The Shift in Consciousness and the Heart Center

As consciousness and energy accelerate within humanity and the earth, it is ever important to open awareness to the heart center, and to make the moment to moment decision to remain in the heart.

In the heart, we open awareness to the true self in Divine unity.  Our true self is a unity consciousness of partnership, love, and creativity.  It transcends the fear-based consciousness of separation, conflict, and ego.

Our fear-based consciousness operates from a restriction of consciousness to only the third dimension.  This restricted awareness is anchored to our first three chakras. The blockages and wounds that form the fear-based ego identity is expressed within the first, second, and third chakra centers.

Thomas Keating, through his work in centering prayer, describes early life wounds in the first three chakra centers as safety/security, intimacy/esteem, and power/control issues. Similarly, wisdom teacher Sri Ram Kaa and angelic oracle Kira Raa describe these as issues of safety, sex, and power formed in density consciousness.  The heart is the foundation of our unity consciousness.  Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa communicate the heart center as the new root chakra in an ascended chakra system of the Divine Galactic Blueprint.

The heart is the center of the unified human being living in a fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness.  In these dimensions, any human activity on earth related to safety, intimacy, and authentic power emanating from the energy of the first three chakras will now be expressed through the heart center in Divine unity.  By this shift in awareness, all human activity moves from being an expression of separation, fear, and conflict, to one of unity, love, and peace.

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