Human Transformation to a Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Consciousness on Earth

Transformation and evolution to a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness on earth will be the enlightenment of humanity to the true self in Divine unity.  Humans on earth have been living from a fear-based consciousness of separation and conflict within the first three dimensions of consciousness.  We are now in a time of transition to a fourth dimensional awareness of our true self of love and creativity.

The fullness of human three dimensional life includes the development of the physical sensory system, the emotions, and the intellectual mind.  This is the level of the ordinary mind of the ego.  The mystics have always pointed to a higher dimension of humanity that is the spiritual mind within the heart.  Early twentieth century mystics, Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo both communicated that humanity as a whole is moving toward a noosphere or supramental consciousness.

This higher level of awareness is the evolution of humanity to a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness on earth.  It is a unitary consciousness of the heart expressed within the physical plane on earth. 

Are we now in the time period for an imminent transformation or shift to a new earth humanity living from a unitary consciousness on earth?  And if so, at what pace, or how quickly does the change occur?

Most cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions have pointed to the early twenty-first century as a marker for this shift.  All of this wisdom coincides with the end of a 26,000 year precessional cycle and our movement within the galaxy.  The end of the Mayan Long Count calendar in 2012 provides us a focal point for the transformation and evolution to a higher dimensional consciousness on earth.

Jesus refers to the shift at the end of the age, and the Book of Revelation describes the change as the New Heaven and New Earth.  We also see precessional numbers in the Gospels where Jesus sends out 72 disciples and the 144,000 elect (cf Luke 10:1-12, Revelation 7).

Is the evoltion to a higher dimensional humanity only a steady acceleration of personal transformation, or does it synchronize with an entire dimensional shift of the planet and humanity on earth?  In one viewpoint we each personally evolve to a higher vibration of love and light along our infinite journeys without a complete density shift on earth.  In this understanding humanity makes a relatively long term transition into more unified ways of being.

However, Jesus gave us signs to look for as an indication of the end of the age.  This points to a very specific range of earth time.  He then says that no one knows the hour or day when this will happen, except God alone (cf. Matthew 24:36).  His words can be understood as implying a spontaneous wholesale transformation.

If this is the case, is December 21, 2012 a marker for the twenty-first century time period that points to a wholesale dimensional shift on an exact time that is only known by the Divine Spirit?  It appears that we are in a time of accelerating transformation that will at some time become an entire dimensional shift of humanity on earth.

We are in a time period on earth where human life on the planet is journeying toward a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness on earth.   An evolution to these dimensions is the New Heaven and New Earth where humanity will love and create from the true self in Divine unity.  

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