Intention from Heart and Mind

The action of intention is very different from the action of our will through the physical senses and rational mind.  When we use our mind from solely the physical dimension, we try to force a future outcome by mental effort.  When we use our mind from the heart dimension in the Spirit, we use the disciplined attention to our creation in an easeful manner.  This subtle feeling of peace and joy will allow Divine energy to infinitely organize our intention into physical reality.

When we try to use will power to intend a result it is from our ego consciousness.  The false self ego consciousness develops from our conditioning to the narrow physical domain of consciousness.  This is a duality consciousness that always lives from the past.  By first identifying with the physical, the duality consciousness begins with the present problem and seeks to force a different outcome.  In this use of mind, only the current physical reality is real until another outcome is forced into physical existence.

In the unitary consciousness of the heart, the mind begins with the desired outcome already in existence.  With this way of thought and feeling, the mind is not restricted to only the past as the current reality.  The mind in the heart begins with the intention as the current reality and allows Divine energy and Spirit to infinitely organize information to bring the intention into physical existence.  The understanding that the Spirit manifests the intention into time and space enables us to relinquish the forceful will power.  In its place, we use the discipline and perseverence of intention from the heart and mind with an internal feeling of ease. 

The choice that is our human will is in the attention to the intention, not in any strenuous effort to make a result.  In creative intention, the mental action of the idea emanates from our soul in unity with Divine mind beyond time and space.  Here, we hold the idea or desire in consciousness without any effort to force an outcome through the ego’s will power.  Because our intention “already is” in the nonduality beyond time and space, there is only an ease of placing our attention on the intention within the heart and mind.

Human Being and Consciousness in Divine Unity

The truth exists as a multiplicity within a unitary consciousness.  If our conscious awareness is only placed on the appearance of separation through the most dense level of the physical dimension, we become separated from the true self of love, peace, and creativity.  Our journey of transformation evolves us and leads us to the awareness of our true unity. 

The vibration of consciousness at the level of physical form exists within an unseen unitary consciousness.  When we transform our consciousness to our true self in Divine unity, we are one with the Spirit and all of creation.  We express our nonlocal and nondual unity through form in the physical dimension. 

The omnipresence of God is immanent and transcendent.  Because God is infinite, eternal, and omnipresent, all of creation must consciously realize God from within.  Therefore, we need to know and experience God immanently in order to unite with the transcendence of God.  Thus, transcendence and immanence are two aspects of a single whole.

The conditioning of our consciousness has narrowly restricted us to the physical senses and rational intellect.  This narrow focus forces us to see only external separation in time and space.  Because of our attachment to the physical dimension, we often unknowingly perceive God as only outside.  The experience of outside or external creates separation.

In healing and transforming to our true self in Divine unity, we expand our consciousness to experience the diversity of forms within a unified whole.  The awareness of the infinite can only be experienced within.  To realize our humanity as image of God, we learn that God cannot be found outside.  The beyond time and space dimension of mind, heart, and Spirit are consciously connected to from the interior.

One way of understanding the human-Divine relationship is to look at the relationship of drops of water or waves to the ocean.  Each wave is a unique diversity of the one ocean.  There is no separation between the wave and the ocean.  The wave is the ocean and the ocean is the wave.  However, the entirety of the ocean transcends the wave. 

Our human–Divine relationship is known through the same principle.  We are like the waves of infinite Divine expression in diversified forms, and God is the ocean.  Thus, to know God, we need only look and feel within.  By looking and feeling within, we become aware of the whole without losing our personal participation within the unity.  We find the unitary life of peace, joy, love, and creativity within, and then express it outward in the physical world.

Consciousness Can Transform Life on Earth

We are now discovering the true power of our consciousness to affect physical life and culture on earth.  As humans in Divine unity, we are meant to express truth, goodness, beauty, peace, love, and creativity.  It all emanates from our mind and heart dimensions in unity with Spirit.  The human consciousness in Divine unity and spiritual creativity has been understood by ancient wisdom, the mystics, and the modern New Thought.   

Recently, the sciences are understanding the creative power of human consciousness through subtle energy.  Studies are showing that consciousness significantly alters the earth’s magnetic field at the time of major world events when more humans respond with attention and emotion.  The work of the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton and Heart Math’s Global Coherence Initiative are showing how human consciousness affects our environment in the physical dimension.  Gregg Braden, in his new book Fractal Time:  The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age conveys the human capability to change potential events through a heart-centered consciousness. 

We are now entering a most important timeframe for personal transformation and the evolution to an enlightened humanity.  Many traditions point to this period in time as an important window into a new way of being on earth–including the Mayan 2012 date, the new heaven and new earth of the New Testament, the ancient vedic wisdom, the Hopi tradition, and 20th century mystic Sri Aurobindo’s supramental consciousness on earth.   

If collective human emotion to negative world events has an effect on the earth’s magnetic field, how much more can human consciousness when expressing Divine energy go beyond the duality of good and evil to manifest an enlightened world.  While the journey of healing and transformation to our pure Divine consciousness as image of God requires great desire, discipline, and practice to overcome the mind’s negative conditioning, the truth is humans have the potential to transform to our truth of absolute goodness.    

As multidimensional beings, our time on earth through a physical body enables us to be one with the physical dimension.  Therefore, the earth can change from within through our human consciousness.  With our spiritual being expressing in the physical dimension, we are one with the physical and spiritual, not separate.  As we begin to more profoundly understand our nonlocal and nondual unity with all, we will believe in our ability to change our world through consciousness.

Intention and Feeling

In the process of creative intention, we must feel our thought.  Within all desires and ideas is an inherent feeling.  The feeling is the energy that enables the Spirit’s action of manifesting.  The embodied feeling within consciousness is necessary for the awareness of the desire “already in being.”

The thought and feeling of our intention as “already is” takes place in the heart center.  This dimension of our consciousness is beyond time and space.  Within the heart, we are beyond doubt.  Jesus says,…if you do not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, it will be done for you (Mark 11:23).  Thus, the ability to generate the true feeling of our intention as an existing reality can only occur in the heart.

There is no limitation in our true heart-centered consciousness.  If the required feeling of our intention can only be felt within the heart, what is the essence of the heart that enables the feeling of intention beyond the time and space dimension?  The essence is the love, joy, and peace of God within.  In the heart, there is no fear, only love.  “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thankgiving, make your requests known to God (Philippians 4:6).

We can feel specific qualities of feeling of a particular intention, but the peace, joy, and love of the omnipresent Spirit is primary.  Through our awareness of our unity with the Divine within our heart, we know, feel, and experience the fullness of peace, joy, and freedom.  In calling for our participation in the Divine nature, Jesus says, “come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Action and rest become one in the infinite heart.  The heart emanates the Divine energy of love.  It is through this energy that we feel our desires and intentions as already accomplished.  The nonlocal and nondual heart dimension of consciousness is the key to feelings in the creativity of intention.

The Intentional Divine Human Consciousness

If we do not intend from thoughts at the level of the rational mind or from the nondual stage of mystical consciousness that can be experienced as nonintentional, then what is the consciousness of intention?

The human consciousness of the true self in Divine unity is fully intentional in the Spirit.  The infinite and eternal Divine Being of God is love, which in essence is creative.  Love and creativity are one.  The Divine Being is both perfect rest and infinite action.  Love, truth, beauty, life, light, and creative action is the singular ground of being.  Thus, our heart-centered consciousness of the true self in Divine unity is ultimately perfectly intentional and creative.

The essence of intention proceeds from an originating desire or idea that is imaged as an action, feeling, or experience to be manifested into form.  The result that is initiated by an image in the formless dimension beyond time and space is translated by the Divine into the experience of form in the created universe.  How do we create thoughts or feel without the duality that is attachment and separation of the rational mind, emotion, and senses?

We can only perfectly intend from the highest dimension of the heart in the Spirit expressing through the mind and body.  Within the nonlocality and nonduality of this dimension, we can prototype an originating desire or image.  We can understand our ability to initiate intention as our participation in the Divine idea and nature.  The true consciousness of intention arises from our highest capabilities of imaging desire without thinking or creating images from the rational or intuitive mind.  Sri Aurobindo describes this level as the Supramental consciousness.

When we are detached from all outcomes and doubt within the eternal now beyond time and space, we approach the Divine human consciousness that is free to image and thus create in a whole new way.  In the dimension of awareness where there is no contingency, the Divine mind can freely flow through our being from the infinite into time, space, and matter of the physical dimension.  Creation emanates from the entirely new without any dependence on past results.  Thomas Troward describes this as “principle preceeds precedent.”

Creative intention proceeds from our unitary participation in God.  Troward relates this dynamic essence as the “Spirit’s self-contemplation.”  Sri Aurobindo understands this as the “exclusive concentration of the Absolute.”  Jesus reveals this truth in saying, “Truly I tell you, if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown in the sea,’ and if you do not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, it will be done for you.  So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” (Mark 11:23-24). 

This is our intentional Divine human consciousness.  At this level of consciousness, we are one with God without boundaries, and free to create in that love from the oneness of infinite being to the multiple experience in the physical dimension of the universe.  Jesus says, “See, I am making all things new” (Revelation 21:5).  Therefore, in the consciousness of the true self that is beyond images and concepts, we can image and feel in a new way through the Spirit.

Divine Human Consciousness

Our ordinary reasoning mind is dualistic. This level of our intelligence separates subjects and objects within the physical dimension that is governed by principles of matter and energy that create space and distance.

Although the human mind can initiate vibration that is beyond time and space, it remains attached to the limitations of time and space when operating at its ordinary level of awareness. Thus, our intentional ability of creating through the mind and higher dimensions into the physical dimension only becomes activated when the mind shifts or is transformed to heart-centered spiritual consciousness.

The heart-centered consciousness is beyond images, thought, and concepts. This is our being of the nondual unity of the true self in God. In the Divine unity of the heart consciousness, the mind no longer operates from its attachments to the separate characteristics of the physical band of consciousness. At this level, the power of intention comes alive.

Creative intention flows through a Divine human consciousness. The true self organizes an eternal expression of love, desire, thought, and feeling, and allows the Divine action to create. We can understand the emerging new Divine human consciousness by synthesizing the transformative mystical traditions with the New Thought mystical tradition.

New thought creation does not operate from the ordinary level of the rational intellect. In this awareness, we do not “think” our thoughts as expressions from the reasoning mind. We now “have” our thoughts beyond any time or space conditions.

Our consciousness of Divine unity is often described as the experience of silence, emptiness, detachment from all things, and a nonintentional mind. Robert Forman in his book, Meister Eckhart: Mystic as Theologian puts forth Eckhart’s understanding and experience of mystical consciousness as our ground of being in God where we do not think, feel, or image anything. This is the unitary consciousness of the self in God.

Forman describes Eckhart’s experience as a dualistic state where we live from a perpetual awareness of the true self in God at the same time we are able to think, feel, and act in the world. Here, we are living from both nondual no-thing awareness and ordinary subject-object intentional rational mind and sensory awareness. At this level of consciousness, our action in the world does not disturb our interior peace. While this is an accurate description of our transformed self in Divine unity, what is the role of the human to use intention to co-create from Spirit into experience within the universe?

We have here put forth the understanding that the Divine human consciousness is intentional on a higher plane. This is a more advanced transformation of the Divine human with continual awareness beyond time and space while living within this dimension on earth. It is the discovery that the nonintentional experience of the ground of being is really perfectly intentional. I will explore the nature of the intentional Divine human consciousness in the next post.