The Shifting Energy of Transformation

We are now in a time where increased cosmic energy and spiritual energy are accelerating a rapid change on the planet and within human consciousness.

As existing paradigms in a 3D world no longer resonate, we are in the process of a birth to a new higher dimensional way of life on earth.  The current transition period of this shift appears to be fast and chaotic as the shift accelerates over the next few years.  From one perspective, there are real challenges on the planet as we move from a denser level of existence toward a higher and lighter equilibrium.

At this point in our transformation, it is very important to begin to make a clear movement to the higher energy that will become the fully organized state of our consciousness.  This will minimize the amount of disruption as earth and human consciousness transforms and evolves to a new dimension.  The time to make a clear decision to live in the higher energy is now.

The higher energy is the vibration of the fully opened heart consciousness.  Because of the rapid change in the current period of transition, we no longer have the opportunity to continue to learn by repeating the dense energy of the lower third dimension. 

The ability to open to an increasingly fast transformation of consciousness is the gift of being on earth during this time in solar system and galactic cycles.  Our free will enables us to either embrace the gift of making a clear choice for living in the higher energy now or deciding that we are not ready.  However, it is clear that the path of a long term and slower spiritual transformation over decades is not an option at this time on earth in the physical dimension.

My hope is that we will all decide to make a clear decision to move into the highest levels of healing and transformation.  Here, we live from the heart in unity with the mind and body within the Spirit.  We live from our true self in Divine unity where we love and create in unity, cooperation, and harmony. 

The decisions that we make now over the next coming months will have a profound affect on our journey over the next few years.  Our decision and perseverance will assist humanity to make the shift to a higher dimensional life on earth.

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  1. I believe that we are definitely in the middle of a shift. One indication that we are in a shift in consciousness is the number of blogs and web sites that have popped up on the internet. I think the energy we set, as you have mentioned, will move us along further on our journey. Thank you for your wonderful post. Namaste, Sherry
    I just wrote a post called “It’s Just Energy” and would love your feedback.

  2. Peter, you sure know how to nail the events and the energy of our time!! Very grateful, and very impressive. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge with us, and here’s to our planetary awakening as we are “Shamanizing Humanity!”

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