The Shifting Energy of Transformation

We are now in a time where increased cosmic energy and spiritual energy are accelerating a rapid change on the planet and within human consciousness.

As existing paradigms in a 3D world no longer resonate, we are in the process of a birth to a new higher dimensional way of life on earth.  The current transition period of this shift appears to be fast and chaotic as the shift accelerates over the next few years.  From one perspective, there are real challenges on the planet as we move from a denser level of existence toward a higher and lighter equilibrium.

At this point in our transformation, it is very important to begin to make a clear movement to the higher energy that will become the fully organized state of our consciousness.  This will minimize the amount of disruption as earth and human consciousness transforms and evolves to a new dimension.  The time to make a clear decision to live in the higher energy is now.

The higher energy is the vibration of the fully opened heart consciousness.  Because of the rapid change in the current period of transition, we no longer have the opportunity to continue to learn by repeating the dense energy of the lower third dimension. 

The ability to open to an increasingly fast transformation of consciousness is the gift of being on earth during this time in solar system and galactic cycles.  Our free will enables us to either embrace the gift of making a clear choice for living in the higher energy now or deciding that we are not ready.  However, it is clear that the path of a long term and slower spiritual transformation over decades is not an option at this time on earth in the physical dimension.

My hope is that we will all decide to make a clear decision to move into the highest levels of healing and transformation.  Here, we live from the heart in unity with the mind and body within the Spirit.  We live from our true self in Divine unity where we love and create in unity, cooperation, and harmony. 

The decisions that we make now over the next coming months will have a profound affect on our journey over the next few years.  Our decision and perseverance will assist humanity to make the shift to a higher dimensional life on earth.

The Fifth Dimensional Light Body

Our transformation and evolution to the light body is the essence of who we are as humans.  This is our true self in Divine unity.  Our created being is a multidimensional unity of Spirit, soul, and body.

The multidimensional unity of our true self is manifested and expressed within and through the light body.  We become our full multidimensional unity from the unitary consciousness of the heart. Thus, a heart-centered consciousness is the awareness and pathway to transforming to our light body.

The light body is the consciousness of the heart expressed through mind and body.  It is beyond fear and the conflict of separation.  Therefore the light body is not affected by inertia, entropy, and the duality of the knowledge of good and evil.  It is the unconditional love of the true self in Divine unity that lives in peace, harmony, partnership and creativity.

The fear-based consciousness of the narrow 3D reality has conditioned wounds, distortions, and blockages to the first three chakras.  The blockages within these centers of the human energy field narrow consciousness to the ego of separation and conflict.  The light body, which encompasses a 5D reality, fully emanates from the heart chakra.  Any action and expression of the energy of the first three chakras are now expressed within the heart.

The fullness of the light body is our soul’s true being within the incarnated form.  Here, the Spirit, soul, and body unity can experience unconditional love through experience in the planetary realms.  Our true self is love, peace, harmony, partnership, cooperation, and creativity. 

The light body is less dense than the 3D body.  Without the opposing restrictive force of fear, the multidimensional self operates from the highest dimensions of Divine energy.  Therefore, the Spirit, soul, and body unity can exercise the fullness of nonlocal and infinite consciousness.  Within this consciousness, the body is beyond disease, and can participate in the ability of consciousness to communicate through telepathy, move through teleportation, and regenerate through light.

The light body is experienced beyond the 3D space and time, and exercises the full power of intention in its mission to love and create within incarnate form.  The light body on earth is evolving as we continue to proceed along a dimensional shift to a 4D and 5D consciousness. 

Here, we have delineated some basic aspects of the heart consciousness of the light body.  It gives us a feel for the truth of our human potential within an earth incarnation.  I more fully explore the consciousness of the light body in my forthcoming book on 5th dimensional life.  The fully transformed light body includes a whole spectrum of knowledge and experience that will affect all areas of human life on earth. 

The Dimensional Shift and the Perception of Time

At present, we are at a point in a dimensional shift where we perceive time as accelerating.  In the first part of 2010, it feels like a 24 hour day has been reduced almost to a 12 hour day.

Each person has a different sense and perception of time depending upon a number of cognitive, emotional, and spiritual factors.  However, for those awakening to and becoming more aware of a shift in consciousness and energy, there is a basic universal feeling of time speeding up.  It is like before the day begins, it is over.  Months pass like weeks, years like months.

There is a paradox of time speeding up and time slowing down.  It feels like I can accomplish twice as much in half the time, but with four times as much to accomplish.  Thus, the feeling that time is moving too fast. 

The only way to proceed is to continually place awareness within the heart consciousness which is always in the present moment.  In our higher awareness, we have a deeper trust of being guided moment by moment by Spirit as we still must organize 3D activity.

For those persons most sensitive, a beginning shift in the human consciousness of time could be felt around 1987-88.  For many, the sense began in the early 1990s.  In the late 90’s and early in the new millenium, more people were becoming conscious of a changing awareness of time. 

This general awareness was fairly steady until 2008 when the sense of a progressive acceleration started to be felt.  Throughout 2009 and 2010, the acceleration seems to moving exponentially.

As we approach a shift to a 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness, time will be radically different from our current mind’s experience in 3D.  Time as we know it three dimensionally will no longer exist.  There will be no time.  Jose Arguelles in his work on the Mayan Calendar and time describes this as 4D synchronic time.

As we continue to move to a no time state of human consciousness in a 4th and 5th dimension on earth, our 3D perception of time will only continue to accelerate as we shift consciousness into our multidimensional nature.

The Shift in Consciousness and the Heart Center

As consciousness and energy accelerate within humanity and the earth, it is ever important to open awareness to the heart center, and to make the moment to moment decision to remain in the heart.

In the heart, we open awareness to the true self in Divine unity.  Our true self is a unity consciousness of partnership, love, and creativity.  It transcends the fear-based consciousness of separation, conflict, and ego.

Our fear-based consciousness operates from a restriction of consciousness to only the third dimension.  This restricted awareness is anchored to our first three chakras. The blockages and wounds that form the fear-based ego identity is expressed within the first, second, and third chakra centers.

Thomas Keating, through his work in centering prayer, describes early life wounds in the first three chakra centers as safety/security, intimacy/esteem, and power/control issues. Similarly, wisdom teacher Sri Ram Kaa and angelic oracle Kira Raa describe these as issues of safety, sex, and power formed in density consciousness.  The heart is the foundation of our unity consciousness.  Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa communicate the heart center as the new root chakra in an ascended chakra system of the Divine Galactic Blueprint.

The heart is the center of the unified human being living in a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness.  In these dimensions, any human activity on earth related to safety, intimacy, and authentic power emanating from the energy of the first three chakras will now be expressed through the heart center in Divine unity.  By this shift in awareness, all human activity moves from being an expression of separation, fear, and conflict, to one of unity, love, and peace.

Intention in the Fourth and Fifth Dimension

In the fourth and fifth dimension, intention is infinite and spontaneous.  The possibilites are unlimited and there is no space/time delay in manifestation.  This is where humanity is moving toward as we approach a shift to a fourth dimensional consciousness.

In our current 3D life, we can access higher dimensional spiritual energy, but the manifestation of our intentions are integrated within the 3D plane of our consciousness and world.  Thus, the process of moving beyond ego consciousness and into the heart consciousness of intention involves letting go of an attachment to the outcome.  It requires a trust in the infinite energy and information of the Divine to create the desires, purpose, and mission within the depths of the soul.  In 3D, we have a veiling between the conscious and unconscious mind.  As a result, intention is a continuum of specific and non-specific aspects at the conscious level.

Our intentions are specific in the sense that we must know what we want on a conscious level.  However, they also contain a non-specific element because we must not limit the infinite solutions and potential of the infinite Divine mind.  Therefore, within the third dimension of the veiling between conscious and unconscious, we must be both specific to our desire and non-specific or non-directed to allow the Divine to manifest the most loving and good outcome.

When we shift into the fourth dimension, we will fully be within a heart consciousness.  The veil between conscious and unconscious will be no more.  Therefore, at the fourth and fifth dimension we will no longer have the specific/non-specific aspects of the continuum of intention.  With our greater vision and unconditional love in a unitary consciousness, our intentions will just be.  We will not have to contend with the many questions of whether they are clear enough, have we let go, are we nonattached, do we really feel it in the present moment, and are we limiting the full gifts of the Divine because of our specificity of what our conscious mind thinks it wants?

Whether our intentions are within the current 3D reality or moving toward the vision of the upcoming 4D reality, they must have clarity.  Intention always involves a focus on the solution or Divine blueprint.  We must be clear on what we intend to create and experience in order for the intention to manifest.  Clarity requires a definite decision of the will that does not doubt by focusing on the problem.  If we do not have a clear intention, then the past conditioning of the unconscious mind will continue to produce the current outcome that is the absence of the vision or goal.

As we shift into the fourth and fifth dimension, the unlimited and spontaneous quality of intention will be applied to healing, relationships, communication, and creativity.  Jesus gave us a glimpse into the infinity and immediacy of intention within a fourth dimensional heart consciousness.  He said that whoever says to a mountain, ‘be lifted up and thrown into the sea and does not doubt in the heart, but believes what he says will happen, it shall be done’ (cf Mark 11:23).  The movement of the mountain symbolizes the unlimited potentional of intention that allows the Divine energy to infinitely organize consciousness, light, and information.  Jesus also showed the immediacy of the manifestation of intention through his healings which were all spontaneous upon the intention.

Seeing and feeling the clarity of intention in the present moment enables Divine energy to accomplish the manifestation.  This action of seeing and feeling is a clear decision of the will through the heart and mind.  It is our gift of co-creation that trusts the infinitely greater Divine intelligence to organize consciousness according to the information or idea of the intention.  We have these gifts now in our 3D world because of our mutidimensional nature.  However, we have yet to fulfill their higher potentials because of the split between the conscious and unconscious mind, the interference of negative beliefs conditioned in the mind, and the encodings of negative emotions. 

As we continue to heal and transform, we approach the consciousness of the true self in divine unity of the light body of a fully 4D consciousness.  In the vision of our shift to 4D and then on to 5D, all of the impediments to human intention and creativity will be relinquished.  We will have the freedom and joy of a consciousness that creates infinite and spontaneous intentions through love.

The Human Body in the New Fourth Dimensional Consciousness

As we move toward the shift to a fourth dimensional consciousness on earth, we can assist our transition through personal transformation, and by envisioning the full range of human consciousness and activity in the fourth dimension.

One foundational area is the qualities and capabilities of the human body.  What will be the nature of the physical body in a fourth dimensional consciousness?  How we understand the nature of the body in the fourth dimension and then the fifth, depends on our knowledge and view of the relationship between body and Spirit, and matter and consciousness.

Does consciousness only express itself through a body, or is the body consciousness itself vibrating at a denser level along a continuum of consciousness?  If we are more inclined to the former, we may see a fourth dimensional consciousness expressing through a more perfected physical three dimensional body.  The 3D body would be more in harmony, no longer reflecting the conflict, separation, and unbalance of a 3D consciousness.

If we resolve the body/Spirit polarity into a unity, we will see that the full integration to a fourth dimensional consciousness will express as an upgraded fourth dimensional body.  A fourth density body is still physical.  It is a light body with a higher vibration and frequency which makes the physical body less dense and lighter.  This is the resurrection body of Jesus that is able to move through walls, but is still physical to the touch. 

The human body of higher dimensional matter represents the primary characteristics of a 4D body in a fourth dimensional consciousness on earth.  At the level of the 4D body, the cells are fully maintained by the light of Divine consciousness, and are no longer subject to the errors in regeneration within the 3D entropy process. 

The change to a 4D body points to a different type of transition of the body to higher dimensions and to the heavens.  The work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the twentieth century furthered our understanding of “the mind of the cells” in a supramental consciousness manifested on earth.

We have briefly hinted at what the nature of the human body will be like in a fourth dimensional consciousness on earth.  The full nature and capabilities of this body cannot be described in the short blog format.  We have, however, put forth the understanding that in a 4D consciousness the current 3D physical body will transform to a 4D physical light body.

Human Transformation to a Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Consciousness on Earth

Transformation and evolution to a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness on earth will be the enlightenment of humanity to the true self in Divine unity.  Humans on earth have been living from a fear-based consciousness of separation and conflict within the first three dimensions of consciousness.  We are now in a time of transition to a fourth dimensional awareness of our true self of love and creativity.

The fullness of human three dimensional life includes the development of the physical sensory system, the emotions, and the intellectual mind.  This is the level of the ordinary mind of the ego.  The mystics have always pointed to a higher dimension of humanity that is the spiritual mind within the heart.  Early twentieth century mystics, Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo both communicated that humanity as a whole is moving toward a noosphere or supramental consciousness.

This higher level of awareness is the evolution of humanity to a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness on earth.  It is a unitary consciousness of the heart expressed within the physical plane on earth. 

Are we now in the time period for an imminent transformation or shift to a new earth humanity living from a unitary consciousness on earth?  And if so, at what pace, or how quickly does the change occur?

Most cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions have pointed to the early twenty-first century as a marker for this shift.  All of this wisdom coincides with the end of a 26,000 year precessional cycle and our movement within the galaxy.  The end of the Mayan Long Count calendar in 2012 provides us a focal point for the transformation and evolution to a higher dimensional consciousness on earth.

Jesus refers to the shift at the end of the age, and the Book of Revelation describes the change as the New Heaven and New Earth.  We also see precessional numbers in the Gospels where Jesus sends out 72 disciples and the 144,000 elect (cf Luke 10:1-12, Revelation 7).

Is the evoltion to a higher dimensional humanity only a steady acceleration of personal transformation, or does it synchronize with an entire dimensional shift of the planet and humanity on earth?  In one viewpoint we each personally evolve to a higher vibration of love and light along our infinite journeys without a complete density shift on earth.  In this understanding humanity makes a relatively long term transition into more unified ways of being.

However, Jesus gave us signs to look for as an indication of the end of the age.  This points to a very specific range of earth time.  He then says that no one knows the hour or day when this will happen, except God alone (cf. Matthew 24:36).  His words can be understood as implying a spontaneous wholesale transformation.

If this is the case, is December 21, 2012 a marker for the twenty-first century time period that points to a wholesale dimensional shift on an exact time that is only known by the Divine Spirit?  It appears that we are in a time of accelerating transformation that will at some time become an entire dimensional shift of humanity on earth.

We are in a time period on earth where human life on the planet is journeying toward a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness on earth.   An evolution to these dimensions is the New Heaven and New Earth where humanity will love and create from the true self in Divine unity.  

Healing with the Emotional and Intuitive Body in Heart Consciousness

In order to heal all the wounds that were conditioned by a fear-based consciousness, we must feel them with a non-judgmental feeling consciousness.  This is a higher level awareness that is beyond what we understand as our ordinary intellectual mind.  The feeling awareness emanates from the mind within the heart.

A higher feeling based awareness from the heart center is needed because the intellectual mind was used in the conditioning of negative emotions and beliefs as a result of external experience in a fear-based consciousness and culture.  The intellectual mind is dualistic.  Therefore, it defends against painful experience by judging the experience as too painful for the emotional system.  Thereby, it stores the information out of conscious awareness in the unconscious mind.  By doing so, the person identifies with the negative experience which continually limits the peace, freedom, and love of the self.

Because the intellectual mind maintains the identfication with the wounding experience, it cannot effect healing.  The rational intellect can be used to point us in the direction toward healing, but within itself there always remains a duality.  This duality is the core of the negative fear-based condition of conflict, separation, and external power and control.  The conditioned mind results in limitation and an awareness that restricts the person from fully expressing the truth of their interior of infinite love and creativity.

Healing occurs when consciousness shifts to a level beyond the awareness where the mind encoded the perceived problem.  The healing and transformation of emotional wounds occurs from levels of awareness that we have called altered states of consciousness, higher consciousness, transcendent consciousness, mystical consciousness, etc.  All these descriptions, and the infinite dimensions within them, are a continuum of our heart-based consciousness of the true self in Divine unity. 

We need to continue to develop our heart consciousness in order to more effectively use the emotional body and intuitive body through a feeling awareness that heals. We can further our transformation to a heart-based consciousness with meditation, energy healing practices, and many mind and heart spiritual practices. 

All of these practices focus on an observing loving awareness of the infintite true self within the heart in the Spirit.  As we develop our heart consciousness and use this higher feeling awareness to heal, we continue our human transformation toward a unity consciousness.  

Accelerating Energy and Unity Consciousness

Within the last several thousand years, the process of healing the wounded self and transforming to the true self in Divine unity has been a lifetime journey.  Very few persons would make it to the higher levels of a unity consciousness in a single lifetime on earth.  Many have opened to the transformative journey, and healed numerous layers of the conditioned fear-based consciousness, but the core of the duality consciousness often remained.

Transformation to the true self in Divine unity has taken decades of persistence and discipline in meditation, self-observation, and contemplation.  It was only through this long term wearing away of conditioned negative patterns of belief and emotion, as well as a change to a higher mind, that in turn changed the energy of the endocrine and nervous system of the physical body to be able to reflect and experience an infinite nonlocal consciousness.

In the history of human transformation, spontaneous or sudden awakenings do occur, but are usually accompanied by long time frames of integration and periods of plateau before consciousness is elevated to the next higher level.  Often individuals have lived lifetimes being at a new profound peace, yet not the fullness of the human in Divine Being.

We are now in a period at the end of the age where the acceleration of energy is altering the experience of the time frames of transformtion.  As we are completing a 26,000 year precessional cycle, the earth and solar system is aligning with our galactic center.  With this occuring, we are in a window of time where the awakening, healing, and transforming of consciousness is being accelerated by necessity. 

At this time, we no longer have decades of persistent meditation and psychological healing to become our true unified self.  We must awaken, heal, and remember our full multidimensional being in what would have otherwise been an impossibly short duration of time on earth.

We are in the midst of a major shift in humanity from a very constricted conflict-based 3-dimensional consciousness within good and evil, to a unified 4-dimensional consciousness of cooperation, peace, unity, and creativity.  The shift is described in the biblical tradition as the New Heaven and New Earth.  The evolution of consciousness on earth to an integrated 4D will enable humans to live in harmony and to further evolve up to the fullness of 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions, etc.  While transforming to a unity consciousness will enable love and creativity on a new earth, the vibration of consciousness will still remain far below the dimensions of the higher heavens.

The gift of life in this dimension of the physical plane is to express Divine consciousness through the denser vibrations of physicality.  Instead of consciousness almost completely falling into the 3D aspect of the physical, awareness will remain transcendent while expressing within the physical.  We are being led to an opening to a major consciousness change by an accelerating energy that is altering the perception of time.  The nature of time will change at a fourth dimensional consciousness.

The human consciousness on earth is evolving to a heart-based consciousness beyond the duality of the intellectual mind.  Sri Aurobindo called this “the supramental consciousness.”  At this approaching level, humans will be unique expressions of a unified whole.  The nonlocal unity consciousness will be fully intersubjective, intentional, and telepathic.  In this window of accelerated change, we must be willing to let go and heal the totality of the multidimensional self.  The time is now.

The Awakening of Consciousness Beyond Fear

As a greater percentage of humanity awakens to the consciousness of the true self in Divine unity, the fear-based conditioning of conflict and separation is being seen more clearly.  Culture, society, and institutions have operated from the lower vibrational energy of fear, conflict, and separation.

We are entering a time period where the opportunity for a shift to a transcendent consciousness beyond the duality that is the knowledge of good and evil is upon us.  This is a time where personal transformation is becoming more involved in our overall human transformation to our true multidimensional consciousness.  Here, individual and collective intention can open to the power of Divine energy to change human relationships and creative action on earth. 

This is the evolution to our heart-centered being of unity, cooperation, and participation.  Within a unity consciousness, our unique personal beings of free will spontaneously operate from the goodness of the whole. 

The time period of the early twenty-first century, is a time of major change in the vibration to higher subtle energies that awaken the healing and transformation to the true self of infinite love and creativity.  Many ancient wisdom traditions and the emerging sciences point to our time as an opening to higher energy vibrations and consciousness.  The ending of the cyclical Mayan Long Count calendar of 5,125 years in 2012, as well as the 26,000 year precessional cycle, provides insight to our recent understanding of an opportunity for the awakening in consciousness.   Other Native American traditions of the Toltec, Aztec, Hopi, and Inca all have correlations to these cycles of time.

We find similar knowledge in the Eastern spiritual traditions of the Vedas, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Taoist traditions.  We find it in the monotheistic religions and within the esoteric mystical traditions.  It is revealed as the end of the age by Jesus, and the new heaven and new earth in the Book of Revelation.  Twentieth century scientist and mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin describes the shift as the development of the noosphere, and mystic Sri Aurobindo indicates an evolution of humanity to a supramental consciousness. 

As the awakening accelerates, we see the fear-based culture putting more attention to keep levels of the population in a fear conditioning.  We see this especially in all forms of mainstream news media, and entertainment media in television and film.  Within this time of change, we must continue our evolution to the highest vibration of our nonlocal multidimensional consciousness within our three dimensional physical world.  We can express our infinite love and creativity in thought, feeling, and action, and place our attention on experience that attracts and resonates with Divine energy.