The Awakening of Consciousness Beyond Fear

As a greater percentage of humanity awakens to the consciousness of the true self in Divine unity, the fear-based conditioning of conflict and separation is being seen more clearly.  Culture, society, and institutions have operated from the lower vibrational energy of fear, conflict, and separation.

We are entering a time period where the opportunity for a shift to a transcendent consciousness beyond the duality that is the knowledge of good and evil is upon us.  This is a time where personal transformation is becoming more involved in our overall human transformation to our true multidimensional consciousness.  Here, individual and collective intention can open to the power of Divine energy to change human relationships and creative action on earth. 

This is the evolution to our heart-centered being of unity, cooperation, and participation.  Within a unity consciousness, our unique personal beings of free will spontaneously operate from the goodness of the whole. 

The time period of the early twenty-first century, is a time of major change in the vibration to higher subtle energies that awaken the healing and transformation to the true self of infinite love and creativity.  Many ancient wisdom traditions and the emerging sciences point to our time as an opening to higher energy vibrations and consciousness.  The ending of the cyclical Mayan Long Count calendar of 5,125 years in 2012, as well as the 26,000 year precessional cycle, provides insight to our recent understanding of an opportunity for the awakening in consciousness.   Other Native American traditions of the Toltec, Aztec, Hopi, and Inca all have correlations to these cycles of time.

We find similar knowledge in the Eastern spiritual traditions of the Vedas, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Taoist traditions.  We find it in the monotheistic religions and within the esoteric mystical traditions.  It is revealed as the end of the age by Jesus, and the new heaven and new earth in the Book of Revelation.  Twentieth century scientist and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin describes the shift as the development of the noosphere, and mystic Sri Aurobindo indicates an evolution of humanity to a supramental consciousness. 

As the awakening accelerates, we see the fear-based culture putting more attention to keep levels of the population in a fear conditioning.  We see this especially in all forms of mainstream news media, and entertainment media in television and film.  Within this time of change, we must continue our evolution to the highest vibration of our nonlocal multidimensional consciousness within our three dimensional physical world.  We can express our infinite love and creativity in thought, feeling, and action, and place our attention on experience that attracts and resonates with Divine energy.