The Dimensional Shift Beyond the Mayan Calendar Transition

As we near the completion of the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar, it is important that we use heart-centered awareness to discern the true harmonic frequencies of love and creativity from the false fear, conflict, control, and separation frequencies.

With the ninth wave completion on 10/28/11 and further awakening on 11/11/11, the full informational and energetic structure of unity consciousness is available through the earth, solar system, and human consciousness.  While this potential was never totally lost, many thousands of years of conditioning in dense negative frequencies necessitated an energetic correction process.  The energies from the galactic center, the sun, higher dimensional and angelic assistance has enabled this energetic evolution for the earth and humanity.  The timing of the natural solar and galactic cycles have been used to elevate frequency and awaken humanity to their true multidimensional being in incarnate form.

However, with the ending of the current phase as understood by Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, the harmonic manifestation of unity consciousness is not yet activated.  It will only become fully activated through a dimensional shift which is a dimensional ascension.  Therefore, critical work in our transformation, evolution, and ascension must occur after the completion period of the Mayan Calendar transition.  In biblical revelation, the ending of the age occurs “in the blink of an eye” where the exact date and time is unknown.

The work that humanity must do is to fully disconnect consciousness from the false matrix of fear, conflict, control, and separation.  In doing so, we are remembering, reawakening, and recognizing who we really are as multidimensional beings in Divine unity.  Within this unity, we recognize our relationship with each other, the larger family of intelligent beings, and all of creation.  We are of Source, free, and loving creative beings of spirit, soul, and body exchanging information and energy using our interior consciousness technology.

This is the time of choice that the Hopi and many other sacred traditions have referred to in their prophecy.  We can awaken to our true humanity of 5D consciousness and above, or we can remain in 3D which in the current shifting energies will turn into a negative 4D that is ever more horrifically dehumanizing than the current 3D world.  There is no choice to stay in the consciousness of the world as we have known it for thousands of years–the basic energy organization, vibration, and frequency is changing.  What is still to be determined is how the energy will shift for the human collective incarnate on earth.

While we are evolving to a fifth dimensional humanity within a 5D earth, we do not yet understand the exact mechanisms of how this process transitions.  Thus, through our consciousness, we must continue to approach it through choice and energy flux, and not from a deterministic viewpoint.  While we know that it is moving to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness, we must approach the work of its continuing transition from a point of view of free choice.

In order to exercise this free choice both personally and for humanity as a whole, we need to discern from a heart consciousness.  In this process, we are being assisted by ET, interdimensional, and angelic beings.  But we must do the work to connect to the true self of our being.  All the answers to our knowledge, understanding, transformation, and ascension are within our heart center.  By going within, we are connected to our infinite nonlocal self.  By reconnecting to the spirit/soul/body self, all knowledge can become manifest.

With all of the truth within, we need to shift our frequency to align with our true self in Divine unity.  In this transformational and evolutionary process, we are awakening and establishing dormant information pathways and raising the capacity of our higher frequency vibration to be able to express higher dimensions of light.  As we do this through spiritual practices, meditation, healing, etc., it is helpful to be more fully aware of the false frequencies that have been invading all of 3D life on earth for thousands of years.  This false grid of inharmonic frequency resonates fear, conflict, and egoic polarity consciousness in the human being.  They pervade all of life–religion, politics, economics, media, food, water, air, music, television, and all forms of entertainment.  As we become more of our true self in heart consciousness, we are better able to discern our infusion within these negative frequencies as we raise our own vibration.  Therefore, we can use our free choice to minimize our exposure as we are aligning our energy and consciousness with fifth dimensional and above energy.

First and foremost, we must do our inner work.  As we do this, we must be careful not to get caught up in the tremendous amount of information, misinformation, and disinformation.  The Hopi identify this feeling state in saying “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Nobody is shifting humanity on earth to a fifth dimensional consciousness for us.  When we understand that our own heart-centered consciousness and inner technology is what drives our evolution and ascension, we will truly open to the guidance and support we are receiving from our greater galactic and spiritual family.

When we truly commit to knowing that our inner work of consciousness is how we successfully shift to the fifth dimension and beyond, our partnership with other beings that have always been with us will be revealed.  Outside information is still very important.  However, we are to allow it to come to us, not to use our mind dimension alone to search to figure out how it all works.  We will know and understand, but we will get there from a higher domain of heart and Divine mind consciousness. 

As we move beyond the evolutionary corrective energetic of the nine consciousness waves, let us become aware of the fullness of the complex energetic mix of frequencies that have been the human experience on earth.  May we become more aware of the false frequencies that have intervened in our world, and focus our energy on being the true heart consciousness within. 

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