Intention from Heart and Mind

The action of intention is very different from the action of our will through the physical senses and rational mind.  When we use our mind from solely the physical dimension, we try to force a future outcome by mental effort.  When we use our mind from the heart dimension in the Spirit, we use the disciplined attention to our creation in an easeful manner.  This subtle feeling of peace and joy will allow Divine energy to infinitely organize our intention into physical reality.

When we try to use will power to intend a result it is from our ego consciousness.  The false self ego consciousness develops from our conditioning to the narrow physical domain of consciousness.  This is a duality consciousness that always lives from the past.  By first identifying with the physical, the duality consciousness begins with the present problem and seeks to force a different outcome.  In this use of mind, only the current physical reality is real until another outcome is forced into physical existence.

In the unitary consciousness of the heart, the mind begins with the desired outcome already in existence.  With this way of thought and feeling, the mind is not restricted to only the past as the current reality.  The mind in the heart begins with the intention as the current reality and allows Divine energy and Spirit to infinitely organize information to bring the intention into physical existence.  The understanding that the Spirit manifests the intention into time and space enables us to relinquish the forceful will power.  In its place, we use the discipline and perseverence of intention from the heart and mind with an internal feeling of ease. 

The choice that is our human will is in the attention to the intention, not in any strenuous effort to make a result.  In creative intention, the mental action of the idea emanates from our soul in unity with Divine mind beyond time and space.  Here, we hold the idea or desire in consciousness without any effort to force an outcome through the ego’s will power.  Because our intention “already is” in the nonduality beyond time and space, there is only an ease of placing our attention on the intention within the heart and mind.