Cosmic Energy, The Dimensional Shift, and a New Divine Humanity

We are experiencing a very intense and distinct change in the cosmic energies that are transmitting to us through the Sun and Earth.  We receive energy directly from the Sun and Earth, directly from the galaxy, and as galactic energies that are transmuted by the Sun and then communicated to human consciousness.

Our focus throughout this article is on how humanity interacts with physical/etheric energy in the solar system, galaxy, and cosmos.  This forms one of our key connections with nature and the cosmos.  On a deeper level, our spirit/soul/ body beings are also mediating energy direct from higher beyond space and time realms. Here, our information and consciousness is not dependent on any of the space and time cosmic energies of the physical/matter dimensions.  Therefore, our consciousness operates on these different multidimensional channels simultaneously.  Because our souls are experiencing incarnate life, we must heal, integrate, and harmonize with the physical cosmic energies of the galaxy to which we are also in unity.  The emphasis of this article is to focus on our interaction with the changing information through cosmic energies within the physical/etheric frequencies.

The human heart center is our soul’s interface with the physical/etheric dimension.  Our heart, the Earth’s core, the Sun, and the Galactic core form an energetic unity for our incarnate experience in the dimensional universe.  The heart is the central foundation for mediating the human soul’s higher mind capabilities and the infinite eternal Spirit in Divine unity.

In the evolution and ascension process, we are increasing the heart’s capabilities to transduce much higher dimensional energy than we have experienced in the fear-based 3D consciousness of control, conflict, and separation.  In order to open the heart to its fullest capabilities, we must continually release all mental, emotional, and physical restrictions of the bodymind.  Therefore, the incoming energies can assist the integration of all chakra centers, nerve plexus, and endocrine system glands.  Transformation, evolution, and ascension is a movement of interior information, consciousness, and energy.  It is intentional within the soul evolution as coordinated by the higher self, higher intelligence, and the Divine Being.  However, our interior process also works in coordination with the timing frequencies of galactic and stellar evolution.  This is where the current cosmic energies are coordinating with and assisting our evolution to a new Divine humanity incarnate on Earth.  It is a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness of the true self in Divine unity.

We understand this elevation in human consciousness as a dimensional shift.  While there is a synchronized galactic and stellar evolution, incarnate human consciousness needs to assent to the sequence of an evolutionary leap.  There is much assistance through interdimensional and angelic intelligence, but the dimensional shift must be mediated directly through the multidimensional human in incarnate form.  Thus, with the accelerating changes in our solar system and galactic energies, the timeframe for the unfoldment of  humanity on Earth completing a dimensional shift with the Sun and Earth is not specifically delineated.  We are definitely within a dimensional shift window and huge changes will occur for humanity and the Earth regardless of the exact level of shift that manifests. However, humanity must play its role in working for the Divine plan to bring a clear universal shift into a new Divine humanity living a fifth dimensional and above unity consciousness on Earth.

Notwithstanding the timing of the dimensional shift and the coming new Divine human, we are currently in the midst of an important change in the galactic and solar cycles.  We have seen these signs in solar system warming and the increasing activity of the Sun’s solar flares and CME’s over the last few decades.  Today, we see a potential increase with the possibility that the Sun’s eleven year change of magnetic field may develop into four poles as the field of the Sun’s Northern hemisphere is reversing much faster than the Southern hemisphere.

There are several factors that can give us insight into the sequence of the cyclical sequences of galactic evolution. One manifestation is the solar system entering a more active interstellar dust cloud in our orbital path around the galaxy. These particles may penetrate the heliopause, which is the reach of the Sun’s solar wind that keeps many incursions of interstellar dust outside the solar system. With a greater degree of dust entering, the energy and information between the Sun, Earth, and human consciousness is changing frequency.

Next, we have our solar system alignment with the galactic equator which occurs according to the Earth’s 26,000 year precessional cycle.  This provides us with a more direct infusion of cosmic rays from the galactic center or core. These rays of charged particles are in the form of infrared, light, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays. All of these rays are part of the information and consciousness evolution. While it is important that we learn and remember these larger galactic and cosmic cycles, the infinite complexity of the exact sequencing is beyond the current levels of the human mind. We will be better able to discern this information as we evolve to our higher dimensions of mind in the spirit.

Another galactic cycle that we need to understand is the periodic galactic superwave. The understanding of galactic superwaves has been developed by the research of Paul Laviolette. Using astronomy, ancient Egyptian, many other esoteric systems, the sciences, and ice core samples, Laviolette has theorized superwave expansions of energy that emanate from the galactic core and move throughout the edge of the galaxy approximately every 15,000 years. These waves push interstellar dust into the solar system which greatly affects the Earth’s climate in terms of ice ages, heating, and floods.  The dust affects the levels of light and heat from the Sun, as well as impacting the Sun directly causing increased solar flares. At times of great change in the solar system, Earth’s climate is in a flux of cooling, warming, magnetic field change, and seismic and volcanic activity.

The galactic superwave, moving at the speed of light, is seen as a large bright blue light in the direction of the galactic center. The visual of the superwave may relate to the Hopi prophecy of the Blue star which heralds the time of great change. We find knowledge of galactic cycles, Earth changes, and shifts in human consciousness within all major esoteric, spiritual, metaphysical, and prophetic traditions throughout our recent twelve to thirteen thousand year history.

Interestingly, Laviolette was able to determine that the Earth had higher levels of cosmic dust and coolings around 3,200 BC. This date is near the beginning date of 3,114 BC of the current 5,125 year Mayan Long Count calendar which recycles on the winter solstice of 2012.  The cosmic energies around 3,200 BC may have occured from a relatively smaller superwave than the wave that ended the last ice age over 15,000 years ago.  This coincides with Jose Arguelles understanding of a galactic synchronization beam which has been evolving us through 3D mechanical time to a 4D synchronic time of telepathic unity consciousness.

Thus, we see information being exchanged at the physical/etheric level through the light and sound spectrum of the cosmic energies.  We are also being influenced by the Sun, Earth, galaxy, and cosmos through higher dimensional subtle energies beyond the physical and etheric level.  These levels of energy are communicated to our higher dimensions of soul and spirit without being reduced to physical cosmic energies.

We have the opportunity to evolve and ascend our incarnate being to higher dimensional levels of consciousness.  The timing of the galactic and cosmic forces through their interaction is helping us remember, reorient, and transition to higher harmonic levels of our being of love and creativity.  This transformation is a spirit, soul, and body evolution.  We are moving to a less dense and more harmonic patterns of matter and higher dimensions of our soul as experienced through the spirit in unity with the body.  We will reach the true freedom of the human being of our own interior consciousness technology of telepathic communication, teleportation, and harmonic levels of heart, mind, and body creativity.

As we continue to reunite with nature, we restore our consciousness of infinite loving being and we remember our connection to the greater cosmos of intelligence. It is our choice to do the work of healing, transforming, evolving, and ascending to realize our true higher consciousness within incarnate being. May we continue to embrace the cosmic healing energies, and use our consciousness to resonate with our true being and to unite with the Divine, in order to flow with the evolution to a new Divine humanity on Earth.

The New Human Being of the Divine Cosmic Galactic Mind

We are in the midst of an evolutionary shift to the next stage of human consciousness in incarnate form on Earth.  Within this shift to a new consciousness, humanity is experiencing a transformative movement to a whole new reorganization of our multidimensional spirit, soul, and body beings in the physical body.

This evolution includes a complete harmonization of our energy system of the physical bodymind, an evolution beyond the egoic 3D levels of mind to the higher dimensions of unitive consciousness, and a descent of the Divine mind to create the full expression of the new Divine human.  The new human being on Earth, which has been described by Sri Aurobindo as the “supramental consciousness,” is what we are currently understanding as a transition to a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness.  When we describe the new consciousness in dimensional terms, we are describing a change in information, consciousness, and energetic frequency that is existing within the physical/etheric domains of the universe.  Higher frequencies of spiritual consciousness beyond the physical/etheric express in unity within the physical/etheric frequencies.  We are experiencing an evolution to a Divine humanity as experienced in incarnate form on Earth within physical/etheric energy.

Earth incarnations exist within a much greater evoltionary system of other incarnations, and within a soul evolutionary system that is beyond incarnate experience. It is all part of a dynamic spiraling of infinite being and consciousness.  Along the infinite continuum, higher dimensions of the cosmos exist at a purely energetic level beyond physical/etheric organization (This is beyond what we are describing as the new Divine Earth humanity), and then beyond into dimensional spiritual realms. 

What we refer to as fifth dimensional consciousness is a spectrum of spirit and soul energies that can unite within the physical/etheric bands such as in our experience within this solar system and throughout the galaxy. Therefore, this current transformation to a new Divine humanity is part of a natural change to human incarnate experience on Earth.  

Various solar and planetary systems go through a timing sequence of stellar and planetary evolution.  This includes all planetary matter and ether–mineral, plant, and animal life, and intelligent human life which serve as vehicles for human soul evolution.  The information and consciousness that determines different ways of planetary and life evolution is coordinated by intelligence at higher domains as part of the Divine Being.

Human evolution beyond the current heart, mind, and body systems that we know as Homo Sapiens occurs with a precise sequencing of solar and Earth evolution.  In order for humans to evolve to a stage of being that is the new Divine Humanity, the Earth (including the atmosphere, electromagnetic field, and noosphere), the Sun, and the Galactic frequencies, are also evolving with human consciousness in synchronistic timing.

Human evolution now directly coincides with Earth evolution.  Within the last five to six thousand years of human experience on Earth, human consciousness has inharmoniously separated itself from the unitary physical/ether level of our Earth environment.  This separation through a fear-based system of external conflict and control has created energetic restrictions within our bodymind. 

In the physical plane, the body, emotions, and mind function in unity.  In current human culture, we have been conditioned in a separation from our bioenergy and nature.  In the 1930’s, Wilhelm Reich began a modern understanding of the consciousnesss of the bodymind through the development of his body-oriented therapy.  He utilized “character analysis” to release the energy restrictions manifesting as “character armour,” and “vegetotherapy” to release the same energy restriction manifesting as “body armour” (somatic muscle restrictions, i.e., forehead, chin, chest, diaphragm, abdominals, and pelvis).

In our present evolution and ascension to a new Divine Humanity, Reich’s work points to the importance of the free flowing harmonic movement of our bioenergy at the level of the physical body, emotions, mind, and ether.  This is our unification with nature and represents the deeper healing of our lower chakras which is necessary to evolve to a higher mind and align with a supramental consciousness.  Our natural bioenergy is a continual inflow and outflow of expansion and contraction.  This movement is a natural harmonic tension and discharge of energy.  The harmonic of expansion and contraction is the freedom of expression of our love and creativity in the Earth dimension.  When we restore the bodymind back to its balance of energy, any of our secondary defense mechanisms for releasing blocked energies within our incarnate body and mind will disappear.

All of the restricted energies at the somatic and egoic mind level result from negative emotional encodings and beliefs within our bodymind that exist from childhood, intergenerational transmission of information fields, and past lives.  These codings have occurred in human consciousness because of the fear, conflict, control, and separation system that has inhibited the true self in divine unity. 

The deeper healing of all the bioenergic systems of our bodymind will enable the full capacity of our heart consciousness to transduce, transmit, and express the full loving power of higher dimensional frequencies.  Without the full restoration of our harmonic expansion and contraction of bioenergies that express to a great degree through our lower chakra centers, the heart cannot anchor in the tremendous spiritual energy of higher domains.  As we release the restrictions of the bodymind, anchor in the full potential of the heart, and develop all our higher dimensions of mind (telepathy, teleportation, cellular regeneration, etc.), we will ascend through a descent of the supramental consciousness.  We become the realization of a new Divine Humanity.

In addition to the modern body-oriented therapies and somatics begun with Wilhelm Reich’s work, there are other healing systems and pathways that also focus on the full restrictions of the bodymind that is necessary for a deeper level of healing.  The Taoist Esoteric Yoga path is one of the more intact ancient systems for balancing the total energies of the bodymind vehicle.  This knowledge has been recently brought forth in the works of Mantak Chia.  Fragments of knowledge that can help us heal the bodymind frequencies in this time of transition exist within many esoteric traditions.  Some include the ancient Egyptian, Hindu, esoteric Christian, Sufi, Kaballah, earth-based shamanic paths, i.e, Incan, and many esoteric and metaphysical paths that include crystal healing and sound healing.

Our evolution and ascension to the new Divine Human being is now a simultaneous healing of the bodymind level, opening heart consciousness, and evolving Divine mind capabilities.  This human evolution is taking place in unity with Earth evolution.  Both the changing Earth frequencies and an emerging Divine humanity will open this solar system and incarnate Earth humanity to a larger connection and communication with other solar systems and intelligence that operate at the next level of intelligent evolution within the physical/etheric planes of the cosmos. 

Intention, Energy, and Healing Modalities in the Evolution and Ascension of Human Consciousness

Discovering the proper relationship between the intention of the inner mind and heart, and the resonance with outer energies is an important step in the evolution and ascension of humanity.

Ultimately, all healing, change, and manifestation occurs through a change of information in the mind in unity with the heart.  Only the human mind–the unconscious, intuitive mind, and higher self can change the information and energy from one conditioned state to the free choice of another expression.  All healing modalities, including talk therapies, body therapies, sound healing, energy healing, meditation, and/or any outer assisted process can only assist the soul, heart, and, mind to change consciousness, information, and energy which translates into forms of emotional codings, beliefs, decisions, and actions. Throughout this article, we will examine the integral relationship of how any exterior modalities may assist the inner soul technology of the human being to evolve to a unity consciousness and new level of being.

If all evolution and transformation of consciousness occurs at the mind, soul, and spirit domains of the multidimensional human, what effect does the awareness or assistance of external energies at the physical level of consciousness and body have in the transformation process?  Is the external ritual only an outer active component that has no direct effect on the inner actions of the mind and heart, or does the external energies or ritual play another role in assisting consciousness?  It is clear that the external energy cannot change human consciousness in and of itself.  A major pitfall in the consciousness journey is to fall into the subtle trap that the modality is responsible for the healing.  So the question arises, is the external energy or ritual just an anchoring point for the mind and heart to conduct its purely internal process of change, or is there a more direct effect of the ritual without it being the cause of transformation?  The outer support of the real energy of the modality has a direct effect through resonance by neutralizing the interference patterns that form the restricted energy of negative emotional blocks conditioned by fear, conflict, control, and separation.

By neutralizing the interference patterns and supporting the body, soul, and spirit with a higher energy resonance, it is easier for the spirit and soul through the heart and mind to heal the blockage and change consciousness through the intention of information.  Thus, the outer ritual or modality has a very real effect in the intentional process without directly causing the change.

In order to evolve to a new incarnate being of a fifth dimensional consciousness in Divine unity, we must heal all of the restrictions at the bodymind level.  This is a very deep level of healing that includes a full freeing of all the lower chakra energies.  Throughout history under our current level of conditioned being, many spiritual and esoteric traditions have focused on developing the higher level of mind in the spirit without truly freeing all levels of the bodymind.  We can find this knowledge among fragments of many ancient traditions, as well as more recent twentieth century integrations of modern Western psychology with the mystical traditions. However, the difficulty of healing all restrictions in the bodymind still persists.  An example of one ancient tradition that has maintained a high level of cohesive knowledge of the full energetic healing of our physical and mind being is the ancient Taoist esoteric yoga tradition. We will need to integrate the more comprehensive fragments with new understandings of how intention and healing modalties can completely heal the energetic restrictions within our biopsychicspirit being in order to evolve to the next level of humanity.

The total bodymind level of healing will restore the human being to its freely functioning soul in unity with the body.  The conditioned bodymind currently develops from fear-based culture in childhood development, intergenerational transmission of emotional encodings, past life, and entire soul history.  This complete level of biopsychic healing is necessary in order to bring in the full capacity of the heart to transmit Divine energy in the incarnate form.  The strengthened capacity of the heart to transmit higher dimensional energy will assist the continual tranformation of the current human mind to a higher capable multidimensional mind.

The threefold transformation stages as described by Sri Aurobindo are helpful for us to characterize the further development of our evolutionary and ascension pathway.  Aurobindo delineated three stages of psychic transformation, spiritual transformation, and supramental transformation.  The first two stages of psychic transformation and spiritual transformation could occur in conjunction with each other in preparation for the human ascent and Divine descent of the supramental consciousness into the human incarnate form.  For Aurobindo, the “psychic transformation” is a total change to our core being of a soul instrumentation.  We understand this to be the total unrestriction of the bodymind unitary system as well as the full awareness of our human being as an eternal evolving soul.  The total healing of the physical and emotional aspects of our incarnate being is part of the psychic transformation stage as described by Aurobindo.

In Aurobindo’s understanding, the “spiritual transformation” stage is a move beyond our current conditioned egoic mind to successive stages of the higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind, and overmind. With the transformation to the overmind, the human spirit, soul, and body is now ready to evolve to the third stage of a “supramental transformation.” The supramental transformation is the evolution to a Divine human incarnate on earth.  This is a fifth dimensional and above human with total interior consciousness capabilities of telepathy, teleportation, harmonic regeneration, creativity, and unconditional love.

Now that we have taken a look at the overall evolutionary view of our total transformation, let’s return to our discussion of the relationship of intention, energy, and healing modalities in our transformation.  This relationship mainly applies to the first stage of “psychic transformation.”  To some extent it overlaps into the second stage of “spiritual transformation.” At this point in our journey, the energetic assistance of the modalities as a help to our intentional consciousness is necessary because we are healing and transforming from within our energy restricted condition.  Once we have completely transformed the bodymind to a free psychic being, the interior consciousness of intention through mind organization of information and energy can generate and manifest all creativity, action, and love in the world without external modality assistance. With this understanding, we can see how truly foundational the full healing of our biopsychic being is in order to operate from the next evolved level of human being on earth.

When we make changes and manifest from our intentional consciousness as we are still in the healing stage of “psychic transformtion,” we are using the higher mind to organize and manifest intention.    Here, we use the mind and body to feel and know the outcome as already in existence.  Through this level of higher mind, we can enable the inner mind to heal energetic blockages in the bodymind and manifest creatively in our action in the world.  However, the level of higher mind is still working along with the egoic dualistic mind until we have evolved to full psychic transformation. It can heal and manifest in specific situations, but is is far from an unrestrictive and global creativity and manifestation.

Only through a healing of all timelines, negative emotional codings, childhood wounds, past life, and soul history conditioning can the pure power of the intentional mind be exercised through the incarnate human being on earth.   This level of total heart-centered intention through Divine mind is intrinsic to the unitary consciousness of the human being.  The feeling and thought centered intention of the current human mind while vitally important for our transformation, is nowhere near its full capabilities of the overmind.  Therefore, in our level of “spiritual transformation,” we are transforming the operating system of the current human mind to an entirely new system.  This is Aurobindo’s progression from the higher mind, illumined mind, and intuitive mind to the overmind.  Once at the overmind, an new operating system is in place to receive the supramental mind.  The level of the supramental mind is our true self in Divine unity living its full expression in incarnate form on earth.

This is our journey to a heart-centered fifth dimensional unity consciousness.  A better understanding of the proper relationship of intention, energy, and healing modalities in our healing stages within the psychic transformation and spiritual transformation stages will further our evolution as we align with the shifting energies to evolve and ascend to our true Divine unity on earth.

Heart Consciousness: Pure Intention and the Full Awareness of Negative Energy Without Attachment

As we continue to proceed in our healing and transformation to a heart-centered unity consciousness, we become more aware of our choice in thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, and actions.  We understand that heart consciousness, which utilizes the full capabilities of the mind and body, is intentional.

It is our intentional consciousness of spirit and soul that expresses as information and feeling states through the mind and body that manifests healing and our creative action in the world. The level of our unified harmonic flow from the heart of our spirit, soul, and body being enables a given experience of the level of the true self in Divine unity that we energetically express through our multidimensional being.  Our spirit through consciousness, intention, and energy expresses in a unified continuum of soul, heart, mind, and body.

The human true self is fully creative and solution oriented.  It is our love, unity, peace, and joy in harmony with others, nature, the dimensions of the cosmos, and infinite spiritual realms.  Therefore, any fixation on any negative beliefs, emotions, and energies is not the full expression of our true nature in Divine unity.  The perpetual heart-centered being is the new multidimensional human incarnate on earth that we are evolving and ascending toward as incarnate souls and as a unified humanity.  We see the understanding of our intentional consciousness within fragments of many of the ancient esoteric systems, as well as more recent spiritual and scientific approaches.  Some examples include Taoist, Essene, Biblical, New Thought, HeartMath, and numerous other traditions that understand the nature of human creative intention through the consciousness of information, feeling, and action.  In order to help put the understanding into action there are ways of prayer, meditation, and many methods of feeling intentional consciousness in heart, mind, and body.

 However, in order to heal at deeper levels we need to balance the truth of our full intentional capabilities with the radical awareness of negative restrictive energies within our bodymind, as well as the actions of negative cultural systems of fear, conflict, control, and separation. These systems express through materialistic scientific paradigms, government, religions, the educational system, entertainment, negative frequency conditioning, energy, agriculture, artificial control of the environment and biology, etc.

Thus, evolving and transforming is an ever rebalancing of our deeper awareness of how the lower energies separate us from our true self of pure love and creativity, and the pure intentional awareness of only our high states of being.  We are making a shift toward only attention in pure loving, creative, and joyful intention in experience, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, and actions.  However, we still need to have an awareness of the deep rooted inharmonic restrictions within our conditioned consciousness and the world cultural systems.  Healing at this level is a balance of our intentional awareness with a full freeing of our biopsychic being to reveal the original Divine human blueprint. As we successfully seek this balance, we will heal to levels that will support the full capacity of our heart and all our interior communications capabilities of the Divine mind in the heart such as telepathy, teleportation, etc.

The ability to exercise pure intention and maintain an awareness of lower energy states still existing in the world will enable a true compassion and empathy for the challenges of others and the very real restrictive energies that have infiltrated the human condition on earth for thousands of years.  The ability to make others aware of these energies without our falling into a participation or manifesting them will assist others in their healing, transformation, and evolution.  Our goal is to move with the shifting cosmic energies to go beyond the lower level dualistic consciousness to a unity consciosness of the true self in Divine unity.

This is a time to continually place more awareness on the truth of where we are moving toward an expression of only higher or more harmonic frequencies of energy, love, joy, creativity, peace, etc. while also being more aware of how the inharmonic frequencies have conditioned restriction of energy and inner conflicts within our incarnate being.  It is also important to be more aware of how the fear-based conflict, control, and separation system operates through culture in the world.  In doing this, we can open to the next level of healing and transformation of the human being that can support the alchemical transformation of time, a new heaven and new earth, the noosphere, and Sri Aurobindo’s description of the Divine descent of a supramental consciousness within human incarnation and the divinisation of matter.

The Next Level of Healing Body and Mind in the Evolution to Heart Consciousness

We are moving toward manifesting a new level of healing the body and mind.  This deeper level healing will truly enable the soul embodiment of heart consciousness.

We are using the term “heart consciousness” here to convey a very high level of human transformation to the true self in Divine unity.  Heart consciousness incorporates the physical body and the Divine mind in the spirit, soul, and body being of incarnate humanity on earth.

As we move throughout 2012, the current dynamic phase of the dimensional shift in consciousness will support the development of the next level of body/mind healing.  The healing of the body and mind at the deepest levels is necessary in order for the heart to be upgraded and elevated in the human incarnate being to its full capacities.  We must be able to anchor the full ability of the heart center to handle the flux of higher dimensional light and Divine energy.

Throughout the last few thousand years of humanity,  there has been a history within the spiritual, esoteric, and consciousness traditions of a threefold path of transformation.  Some brief examples include the three ways of Christian mysticism and esotericism–the purification way, the illuminative way, and the unitive way, and in alchemy we have the three ways of inner change, outer change, and the transformation of time.  One of the most insightful illuminations of the threefold way in modern times was communicated by Sri Aurobindo.  He described a triple transformation of psychic transformation, spiritual transformation, and supramental transformation.  The supramental transformation includes the full transformation of the human to express the Divine life on earth and the divinisation of matter.  This can equate to the noosphere or a fifth dimensional and above humanity and earth.

Throughout the past few thousand years, humans have been able to heal and transform through the first way of the threefold path by a lifetime of meditation, psychological healing, and spiritual practice.  For the most part, the next level of healing of body and mind is within this first way.  Aurobindo stated, “there must first be a psychic change, the conversion of our whole present nature into a soul-instrumentation” (The Life Divine). This means that the frequency and oscillation of the body and its energy system must be unrestricted and free flowing to the extent that the heart center can fully receive and express the Divine light and energy.

At this time, we must seek to build awareness, understanding, and potentially some modalities that will enable a greater percentage of humanity to heal at this depth so as to anchor in the full capacity of heart consciousness.  We must translate into action within the natural grounded life of incarnate living greater capabilities for more of humanity to reach the level of great mystics, avatars, and enlightened beings.  In our transformation, evolution, and ascension, we are moving toward the supramentalisation of Aurobindo which is the full embodiment of a Divine human consciousness on earth.

The challenge that we face is to heal our biopsychological system to the level that the fullness of spiritual and supramental transformation proceeds to the true self in Divine unity of the new human on earth.  The ability to assist the psychic transformation of our whole being is most likely to be found in synthesizing the understanding of the human energy system–frequency, vibration, oscillation, the chakra system, sexual energy, the etheric, orgone, chi or prana, and light as sound frequency in the more dense levels of consciousness in matter.

Within the incarnate human being, heart consciousness organizes the expression of the Divine mind through the human in this reality of experience.  The heart is central to our love, knowledge, and creativity of the true self in Divine unity on earth.  When the human being is fully grounded on earth with the full capacity of the heart, the heart consciousness operates through the higher chakras that express the higher mind, supramental mind, or Divine mind. As in transforming to the true capability of the heart center, the heart must mediate the Divine mind through a transformation of the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal gland so as to receive and transmit cosmic information through the heart’s intelligence.  With a free flowing biopsychic energy system, heart consciousness, and the Divine mind, humans can use their interior technology in telepathy, teleportation, cellular regeneration, unconditional love, and creativity.

If we desire to know who we truly are as human beings on earth, it is time to truly understand the depths of healing required to support the fullness of our heart consciousness and all the capabilities of the mind.  May we continue to seek new understandings of this level of healing as we are supported by shifting dimensions, energy, and consciousness.       

Heart Consciousness: The Full Embodiment of the Soul in Bodily Form

In order to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we need to fully embody our spirit and soul within the physical incarnate body.  We open to the experience of the highest levels of the true self in Divine unity by living from the consciousness of the heart.

What has been understood as the “mystic” consciousness throughout the last several thousand years of history is our natural human incarnate consciousness that is our multidimensional being of a unified spirit, soul, and body.  Because human beings have been immersed and conditioned within a false fear, conflict, control, and separation systematic program of consciousness during these thousands of years, the mystic consciousness for the most part has been understood as a spiritual state beyond the natural life of the human being in the incarnate form on earth.  In truth, the mystic state of consciousness is our natural soul/body being unencumbered by thought forms, negative emotional encodings, and all disharmonic frequencies that inhibit the pure joy, fluidity, and harmony that is the goodness of life as Divine wisdom, love, and creativity.  Therefore, we express our true divine consciousness when we live unarmored, no longer attaching to the restrictions that block our pure dyamic and harmonic energy flow within our multidimensional being.    

In this time period of healing, awakening, evolving, and ascending of humanity through a dimensional shift, it is more accurate to describe this consciousness as “multidimensional” and no longer as “mystical.”  This is because ascension to a higher consciousness is in the “here and now” and not a reaching for a “transcendental beyond” level of consciousness.  The human being fully incarnate on Earth, living from the true self in Divine unity, is an infinite nonlocal being.  While we are a soul participating here in this form, we are meant to embody our whole infinite being.

Thus, we are shifting the perspective of the term “mystic.”  In heart consciousness on Earth, we are not seeking a transcendental spiritual supernatural state.  We are opening to the infinite Divine consciousness fully in our bodily life on Earth.  Therefore, a completely whole human being lives what has been historically understood as the “mystic state” as a natural experience in the here and now.

What do we mean by a natural experience in the here and now?  The primary quality of the multidimensional self is its fluidity and freedom of the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.  Consciousness as physical information and energy and consciousness as non-physical information and energy unites in one free flowing continuum.  Thus, even though consciousness in the physical form is of a lower density, there are no restrictions to the emanation and expression of higher dimensional energies and nondimensional spiritual energies.  Therefore, the multidimensional human is fully free in the body and fully free at the nonlocal awareness on Earth and throughout the cosmos.  This is the ultimate truth of the human being living in the consciousness of the heart.

Living from heart consciousness enables the physical body to maintain a free harmonic vibration.  At the unrestricted vibration, the body and mind oscillates at the unified frequency.  In the human incarnate state, the heart is the center of consciousness with a base harmonic vibration of 8Hz.  This heart coherence level synchronizes the mind’s resonance at 8Hz which is the interface of the theta/alpha EEG frequency.  At this level, the lower dualistic thinking mind harmonizes to allow the higher unitary functioning mind to operate within the heart.

In order for the full opening of the heart in coherence with the higher chakras of the throat (5th), third eye (6th), and crown (7th) of the body/mind, the heart must anchor to the root chakra and all the way to the core of the Earth.  This is why the lower three chakras, root (1st), sacral (2nd), and solar plexus (3rd) of bodily life must be unrestricted.  Only with the free flowing energy of the lower chakras can the heart connect with the Earth’s core.  Thus, the heart center unites in two directions simultaneously from the 3D perspective–1. It connects to the infinite cosmos and spiritual realms through utilizing the fully free higher chakras of throat, third eye, and crown, and 2. It connects to the Earth’s core through the fully free root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.  From the root, we connect through the Earth chakras to the Earth’s core, and from the crown, we connect through the higher spiritual chakras to the cosmos.  Therefore, the going “in” becomes the going “out.”  Within the heart, we go within the Earth, which continues going within the sun, galaxy, universe, and infinite spiritual realms.

The “inside” and the “outside” are one.  This unity can only be apprehended by seeing all from within.  For the human being, this “within” center is the heart.  Once within, all restrictions and false energies relinquish enabling the “outside” to be in unity with the “inside.”  From the heart, we go within the earth, sun, galaxy, cosmos, and within the source of all.  We have always been this infinite and eternal unity.  When we awaken, transform, and evolve to our free flowing connection along the full dimensional and density continuum, we experience and express our true self in Divine unity.  In awakening to who we truly are as multidimensional being in Divine wisdom, we understand the fullness of this expression of love and creativity is always available in all the various forms that we participate in throughout the universe.

All of our capabilities of interior consciousness technology of the higher mind consciousness in the heart is part of our entire being that exists in bodily form. When we live from the true self, we fully live from the soul within the body.  We are transforming to our highest levels of consciousness within the body.  Thus, all the highest levels of spiritual consciousness are natural to our unitary spirit, soul, and body being.  As we continue to awaken to our true multidimensional self, we will live the fullness of all our consciousness capabilities through the full freedom of all our dimensions of spirit and soul in bodily unity.  May we seek to awaken and remember the true multidimensional self on Earth.

The Dimensional Shift Beyond the Mayan Calendar Transition

As we near the completion of the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar, it is important that we use heart-centered awareness to discern the true harmonic frequencies of love and creativity from the false fear, conflict, control, and separation frequencies.

With the ninth wave completion on 10/28/11 and further awakening on 11/11/11, the full informational and energetic structure of unity consciousness is available through the earth, solar system, and human consciousness.  While this potential was never totally lost, many thousands of years of conditioning in dense negative frequencies necessitated an energetic correction process.  The energies from the galactic center, the sun, higher dimensional and angelic assistance has enabled this energetic evolution for the earth and humanity.  The timing of the natural solar and galactic cycles have been used to elevate frequency and awaken humanity to their true multidimensional being in incarnate form.

However, with the ending of the current phase as understood by Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, the harmonic manifestation of unity consciousness is not yet activated.  It will only become fully activated through a dimensional shift which is a dimensional ascension.  Therefore, critical work in our transformation, evolution, and ascension must occur after the completion period of the Mayan Calendar transition.  In biblical revelation, the ending of the age occurs “in the blink of an eye” where the exact date and time is unknown.

The work that humanity must do is to fully disconnect consciousness from the false matrix of fear, conflict, control, and separation.  In doing so, we are remembering, reawakening, and recognizing who we really are as multidimensional beings in Divine unity.  Within this unity, we recognize our relationship with each other, the larger family of intelligent beings, and all of creation.  We are of Source, free, and loving creative beings of spirit, soul, and body exchanging information and energy using our interior consciousness technology.

This is the time of choice that the Hopi and many other sacred traditions have referred to in their prophecy.  We can awaken to our true humanity of 5D consciousness and above, or we can remain in 3D which in the current shifting energies will turn into a negative 4D that is ever more horrifically dehumanizing than the current 3D world.  There is no choice to stay in the consciousness of the world as we have known it for thousands of years–the basic energy organization, vibration, and frequency is changing.  What is still to be determined is how the energy will shift for the human collective incarnate on earth.

While we are evolving to a fifth dimensional humanity within a 5D earth, we do not yet understand the exact mechanisms of how this process transitions.  Thus, through our consciousness, we must continue to approach it through choice and energy flux, and not from a deterministic viewpoint.  While we know that it is moving to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness, we must approach the work of its continuing transition from a point of view of free choice.

In order to exercise this free choice both personally and for humanity as a whole, we need to discern from a heart consciousness.  In this process, we are being assisted by ET, interdimensional, and angelic beings.  But we must do the work to connect to the true self of our being.  All the answers to our knowledge, understanding, transformation, and ascension are within our heart center.  By going within, we are connected to our infinite nonlocal self.  By reconnecting to the spirit/soul/body self, all knowledge can become manifest.

With all of the truth within, we need to shift our frequency to align with our true self in Divine unity.  In this transformational and evolutionary process, we are awakening and establishing dormant information pathways and raising the capacity of our higher frequency vibration to be able to express higher dimensions of light.  As we do this through spiritual practices, meditation, healing, etc., it is helpful to be more fully aware of the false frequencies that have been invading all of 3D life on earth for thousands of years.  This false grid of inharmonic frequency resonates fear, conflict, and egoic polarity consciousness in the human being.  They pervade all of life–religion, politics, economics, media, food, water, air, music, television, and all forms of entertainment.  As we become more of our true self in heart consciousness, we are better able to discern our infusion within these negative frequencies as we raise our own vibration.  Therefore, we can use our free choice to minimize our exposure as we are aligning our energy and consciousness with fifth dimensional and above energy.

First and foremost, we must do our inner work.  As we do this, we must be careful not to get caught up in the tremendous amount of information, misinformation, and disinformation.  The Hopi identify this feeling state in saying “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”  Nobody is shifting humanity on earth to a fifth dimensional consciousness for us.  When we understand that our own heart-centered consciousness and inner technology is what drives our evolution and ascension, we will truly open to the guidance and support we are receiving from our greater galactic and spiritual family.

When we truly commit to knowing that our inner work of consciousness is how we successfully shift to the fifth dimension and beyond, our partnership with other beings that have always been with us will be revealed.  Outside information is still very important.  However, we are to allow it to come to us, not to use our mind dimension alone to search to figure out how it all works.  We will know and understand, but we will get there from a higher domain of heart and Divine mind consciousness. 

As we move beyond the evolutionary corrective energetic of the nine consciousness waves, let us become aware of the fullness of the complex energetic mix of frequencies that have been the human experience on earth.  May we become more aware of the false frequencies that have intervened in our world, and focus our energy on being the true heart consciousness within. 

Heart-Centered Knowledge in the Time of Shifting Dimensions

There has never been a time where so much contradictory information and disinformation is changing on a daily basis, even among sincere seekers and thoughtful persons who desire an evolving humanity to a higher consciousness.

While all types of information can assist our awakening and evolutionary transformation to a fifth dimensional consciousness, if the information does not resonate with your heart consciousness, then the information is being used knowingly or unknowingly to distract.  The activity of using information to activate both the first three chakras and the 3D level of the thinking mind creates a lower density vibrational frequency of fear and negativity.  We will find truth only within the frequency of the heart in the harmonic multidimensional human being.

We are in a time where we must open to the heart and reside within its wisdom.  Only in the heart, will we open to the higher dimensions of mind and greater knowledge of our multidimensional being, the universe, and dimensionless spiritual realms.  At this point in the dimensional shift, it is vital to go beyond the attachment to the fear, conflict, and control resonance.

That means we can learn and take in as much outside information as we can handle if it does not take us out of heart consciousness.  If the pursuit of thinking, knowledge, and understanding pulls us away from a heart-centered vibration in the Divine love and creativity, we must re-center and balance within the heart.  This time is all about establishing a new balance in the heart. 

As we move through the transition phase into the dynamic phase of the dimensional shift, we are being guided to a more inner wisdom where the mind’s reliance on outside information does not assist the heart resonance in the way it once did.  It is a shift to truly looking for the answers from within the heart of our being, instead of waiting primarily for outside information to understand what is happening in the dimensional shift. 

This does not mean that we eliminate outside information.  It means that we use it only based on synchronistic experience, spiritual guidance, and when it is in service of the heart.  Thus, it is not a question of the pursuit of a great quantity of outside information or no outside information at all.  Rather, it is a change in the state of consciousness that determines how we discern the way we seek and input the information into our transformation to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness.

The danger in the current information climate is when it perpetuates a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  May we become more discerning through our bodily, feeling, and heart consciousness in how we use and follow outside information.  In this way, we will resonate and further develop into a heart-centered unity consciousness of a fifth dimensional humanity on earth. 

New Energy in the Dimensional Shift

We are now entering an important time period in the heart of the transition phase of the dimensional shift.

My last blog article discussed continuing to choose heart consciousness as we move through this transition phase.  The choice to remain in the heart is vital for our evolution and transformation as we journey toward the beginning of the dynamic period of transformation and ascension in a few months time.

Within the past week, we are receiving and opening up to very high frequency energy via hyperdimensions, the galactic center, and the transformation of these frequencies through the solar system.  This energy at the solar system level is primarily reflected to us from the increasing m-class and x-class solar flares and coronal mass ejections.  While the subtle and physical spectrum energies of the sun do not reflect all of this incoming energy, much of this energy is processed by the earth and the human consciousness and body from the sun’s manifestation.  We connect with this energy through the earth and our resonance with the higher dimensions of our multidimensional being. 

The energies that are coming in present us with a dramatic new feel.  They have provided another increase in time acceleration, as well as assisting the physical body to tranform to a higher density vibration.  There are many ways that the physical body is responding to the changes in DNA and the cellular level–many of these are classified in lists of ascension symptoms.  One way that the body is responding to changing frequencies is by requiring lighter food.  This is part of the transformation of the body to a faster vibration and less dense form of matter.

As the new energy is coming in, it is combining with other major consciousness frequencies on the planet.  This includes the earth’s resonance through natural earth change activity, the information of false 3D and 4D fear and control systems, the overall level of human consciousness vibration, and assistance from extraterrestrial, higher dimensional, and angelic beings.

All of this interaction is resulting in a paradoxical mix of both a centered calm and a dynamic unsteady awareness.  We cannot be certain how these energies will move and integrate over the next several weeks.  This time period represents the core of the transition period of the dimensional shift.  How these energies integrate still depends greatly on our conscious and soul level personal and collective choice.

In whatever way these energies integrate and manifest on the earth and within humanity, we need to be heart-centered and open to our continual healing, evolution, and transformation to the true self in Divine Being.  It is also best to be prepared if the mix of current consciousness and energy manifests in more earth changes–earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, etc.  May we successfully ride the waves of the new energies as we heal and evolve to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness.

Heart Consciousness and the Next Wave of the Dimensional Shift

We are now in a time where the Earth energy is accelerating to its next level of vibration along the pathway of the dimensional shift.  The next three months, August through October are a critical juncture in both earth ascension, and human awakening and evolution to a fifth dimensional consciousness.

This is a transition period in our human transformation to unity consciousness.  The months of March through June represented the first phase of this transition period.  The high frequency energy received by the solar system from the galaxy in July has moved us directly into the main stage of transition which will occur until November.

The transitional phase represents a much more spontaneous opportunity for awakening, healing, and transformation.  The years 2008-2010 were a time of choosing the path of accelerated healing.  During this time, we were able to chart pathways of practice and healing modalities that would accelerate us toward a heart-centered unity consciousness.  Prior to the accelerated choice period begun in 2008, healing and evolution were much more of a slow grinding process over many years of work.

Now that we have moved from the first part of the transition period into the main sequence of transition, we must heal and stay within the heart as we are guided on a daily basis.  The key to the transition time is to keep bringing your focus into the heart.  In this way, your pathway of awakening and evolution will be directly furthered by the higher self, higher dimensional guidance, and spiritual assistance.

In this process, the multidimensional capabilities of the mind as organized by the intelligence of the heart are emerging.  From here on forward, human planning, choice, and action will ensue from a unity of multidimensions.  No longer will the reasoning egoic action of the 3D mind be the sole determiner of choice, decision, and action. 

This is why the pathway of healing and evolution is now taking on a different tone.  The choices of awakening, learning, and healing are being moved more by our expanding multidimensional awareness.  During the time of transition,  humanity’s choice to awaken to a heart consciousness in Divine unity is still available.   What is different is that the frequency of the choosing consciousness now operates from a higher earth-based and galactic frequency. 

In addition to the more spontaneous choice of human consciousness of heart-centered healing in this time of transition, it is also vitally important to become aware of the false 4D frequencies that are working to slow the Earth ascension and human evolution to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness.  The false light works to maintain fear and control frequencies through a dense low vibratory consciousness grid.

The fear, conflict, and control system affects all Earth systems and human institutions, i.e., earth changes, climate, governments, economic systems, education, media, and entertainment.  This system of the controllers is embedded within the larger galactic evolution, solar and planetary cycles, and earth human soul evolution.  The unveiling of its actions is becoming more apparent because of the present earth and human dimensional shift.  As the dimensional shift is proceeding into its transitional phase, it is becoming ever more important to be aware of the false 3D and 4D matrix.

Within the past twenty-five years of the dimensional shift in consciousness, we have been in a preparatory phase of understanding the shift through spiritual, ancient wisdom, metaphysical, cosmological, galactic, 3D fear and control systems, higher dimensions, ET and interdimensional beings, angelic beings, and consciousness and energy healing modalities, etc.  Now, the purpose of the transitory phase is to prepare us to shift to a “how to” phase that will be part of the dynamic stage of the awakening and shift into the fifth dimension on earth.  

The remainder of the transitory phase and the beginning of the dynamic stage is a period of significant challenge in awakening, healing, and transformation.  The opening to true multidimensional being will enable many to evolve their consciousness so that humanity can make it through the turbulence of the fear-based 3D and 4D forces attempting to impede human choice in aligning with the dimensional shift to a unity consciousness.

Thus, as we continue through the next few months of the main stage of the transitory phase, we need to focus on being heart-centered and becoming more and more aware of all the frequencies and vibrations that are active in our current dimension.  May we all seek to follow the unity, harmony, peace, and creativity of our true multidimensional self in Divine unity.