Movements in Healing and Transformation

The journey to the true self is to restore, evolve, and transform humanity to our multidimensional being within the Divine unity of infinite love and creativity.  Within this journey, the healing and transformation of consciousness is a dynamic process. 

In the current stage of third density consciousness, we have received conditioning through the negative energies of fear.  These energies restrict and inhibit the freedom of love and creativity of the true self in Divine unity.

The healing process is a journey of awareness, awakening, and remembering.  In order for the human being to evolve, transform, and ascend to the full potential of Spirit, soul, and body beings, the healing process requires a learning that is not linear.  However, this nonlinear healing journey takes place within an overall movement of stages within a dynamic process.

These stages of movement can be defined as knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and living.  The first stage of awareness is “knowledge.”  Through the awakening to knowledge, we learn very quickly that knowledge about an aspect of personality does not mean that we are able to live our truth.  This insight of having knowledge without experientially living our truth frames the understanding of healing and transformation as a dynamic process.

We can gain knowledge through intellect, intuition, emotion, and feeling.  The insights of knowledge is the first step in awareness.  However, with the gaining of knowledge, we do not yet have “understanding.”  We receive understanding as we take in knowledge and process it through multiple modes of awareness.  The knowledge then increases in clarity and integration within consciousness through the soul’s interaction with Divine energy.

The purpose of the “understanding” stage is to prepare us to be able to open to the critical change making stage of “acceptance.”  This is where learning takes place through Spirit, soul, unconscious mind, and into conscious awareness and the body.  The learning is forgiveness, letting go, and releasing karmic attachments to negative energy and conditioning.

Forgiveness releases the restrictions and limitations.  As a result, the influx of the true self of higher vibrating information and energy now has the infinite and eternal freedom to express through the action of “living” the true self in Divine unity.

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