centered awareness to listen to the knowledge of the higher mind. There are many examples of the lower frequencies within the A=420’s range.

Thus, 432Hz is a pivotal frequency for assisting our intentional consciousness at this juncture in the dimensional shift.  We can use 432Hz in conjunction with some work in lower frequencies as we move to a new multidimensional humanity in the fifth dimension.

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  1. Nice article

    You use these very wise words…..

    The pure frequency resonance of the spirit, soul, and body in Divine unity is a multidimensional, multifrequency harmonic. It cannot be reduced to only one frequency measured through physical instruments in Hertz.

    bang on !!

    But then you dive back into the numbers. Its hard to go shopping for 432 hz.

    Would love to hear more about modalities peeps can ACTUALLY use or buy to heal themselves or remember who they are. Where can one purchase such music as used by amazonian tribes..when I last checked Stan Groffs lot (brilliant) thought the music too powerful to release. And i kinda agree.

    Had a brief experience with authentic Tibetan bowl..scared the shit out of me…would love to hear more about such a powerful tool !!

    imho your one of the VERY few authors that actually ‘get it’ love it !!!!!


    ps. I LOVE Sweep

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