Does Humanity Have a Destiny Beyond Fear?

Our journey to live a new vision of mystical transformation and spiritual creativity points toward the evolution to our true humanity. We all have been conditioned in our feelings and thoughts by a culture of fear. This underlying and perpetual fear limits our beliefs to a level where we see the constant struggles of the world as the only reality.

The culture of fear and violence pervades all human cultures, systems, and institutions. The state of the current human condition, with its persistent negative pull, is not our true humanity. If our present state of consciousness and culture is not our true humanity, how do we awaken to the existence of our true humanity? We must listen from the heart in the Spirit where fear and doubt cannot enter.

When we are drawn into a peaceful love that is energized with all creative possibility, we can ask if this is our true humanity. If we trust that it is, then we believe that humanity is meant to move beyond the negative inertia of the knowledge of good and evil. When we enter the heart, we come to realize that the fallen knowledge of good and evil infiltrates all aspects of life. We observe the knowlege of this resistance (fear, anxiety, anger, doubt, envy, self-centeredness, non-acceptance, inadequacy, etc.) in our own minds, emotions, and body. This inertia is also observed at the cellular, atomic, and space/time dimensions of the physical world.

Only by entering the dimension of the heart where we touch the love and unity of the eternal beyond all duality, can we journey beyond fear. Here, we will envision a true humanity of free flowing love and creativity.

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