Galactic Cosmology, Time Acceleration, and Human Transformation

As our solar system is now aligning with the galactic plane, we are in the process of a dimensional shift in consciousness.  This alignment occurs twice in the 26,000 year earth cycle of precession which is approximately 12,500 to 13,000 years. The subtle and physical energies that the earth receives in these time frames has a profound effect on the consciousness of the planet and incarnated humans.

In our present human experience, there is a correlation between the movements of consciousness within higher spiritual dimensions and the dynamics of galaxies in the universe. In order to understand our current stage of soul evolution, we need a galactic cosmology. The interior of consciousness works synchronistically with its material vibration in astronomical effects.

The universe is an infinite continuum of spiritual and physical dimensions. We can best perceive the movement through multidimensions from the understanding or vortex or spin.  From the smallest subatomic particle to the galactic and intergalactic cosmos there is rotation.  We must now see that an important subset of rotation into the physical dimension from higher frequency domains is the galaxy spin from within its core.  Energy comes spinning into the physical plane from hyperdimensional space through torsion fields.  As we align more directly with the dynamic activity of the galaxy center,  we interact with higher frequency energy.  This energy elevates the primary organizational level of human consciousness and the earth.

While galactic cosmology and astronomical effects cannot fully explain the Divine timing of soul evolution and transformation of consciousness, it is a very important part of the evolution of the whole.  We can see a larger picture of infinite creation and the journey of the human soul.

Understanding galactic dynamics is a complexity that we are just beginning to integrate by restoring ancient wisdom with evolving science as the frequency of our consciousness is opening to higher dimensions.  No matter how we may understand the details and intricacies of an evolving spiritual cosmos and galactic system, it is vitally important to incorportate a galactic context for human life on earth.

Earth’s precessional cycle and the galactic alignment has been encoded in many ancient wisdom traditions as part of a spiritual galactic cosmology.  We find this knowledge within the Egyptian, Vedic, and Mayan traditions.  John Major Jenkins in his books, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and Galactic Alignment has described the Mayan understanding and also correlates the galactic cosmology to the Egyptian and Vedic traditions.  We also find that precessional information and alignment knowledge is also found within Biblical and western alchemy traditions.

How all the pieces fit together is still a work in progress.  In periods of galactic alignment, the human energy field resonates with both nonphysical domains and the charged particles of cosmic and gamma rays from the center of the galaxy.  These higher energies and consciousness can affect the sun and earth in many ways from magnetic and geophysical pole shifting, earthquakes and volcanic activity, sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections.  From a consciousness perspective, these higher frequency fields resonate with the human bio-energy field to assist transformation to a higher level of the true self in Divine unity.

When we add the further complexity of possibly being in a binary star system and/or the influence from other planetary bodies with longer and differing orbits, we have a very dynamic system that we have not been able to fully understand at the level of 3D consciousness.  Not only do we have questions about the astronomical coordination of the effect of the galactic particles, we also have questions regarding the nature of these energies.

For example, more esoteric and metaphysical approaches have seen the alignment coinciding with our solar system moving through a higher frequency photon band within a certain region of the galaxy.  More empirical scientific theories include moving through a plasma band as described by the work of Alexey Dimitriev and the writings of David Wilcock, as well as the galactic superwave science of Paul LaViolette.

We are not yet sure of the age of humans on earth, how many cyclical civilizations we have lived through, and the nature of interacting and intervention from other intelligent beings.  Earth humans may have been on earth for millions of years as put forth by the work of Michael Cremo.  As we evolve and transform into the fifth dimension, we are opening up to our true origins of our human incarnations on earth as part of our soul’s evolution in many physical, nonphysical, and spiritual dimensions.

To start establishing a clearer galactic foundation, we will begin by using a 75,000 year timeline of a recent cycle for modern Homo sapiens incarnating on earth.  The 75,000 years of three precessional cycles also correlates with the three 25,000 year 3D cycles from the Ra material–law of one.  With galactic alignment approximately every 13,000 years, we are now in the sixth alignment.  The current alignment is a shift in planetary and human being to a fifth dimensional consciousness.  All the previous alignments have involved adaptations to rising and falling levels of a third dimensional consciousness.

With the current alignment enabling a shift into a fifth dimensional consciousness, it is accelerating the human experience of time to where it will transition to synchronic time which is the Divine timing, not mechanical physical time.  An alignment that transitions to an overall higher dimension has a unique mixture of earth and human disturbances with a glorious awakening to the love, creativity, and harmony that is beyond the fear, conflict, and separation dynamics in 3D.

Since the predominant earth and human frequency has been organized in 3D, our earth incarnation level is still low enough in the dimensional continuum where an evolution from 3D to 4D and into 5D has some real transition effects on the 3D physical plane.  Thus, the shift includes some chaotic earth changes and human challenge as part of moving to a new human of Homo Multidimensionalis taking on earth incarnations at the 5D level.

As part of our evolving and transforming to a fifth dimensional consciousness during this 2012 time period of shift, we can begin to better understand this movement by developing a galactic cosmology that incorporates the knowledge from ancient civilizations, metaphysical wisdom, and empirical science.  While the galactic dimension is only one part of an infinite Divine system of creation, our integration to a clear galactic cosmology is an important part of our development to fifth dimensional incarnate beings.