Heart Consciousness as Center of the Fifth Dimensional Light Body

When we stay restricted to the polarity of the third dimension,  human beings experience the world through the cerebral intelligence of the ego consciousness.  The dualistic cerebral intelligence is the consciousness of our lower mind which functions at the third dimensional level through perpetual comparison, contrast, and separation.

Our whole being of the true self in Divine unity lives from a multidimensional consciousness, and only uses the dualistic cerebral consciousness for practical actions within the third dimension.  The heart consciousness emanates from the center of being.  The heart opens at 4D and 5D frequencies, and utilizes the higher mind in a direct apprehension of knowledge, wisdom, love, and harmony. 

The consciousness of the heart is a unitary consciousness.  Our awakening to heart consciousness restores our conscious awareness of the human true self as a multidimensional being.

In contrast, the primary organization of conscious awareness at the 3D duality frequencies of the cerebral mind actually separates the human being from its groundedness in Divine Being.  The limitation of the dualistic frequencies of the mind forces an almost complete focus on the external levels of matter.  This is the human fall into the frequency of the most dense level of physical matter.

In order to more fully open the heart center, we need to come back into the groundedness of our physical bodies with earth, solar, and galactic frequency.  We can more easily do this as we move beyond the fear, doubt, separation, conflict, and control of the polarity consciousness vibration.

By anchoring our soul and spirit firmly within the physical body, the heart has a strong foundation to emanate, organize, and communicate our multidimensional unity.  The heart is the center for all light, information, and energy through all dimensions.  The multidimensional heart includes an interior vortex through which we access all dimensions of our nonlocal infinite being while participating in physical incarnate form.

The heart is central in the consciousness of our multidimensional cosmic and celestial being.  We must anchor its unity consciousness in and throughout the body, and we must develop the receiving capacities of the higher mind in order to express our fullness in Divine unity.

This means that the unity of the heart uses the upper chakras of the throat, third eye, crown, and extended multidimensional chakras of the 8th through 12th.  These centers of information, consciousness, and energy are vital receiving capabilities of signals from the field of consciousness throughout the dimensions.  In these upper chakras, the higher mind works through the lower physical structures of the brain, endocrine, and nervous systems.  The channels of the upper chakras must be clear and developed in order to receive higher frequency information and energy from multidimensions.

The coordinating center of the heart enables the open higher chakra channels to process the information received from interdimensional communication.  Without the heart’s multidimensional unity, even open higher centers cannot process this information independently from the heart. 

The unity of the heart is our consciousness that we are awakening, evolving, transforming, and restoring.  The heart’s multidimensional unity, in full unity with the physical body and the higher mind, is the foundational expansion of our fifth dimensional and beyond light body.