True Humanity of Divine Infinite Consciousness

For thousands of years, humanity has been living a veiled existence on Earth.  This frequency veil has hidden the knowledge of our true being that is infinite Divine consciousness.  The fear-based cultural system of conflict, control, and separation has conditioned awareness to identify at various levels of the continuum of body and mind.  In this time of shifting frequencies, humanity on Earth has the opportunity to move beyond all false identification of external belief systems, and awaken to the pure inner knowing of our Divine awareness within soul and spirit.

In truth, our infinite consciousness is our seamless unity with the mind and body.  The bodymind is part of our infinite consciousness continuum for experiencing and expressing love and creativity in this frequency dimension of the universe on Earth.  The error of the false matrix has been to condition an identification of the whole self within a certain frequency range of the mind and body.  As we awaken and remember who we really are, we will know our true human nature as infinite consciousness.  We will then be able to express that consciousness directly within the mind and through the body.

The human being on Earth is one unified Divine infinite consciousness expressing this awareness as organized frequency patterns of mind and body.  Thus, we are one consciousness of the Divine infinite that is creatively emanating through two main energetic frequency domains of body and mind.   Our true being of infinite consciousness is spirit and soul.  As we awaken, we will remember and know how we express on Earth as Divine infinite consciousness, mind, and body.


Mind as Both Operating System and Content Programs

When humanity became infiltrated by a restricting fear-based consciousness, the core disruption occurs at the level of the mind.  If we use the computer analogy, which is not entirely accurate, but is helpful in our transition of recovering knowledge, the body and mind is a consciousness and energy bio-computer that is a receiver/organizer/transmitter of information.  The physical body is hardware—structure, central processing unit, and hard drive memory.  This includes sensory awareness, the major consciousness organs of heart and brain, all systems such as the nervous and endocrine systems, DNA, and cellular awareness or memory.  The mind is the software—operating system and content programs.  The operating system is the overall belief of either our personal identity or our infinite being, and the content programs are our beliefs, emotional encodings, experiences, and secondary defense mechanisms and patterns of action.

The infiltration into the human system occurred within the operating system of the mind.  The true operating system of the mind is an awareness of infinite consciousness that can support the intentions, thoughts, emotions, and experience in the Earth reality.  When the operating system supports infinite awareness, energy will go to any content mind processes and body frequencies without blocking the free harmonic flow of energy.  Without identifying with the mind contents, energy is never restricted.  The energy harmonically pulses to content frequency and flows back to infinite consciousness.  The false programs which orchestrate the fear, conflict, control, and separation illusion stems from an operating system of personality that identifies with the mind content and physical body.  This identifying operating system enables energy to restrict as blockages in mind and body through limiting beliefs, emotional codes, and painful experiences.  This energy then becomes one with the physical frequencies of the body vehicle.


Wilhelm Reich and the Energy Restrictions of the Fear-Based Matrix within the Bodymind

Wilhelm Reich pioneered an understanding of how the fear-based operating system restricts energy and manifests as blockages in the physical muscular and cellular system.  He identified seven major areas where the life energy or “orgone” is restricted in the physical vehicle.  These body armor segments include the forehead/eyes, chin/jaw/throat/, neck musculature/upper back, chest, diaphragm, solar plexus/stomach, stomach muscles between ribs and pelvis, and the pelvis.  All of these areas interact with each other, and must be released or transformed in order for energy to move in a fluid harmonic of expansion and contraction pulsation through the body.  Only when all areas are unhindered will sexual energy express as its highest purest Divine frequency in the human being.  Reich determined that the full freedom and flow of energy in physical sexual expression was a measure of whether the human being had an armored or unarmored consciousness.

Reich saw that the content programs of the mind manifest as muscular restriction in the body which he called “body armor.”  It is our understanding that these content mind programs which cause energy restrictions in the physical body originate from the personality identifying operating system.  This system is the foundation of the false fear-based 3D mind matrix that limits the awareness of infinite consciousness.


The Relationship between the Mind and Energy Movement through the Physical Body

Wilhelm Reich’s experience with the segments of body armor can give us some insight into how and where the mind’s content system and operating system may be expressing or anchoring in the body.  The knowledge of specific areas provides us some direction in understanding how our consciousness emanates through the mind and body.  However, it is only a guide for our awakening to inner knowing as our infinite consciousness ultimately manifests throughout the entire cellular body.

Reich found that the energy blocks in the upper four segments (forehead/eyes, chin/throat, neck/back, and chest) released as emotions and word language, such as fear, anger, sadness, and crying.  However, with regard to the diaphragm and solar plexus, Reich found that a release of the blocking armor did not correspond with expressive emotion and word language.  The diaphragm/solar plexus did not reflect specific emotional energy and expressive language that would be indicative of content conditioning.  Here, Reich’s work can give us insight into both the content and operating systems of the mind.  It appears that the four upper segments and the lower stomach and pelvis may be directly associated with the mind’s content programs of limiting beliefs, emotions, and experience.  Whereas, the core of the mind’s operating system may relate to the frequencies of the physical body by being situated in the muscular armor of the diaphragm and solar plexus.  With this connection to the operating system of the mind, we can see why unrestricted breathing and the solar plexus/gut reactions are pivotal for expressing the free flow of energy of Divine human consciousness through the body.

The freedom of the diaphragm and solar plexus is vital to transforming to an unarmored bodymind.  This can only occur when we are the awareness of infinite consciousness, and we relinquish the fear-based operating system of personal bodymind identity and open to the operating system of higher mind in unity with the heart.  In order to live directly as infinite Divine consciousness through the body, we must let go of the attachment to the fear-based operation system of the conditioned personality.  This transformation coincides with the shift to harmonic energy flow in the diaphragm and solar plexus.


Transforming Beyond the False Fear-based Operating System within the Mind 

We cannot work at primarily the body or mind level in order to transform all restrictions and restore the pure harmonic flow of infinite consciousness through the energy movement within mind and body.  By working through the body and/or mind we can release many restrictions, but we cannot fully restore the unarmored human solely by changing beliefs, emotional codes, and their resulting physical restrictions.  We can heal and transform to a high degree by loosening blockages at the body and mind frequencies, but we will not eliminate the problem of the infiltrated human consciousness.

In order to awaken, remember, and restore the pure unarmored expression of the spirit and soul through the mind and body, we need a wholesale change of operating system.  The only way to effect this change to an operating system that reflects the soul’s infinite love and creativity, is through direct awareness of the true human nature as infinite consciousness.  While incarnate, a heart-centered consciousness is the interface between the bodymind and the unity of infinite consciousness in Divine awareness.  We are actually working from all three levels of body, mind, and infinite consciousness at once.  When we are working to change and transform the bodymind programs, we make it easier for consciousness to awaken and remember Divine awareness.  And as we can directly restore and emanate Divine awareness, we can transform the operating system of the mind, and thus, fully go beyond all limiting conditioning and body armor.


Awakening Inner Knowing as Divine Infinite Consciousness

When we awaken, remember, and restore our inner knowing as our true Divine nature, we shift frequencies beyond the infiltrated program of the limiting fear-based mind of conflict, control, and separation.  This false matrix has veiled our knowledge of who we are, and installed the error that the fear-based matrix system is our nature.  This misperception has made us think and feel that humanity is something less than infinite Divine consciousness.  It has caused the normalizing of conflict, harm, and separation, and the false belief that humanity must somehow change or transform its nature to solve its painful situation.

With this mindset, humanity has been conditioned to look outside to external belief systems, groups, organizations, and technology to try to understand human nature.  This very external energy continues to veil humanity from its truth of infinite Divine consciousness.  By shifting attention and intention within, humanity will awaken to its infinite consciousness and full capacity of interior consciousness technologies—an infinite experience and expression of love and creativity, telepathy, teleportation, harmonic cellular regeneration, and intentional creativity and manifestation.

Frequency Shift: Preparing Human Consciousness for Dimensional Ascension

The accelerating energetic frequencies that we are receiving from the galaxy and sun are creating a resonance where we are given the choice to reawaken to our Divine awareness as infinite consciousness.

We are an infinite Divine consciousness experiencing and expressing through mind and body frequencies.  Infinite consciousness emanates as a consciousness continuum of spirit, soul, mind, and body.  This is our true humanity.  Because of an infiltration of a fear-based conflict, control, and separation false matrix in humanity over thousands of years, we have been living in various states of amnesia from our true nature.

We know we are living in a time of awakening and remembering our true nature as a result of a direct awareness of Divine consciousness.  We are becoming aware of a Divine timing sequence that is part of an awakening and shifting consciousness on Earth to a higher frequency organization.  The Divine synchronic timing sequence is neither linear nor cyclical.  It is beyond time and is now manifesting in our current awareness of Earth experience.  This awareness is intrinsic to our consciousness and being, and is not part of any prophecy or cycle.  We remember from an inner knowing through an awakening heart consciousness.

The change in frequency is assisting an accelerating awakening and healing of fear-based conditioning and programming.  It is loosening rigid inharmonic energy patterns, and making it easier to transform limiting beliefs and emotional encoding.  We are moving beyond identifying with these mind programs as personality, and trusting in our innate nature as Divine awareness of infinite love and creativity.  While this work is still very challenging and takes great attention, intention, and patience, the shifting energetic frequencies are enabling healing/transforming at deeper and multiple layers simultaneously.  This is the main preparation of human consciousness for living in a higher frequency dimension of Earth.  Our awakening to Divine awareness is in synchrony with a Dimensional Ascension of the Earth incarnate experience.

The encodings of the lower thinking mind programs of the fear-based matrix are virtually infinite.  The human mind has been encoded, conditioned, and manipulated by cultural, educational, childhood, intergenerational, and past life contents of limiting beliefs, emotions, and traumatic experience.  It would be impossible to directly clear all of the attachments to this content at either a conscious or unconscious level within a current lifetime.  Therefore, as we awaken to infinite consciousness and transform the content programs, we are moving toward a change in the mind’s operating system.  The key to this change is to know that we are an infinite Divine consciousness, and no longer attach to the programmed contents of the mind which are part of the fear-based matrix programs of conflict, control, and separation.

Only with a change in the mind’s operating system will we fully remember our Divine awareness as lived directly through the cellular consciousness of the body.  While incarnate, our true Divine awareness is a heart-centered consciousness that expresses through the mind and body.

Our preparation for ascension includes an accelerating transformation of mind content which will assist a change in the operating system of the mind.  We will go beyond the current fear-based belief conditioning of the mind, and shift to the higher mind of creativity that supports heart consciousness.  We have been conditioned to be veiled from Divine awareness by a false mind operating system. Through this disconnection at the mind level, we have been simultaneously separated from both full body awareness and our Divine awareness.

In an upcoming article, we will provide more detail on the consciousness of our true Divine humanity, as well as the flow of communicating energies through the bodymind.  The human bio-computer has been primarily infiltrated in the mind.  Once this infiltration has taken place, the human being can be manipulated at both the mind and physical body frequencies.  Awakening to our true Divine consciousness will transform the operating system beyond the false programming mind, and thus restore the oneness of the Divine awareness throughout the body frequencies and cellular consciousness.

Heart Awakening: Human Freedom and Creativity in Unity Consciousness

After living on Earth for many thousands of years within an isolating and low energy matrix, humanity is now interacting with a higher frequency oscillation that is emanating from higher dimensions through the galactic center and throughout the entire energetic system of the galaxy.  These frequencies are then transduced and transmitted by the Sun to the Earth.  In sequence, the Earth then transforms these energies in communication with all life on the planet.

The higher frequency energy is part of a Divine timing sequence of elevating the Earth and human consciousness.  The higher dimensional information and consciousness is interacting with humanity in a harmonic resonance that is assisting humanity to awaken and remember our true infinite being.  The awareness and expression of humanity’s infinite Divine consciousness in soul and spirit through the consciousness vehicle of mind and body has not been lived on Earth for several hundred thousand years.

As a result of an infiltration of an inharmonic fear-based conflict, control, and separation conditioning into human consciousness, humanity has searched outside for rules, leadership, and systems of living that would express true human nature.  All of the historical systems of culture have been part of a deception that has conditioned a false fear-based view of human nature.  All of the systems organize external ideas and impress that humanity must become something that it is not by nature—the thoughts on the change of our being include salvation, transformation, enlightenment, alchemy, etc.


The False Conditioning of Humanity in a Fear-based External Control System

In both overt ways and in very subtle ways, the systems of organization and transformation reinforce the fear-based system.  The so called “answers” are revealed in some sort of specific content that is part of humanity becoming something new.  In reality, we already are an infinite consciousness of Divine love and creativity.  Our difficulty and challenge is not to become something else, but to awaken and remember who we already are.

Now it is true that awakening and remembering is a life journey of deep healing, changing of beliefs and emotional encodings, and doing the work in order to resonate with a higher consciousness of soul/spirit that is lived through a body consciousness.  We can perceive “transforming” or “evolving” in this way, but not in a way that is a change of our nature of who we are as infinite Divine spirit/soul within incarnate form on Earth.

All content based systems develop the mind and body to adhere to some external control group, network, organization, or system.  The very beliefs and actions of an external controlling content system are part of the veiling of our true human nature.   They move the attention away from our truth that is only found within the consciousness of the heart.  While incarnate, the heart is our connection to our infinite Divine awareness, and the oneness of our full consciousness capabilities with the physical frequencies of the body. Some of these abilities include intentional creativity and manifestation, telepathy, and harmonic cellular regeneration.

All of our actions of communication and creativity emanate from our interior consciousness technology.  Our unique mission, soul frequency, and infinite being comes from within.  Any external system must by its very nature pull us outside of our true being under fear-based ways of authority, ruling, and controlling.  Therefore, true freedom is only manifested within the heart, soul, and spirit of our interior consciousness.  It is only here where we have knowledge.  Any other ideas or thinking is a lesser frequency of various mind functions.  Only within do we open to and acknowledge the true responsibility to our being and Divine source.  Within this responsible freedom, we act on our love, goodness, and creativity as part of our experience and expression of life that is a unitary endeavor with all.

We are Divine light, consciousness, and energy.  We are an infinite freedom of being that is a gift of Divine love.  We have an unprecedented opportunity with our incarnation on Earth to remember and restore our true Divine love and eternal freedom within our experience.  The most we can truly say at this point in a time of shifting energetic frequencies, is that the current awakening is part of a Divine timing sequence for our experience of our soul journey on Earth.  This time is not occurring from prior content systems of prophecy, cycles, etc.  It is time for us to truly begin to look within the freedom of our true nature and move beyond the reliance on all content systems that continue to keep us imprisoned in conflict, control, and separation frequencies.


Awakening Inner Freedom Beyond the External Authoritarian System

We are not saying to forego all organized thought, community sharing, books, as well as different viewpoints of approach and ideas on the awakening to higher knowledge.  All of our gifts of mind and lower vibrational languages, empirical knowledge, and beliefs need to be in service of our life mission through the knowledge and wisdom from our heart, soul, and Divine being.  We can no longer both look within and also continue to adhere to an external authority to know our human nature.  It is time to shift beyond all of the false conditioning and remember our infinite Divine consciousness.  All of the false identities and fears that maintain conflict and control must be relinquished.

The external control system that has infiltrated humanity on Earth maintains its centralized authoritarian control through the false self-identity. This identity lives in fear because of the false belief that something is wrong with our human nature—thus humanity is conditioned to look outside for love, acceptance, and the answers to life.  This has been done through the deceptive conditioning within human institutions, cultures, and social systems.   The whole manipulating intelligence of the last thousands of years has instituted a false programming of control and authority by veiling human consciousness from its infinite being within.

The entire conditioning of humans that their nature is flawed prevents them from being themselves.  As a result they do not express Divine love, power, and creativity.  Humanity has been deceived in following an external authority.  As humanity awakens, we will see that this authority system has been universal within all culture.   All external content managing systems of ruling, authority and control inhibit freedom.  Authentic freedom can never be defined from the outside.  The very instant that humans resonate with this frequency of external symbol, figure, language, or person, human Divine power and energy is siphoned off.

By forgetting who we really are, humanity has completely lost sight of the creative and cooperative process where we know our freedom and being from within as we experience others and the perceived outside world.  When we awaken and connect to our infinite free being, the conflict and control frequencies with others and the outside no longer resonate.  All the knowledge, freedom, goodness, understanding, and creativity of being is our true nature.  Now, the true gift of others and the outside perceived experience of this holographic Earth experience can be shared in joyful freedom.

We are an infinite consciousness of pure love with a purpose to love and create with one another through infinite choices of love and creativity.  Love experienced in biological consciousness vehicles we refer to as the “physical body” is part of the eternal soul experience in the dimensional universe and dimensionless spiritual realms.  Our freedom and direction emanates from the Divine source that is the center of being.  It is time to fully awaken to who we really are as authentic freedom of consciousness, and to live our unique mission of being in a unity consciousness with all.


Awakening Divine Awareness and Moving Into the Next Sequence of Dimensional Ascension

As the 3D hologram continues to devolve into a more overt transhumanist authoritarian control system, it is important to move attention and intention to our Divine freedom of being.  The awakening and ascending is a shift of consciousness.  Within this aspect of shifting intensity, the Divine timing is sequencing a Dimensional ascension which is a change in organization of the holographic frequency to a higher dimensional oscillation.  The choice to ascend with this frequency manifestation on Earth amidst an intensifying devolving 3D frequency through the infiltrating external control structure is within the energetic frequency of freedom of being.

The pure freedom of being is a trust in one’s Divine goodness and infinite love that we are within the Divine source.  Our mission now is to awaken to our heart-centered Divine unity by opening the heart and Divine mind of interior consciousness.  We do this not only within some established pathway or system that has been infiltrated by an authoritarian control system, but by directly resonating with the truth and love in our soul and spirit of infinite Divine consciousness.  By awakening at this level, we will go beyond just accessing higher consciousness at the higher mind/chakras and truly be this awareness directly through the physical body and cellular consciousness.

It is this commitment to remembering the freedom and trust of truth and love that will assist us in navigating the challenging times ahead as the 3D matrix devolves, collapses, and dissipates in frequency.  As we still participate in the 3D holographic frequency, the transitioning energies of a higher dimension will further integrate with human consciousness and the Earth.  Within this awakening to our true nature as Divine infinite consciousness incarnate, we are going beyond all external content systems.  All of the content systems of religious, spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical, alchemical, scientific, star being, and inter-dimensional content systems will only progress us so far in our pure awakening to Divine awareness.

All of these systems rely upon communicating to the external conceptual organization of the human mind, and therefore are drawn into the authoritarian 3D fear-based control matrix that has infiltrated the perception in this frequency band of experience.  The higher frequency energy that is being transmitted to humanity on Earth is assisting us to awaken without a content management system categorizing the truth of our being.  This level of awakening directly to our essence, experience, and expression of our Divine Being is the next sequence in dimensional ascension.  It is part of the yet unknown timing and manifestation of a holographic change to the dimensional frequency of humanity incarnate on Earth.

The Dimensional Shift Beyond the Mayan Calendar Transition

As we near the completion of the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar, it is important that we use heart-centered awareness to discern the true harmonic frequencies of love and creativity from the false fear, conflict, control, and separation frequencies.

With the ninth wave completion on 10/28/11 and further awakening on 11/11/11, the full informational and energetic structure of unity consciousness is available through the earth, solar system, and human consciousness.  While this potential was never totally lost, many thousands of years of conditioning in dense negative frequencies necessitated an energetic correction process.  The energies from the galactic center, the sun, higher dimensional and angelic assistance has enabled this energetic evolution for the earth and humanity.  The timing of the natural solar and galactic cycles have been used to elevate frequency and awaken humanity to their true multidimensional being in incarnate form.

However, with the ending of the current phase as understood by Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, the harmonic manifestation of unity consciousness is not yet activated.  It will only become fully activated through a dimensional shift which is a dimensional ascension.  Therefore, critical work in our transformation, evolution, and ascension must occur after the completion period of the Mayan Calendar transition.  In biblical revelation, the ending of the age occurs “in the blink of an eye” where the exact date and time is unknown.

The work that humanity must do is to fully disconnect consciousness from the false matrix of fear, conflict, control, and separation.  In doing so, we are remembering, reawakening, and recognizing who we really are as multidimensional beings in Divine unity.  Within this unity, we recognize our relationship with each other, the larger family of intelligent beings, and all of creation.  We are of Source, free, and loving creative beings of spirit, soul, and body exchanging information and energy using our interior consciousness technology.

This is the time of choice that the Hopi and many other sacred traditions have referred to in their prophecy.  We can awaken to our true humanity of 5D consciousness and above, or we can remain in 3D which in the current shifting energies will turn into a negative 4D that is ever more horrifically dehumanizing than the current 3D world.  There is no choice to stay in the consciousness of the world as we have known it for thousands of years–the basic energy organization, vibration, and frequency is changing.  What is still to be determined is how the energy will shift for the human collective incarnate on earth.

While we are evolving to a fifth dimensional humanity within a 5D earth, we do not yet understand the exact mechanisms of how this process transitions.  Thus, through our consciousness, we must continue to approach it through choice and energy flux, and not from a deterministic viewpoint.  While we know that it is moving to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness, we must approach the work of its continuing transition from a point of view of free choice.

In order to exercise this free choice both personally and for humanity as a whole, we need to discern from a heart consciousness.  In this process, we are being assisted by ET, interdimensional, and angelic beings.  But we must do the work to connect to the true self of our being.  All the answers to our knowledge, understanding, transformation, and ascension are within our heart center.  By going within, we are connected to our infinite nonlocal self.  By reconnecting to the spirit/soul/body self, all knowledge can become manifest.

With all of the truth within, we need to shift our frequency to align with our true self in Divine unity.  In this transformational and evolutionary process, we are awakening and establishing dormant information pathways and raising the capacity of our higher frequency vibration to be able to express higher dimensions of light.  As we do this through spiritual practices, meditation, healing, etc., it is helpful to be more fully aware of the false frequencies that have been invading all of 3D life on earth for thousands of years.  This false grid of inharmonic frequency resonates fear, conflict, and egoic polarity consciousness in the human being.  They pervade all of life–religion, politics, economics, media, food, water, air, music, television, and all forms of entertainment.  As we become more of our true self in heart consciousness, we are better able to discern our infusion within these negative frequencies as we raise our own vibration.  Therefore, we can use our free choice to minimize our exposure as we are aligning our energy and consciousness with fifth dimensional and above energy.

First and foremost, we must do our inner work.  As we do this, we must be careful not to get caught up in the tremendous amount of information, misinformation, and disinformation.  The Hopi identify this feeling state in saying “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Nobody is shifting humanity on earth to a fifth dimensional consciousness for us.  When we understand that our own heart-centered consciousness and inner technology is what drives our evolution and ascension, we will truly open to the guidance and support we are receiving from our greater galactic and spiritual family.

When we truly commit to knowing that our inner work of consciousness is how we successfully shift to the fifth dimension and beyond, our partnership with other beings that have always been with us will be revealed.  Outside information is still very important.  However, we are to allow it to come to us, not to use our mind dimension alone to search to figure out how it all works.  We will know and understand, but we will get there from a higher domain of heart and Divine mind consciousness. 

As we move beyond the evolutionary corrective energetic of the nine consciousness waves, let us become aware of the fullness of the complex energetic mix of frequencies that have been the human experience on earth.  May we become more aware of the false frequencies that have intervened in our world, and focus our energy on being the true heart consciousness within. 

Movements in Healing and Transformation

The journey to the true self is to restore, evolve, and transform humanity to our multidimensional being within the Divine unity of infinite love and creativity.  Within this journey, the healing and transformation of consciousness is a dynamic process. 

In the current stage of third density consciousness, we have received conditioning through the negative energies of fear.  These energies restrict and inhibit the freedom of love and creativity of the true self in Divine unity.

The healing process is a journey of awareness, awakening, and remembering.  In order for the human being to evolve, transform, and ascend to the full potential of Spirit, soul, and body beings, the healing process requires a learning that is not linear.  However, this nonlinear healing journey takes place within an overall movement of stages within a dynamic process.

These stages of movement can be defined as knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and living.  The first stage of awareness is “knowledge.”  Through the awakening to knowledge, we learn very quickly that knowledge about an aspect of personality does not mean that we are able to live our truth.  This insight of having knowledge without experientially living our truth frames the understanding of healing and transformation as a dynamic process.

We can gain knowledge through intellect, intuition, emotion, and feeling.  The insights of knowledge is the first step in awareness.  However, with the gaining of knowledge, we do not yet have “understanding.”  We receive understanding as we take in knowledge and process it through multiple modes of awareness.  The knowledge then increases in clarity and integration within consciousness through the soul’s interaction with Divine energy.

The purpose of the “understanding” stage is to prepare us to be able to open to the critical change making stage of “acceptance.”  This is where learning takes place through Spirit, soul, unconscious mind, and into conscious awareness and the body.  The learning is forgiveness, letting go, and releasing karmic attachments to negative energy and conditioning.

Forgiveness releases the restrictions and limitations.  As a result, the influx of the true self of higher vibrating information and energy now has the infinite and eternal freedom to express through the action of “living” the true self in Divine unity.

The Awakening of Consciousness Beyond Fear

As a greater percentage of humanity awakens to the consciousness of the true self in Divine unity, the fear-based conditioning of conflict and separation is being seen more clearly.  Culture, society, and institutions have operated from the lower vibrational energy of fear, conflict, and separation.

We are entering a time period where the opportunity for a shift to a transcendent consciousness beyond the duality that is the knowledge of good and evil is upon us.  This is a time where personal transformation is becoming more involved in our overall human transformation to our true multidimensional consciousness.  Here, individual and collective intention can open to the power of Divine energy to change human relationships and creative action on earth. 

This is the evolution to our heart-centered being of unity, cooperation, and participation.  Within a unity consciousness, our unique personal beings of free will spontaneously operate from the goodness of the whole. 

The time period of the early twenty-first century, is a time of major change in the vibration to higher subtle energies that awaken the healing and transformation to the true self of infinite love and creativity.  Many ancient wisdom traditions and the emerging sciences point to our time as an opening to higher energy vibrations and consciousness.  The ending of the cyclical Mayan Long Count calendar of 5,125 years in 2012, as well as the 26,000 year precessional cycle, provides insight to our recent understanding of an opportunity for the awakening in consciousness.   Other Native American traditions of the Toltec, Aztec, Hopi, and Inca all have correlations to these cycles of time.

We find similar knowledge in the Eastern spiritual traditions of the Vedas, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Taoist traditions.  We find it in the monotheistic religions and within the esoteric mystical traditions.  It is revealed as the end of the age by Jesus, and the new heaven and new earth in the Book of Revelation.  Twentieth century scientist and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin describes the shift as the development of the noosphere, and mystic Sri Aurobindo indicates an evolution of humanity to a supramental consciousness. 

As the awakening accelerates, we see the fear-based culture putting more attention to keep levels of the population in a fear conditioning.  We see this especially in all forms of mainstream news media, and entertainment media in television and film.  Within this time of change, we must continue our evolution to the highest vibration of our nonlocal multidimensional consciousness within our three dimensional physical world.  We can express our infinite love and creativity in thought, feeling, and action, and place our attention on experience that attracts and resonates with Divine energy.

Consciousness Can Transform Life on Earth

We are now discovering the true power of our consciousness to affect physical life and culture on earth.  As humans in Divine unity, we are meant to express truth, goodness, beauty, peace, love, and creativity.  It all emanates from our mind and heart dimensions in unity with Spirit.  The human consciousness in Divine unity and spiritual creativity has been understood by ancient wisdom, the mystics, and the modern New Thought.   

Recently, the sciences are understanding the creative power of human consciousness through subtle energy.  Studies are showing that consciousness significantly alters the earth’s magnetic field at the time of major world events when more humans respond with attention and emotion.  The work of the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton and Heart Math’s Global Coherence Initiative are showing how human consciousness affects our environment in the physical dimension.  Gregg Braden, in his new book Fractal Time:  The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age conveys the human capability to change potential events through a heart-centered consciousness. 

We are now entering a most important timeframe for personal transformation and the evolution to an enlightened humanity.  Many traditions point to this period in time as an important window into a new way of being on earth–including the Mayan 2012 date, the new heaven and new earth of the New Testament, the ancient vedic wisdom, the Hopi tradition, and 20th century mystic Sri Aurobindo’s supramental consciousness on earth.   

If collective human emotion to negative world events has an effect on the earth’s magnetic field, how much more can human consciousness when expressing Divine energy go beyond the duality of good and evil to manifest an enlightened world.  While the journey of healing and transformation to our pure Divine consciousness as image of God requires great desire, discipline, and practice to overcome the mind’s negative conditioning, the truth is humans have the potential to transform to our truth of absolute goodness.    

As multidimensional beings, our time on earth through a physical body enables us to be one with the physical dimension.  Therefore, the earth can change from within through our human consciousness.  With our spiritual being expressing in the physical dimension, we are one with the physical and spiritual, not separate.  As we begin to more profoundly understand our nonlocal and nondual unity with all, we will believe in our ability to change our world through consciousness.

The Intentional Divine Human Consciousness

If we do not intend from thoughts at the level of the rational mind or from the nondual stage of mystical consciousness that can be experienced as nonintentional, then what is the consciousness of intention?

The human consciousness of the true self in Divine unity is fully intentional in the Spirit.  The infinite and eternal Divine Being of God is love, which in essence is creative.  Love and creativity are one.  The Divine Being is both perfect rest and infinite action.  Love, truth, beauty, life, light, and creative action is the singular ground of being.  Thus, our heart-centered consciousness of the true self in Divine unity is ultimately perfectly intentional and creative.

The essence of intention proceeds from an originating desire or idea that is imaged as an action, feeling, or experience to be manifested into form.  The result that is initiated by an image in the formless dimension beyond time and space is translated by the Divine into the experience of form in the created universe.  How do we create thoughts or feel without the duality that is attachment and separation of the rational mind, emotion, and senses?

We can only perfectly intend from the highest dimension of the heart in the Spirit expressing through the mind and body.  Within the nonlocality and nonduality of this dimension, we can prototype an originating desire or image.  We can understand our ability to initiate intention as our participation in the Divine idea and nature.  The true consciousness of intention arises from our highest capabilities of imaging desire without thinking or creating images from the rational or intuitive mind.  Sri Aurobindo describes this level as the Supramental consciousness.

When we are detached from all outcomes and doubt within the eternal now beyond time and space, we approach the Divine human consciousness that is free to image and thus create in a whole new way.  In the dimension of awareness where there is no contingency, the Divine mind can freely flow through our being from the infinite into time, space, and matter of the physical dimension.  Creation emanates from the entirely new without any dependence on past results.  Thomas Troward describes this as “principle preceeds precedent.”

Creative intention proceeds from our unitary participation in God.  Troward relates this dynamic essence as the “Spirit’s self-contemplation.”  Sri Aurobindo understands this as the “exclusive concentration of the Absolute.”  Jesus reveals this truth in saying, “Truly I tell you, if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown in the sea,’ and if you do not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, it will be done for you.  So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:23-24). 

This is our intentional Divine human consciousness.  At this level of consciousness, we are one with God without boundaries, and free to create in that love from the oneness of infinite being to the multiple experience in the physical dimension of the universe.  Jesus says, “See, I am making all things new” (Revelation 21:5).  Therefore, in the consciousness of the true self that is beyond images and concepts, we can image and feel in a new way through the Spirit.

Does Humanity Have a Destiny Beyond Fear?

Our journey to live a new vision of mystical transformation and spiritual creativity points toward the evolution to our true humanity. We all have been conditioned in our feelings and thoughts by a culture of fear. This underlying and perpetual fear limits our beliefs to a level where we see the constant struggles of the world as the only reality.

The culture of fear and violence pervades all human cultures, systems, and institutions. The state of the current human condition, with its persistent negative pull, is not our true humanity. If our present state of consciousness and culture is not our true humanity, how do we awaken to the existence of our true humanity? We must listen from the heart in the Spirit where fear and doubt cannot enter.

When we are drawn into a peaceful love that is energized with all creative possibility, we can ask if this is our true humanity. If we trust that it is, then we believe that humanity is meant to move beyond the negative inertia of the knowledge of good and evil. When we enter the heart, we come to realize that the fallen knowledge of good and evil infiltrates all aspects of life. We observe the knowlege of this resistance (fear, anxiety, anger, doubt, envy, self-centeredness, non-acceptance, inadequacy, etc.) in our own minds, emotions, and body. This inertia is also observed at the cellular, atomic, and space/time dimensions of the physical world.

Only by entering the dimension of the heart where we touch the love and unity of the eternal beyond all duality, can we journey beyond fear. Here, we will envision a true humanity of free flowing love and creativity.