Consciousness Can Transform Life on Earth

We are now discovering the true power of our consciousness to affect physical life and culture on earth.  As humans in Divine unity, we are meant to express truth, goodness, beauty, peace, love, and creativity.  It all emanates from our mind and heart dimensions in unity with Spirit.  The human consciousness in Divine unity and spiritual creativity has been understood by ancient wisdom, the mystics, and the modern New Thought.   

Recently, the sciences are understanding the creative power of human consciousness through subtle energy.  Studies are showing that consciousness significantly alters the earth’s magnetic field at the time of major world events when more humans respond with attention and emotion.  The work of the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton and Heart Math’s Global Coherence Initiative are showing how human consciousness affects our environment in the physical dimension.  Gregg Braden, in his new book Fractal Time:  The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age conveys the human capability to change potential events through a heart-centered consciousness. 

We are now entering a most important timeframe for personal transformation and the evolution to an enlightened humanity.  Many traditions point to this period in time as an important window into a new way of being on earth–including the Mayan 2012 date, the new heaven and new earth of the New Testament, the ancient vedic wisdom, the Hopi tradition, and 20th century mystic Sri Aurobindo’s supramental consciousness on earth.   

If collective human emotion to negative world events has an effect on the earth’s magnetic field, how much more can human consciousness when expressing Divine energy go beyond the duality of good and evil to manifest an enlightened world.  While the journey of healing and transformation to our pure Divine consciousness as image of God requires great desire, discipline, and practice to overcome the mind’s negative conditioning, the truth is humans have the potential to transform to our truth of absolute goodness.    

As multidimensional beings, our time on earth through a physical body enables us to be one with the physical dimension.  Therefore, the earth can change from within through our human consciousness.  With our spiritual being expressing in the physical dimension, we are one with the physical and spiritual, not separate.  As we begin to more profoundly understand our nonlocal and nondual unity with all, we will believe in our ability to change our world through consciousness.

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  1. I agree that our consciousness has power to affect physical life and culture on earth, and I think it can be a positive or a negative effect. I wrote an article considering the possibility that all the negative energy surrounding the Mexico-US border (guns, drugs, illegal immigrants, etc.) might have had a negative physical impact in the form of swine flu:

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