Soul Evolution Along the Dimensional Continuum

We often find two opposing views on the existence or role of the current fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation in our human soul journey on Earth. One view seeks to avoid the true depth of the negative disharmonic in human earthly experience by only seeing light without the full awareness of the dark, while the other view deems the good and evil duality as necessary for learning, growth, and evolution. We aim to provide a more encompassing and comprehensive view of our soul evolution in order to move beyond these incomplete ideas.

The present fear-based aspect of our consciousness and culture has been part of humanity for at least the last five to six thousand years.  This consciousness separates humanity from its awareness of unity with nature and Divine Being.  The true self of our spirit and soul in incarnate bodily experience is pure love and creativity in Divine unity.  A more detailed understanding of human origins with regard to ancient civilizations, advanced consciousness and energy technologies, extraterrestrial/interdimensional interaction, higher dimensional life, and the Divine plan can give us more insight into why our current humanity is immersed in a 3D egoic consciousness on Earth.  However, the complexities of the details of this larger context are too involved to be handled in this article.  Some of this information gives us more knowledge and understanding of galactic, cosmic, stellar, and dimensional evolution, as well human soul evolution and the evolution of human consciousness in incarnate form.  Some levels of understanding continue to be a mystery to the current capabilities of the soul and mind in bodily form.

For the purpose of this article, it is clear that the existence of human fear, conflict, control, and separation is a part of every soul’s current experience and healing journey in human incarnate form on Earth prior to an overall dimensional shift in consciousness. These inharmonic frequencies are experienced within personal consciousness, through interconnectivity with the inharmonic frequencies of others in the world, or in combination.

Because of the nature of how the 3D mind encodes emotions and beliefs, we are now understanding that we must shift our consciousness to our true soul and spirit being that is our pure unconditional love in Divine unity. While this is true, a complete healing of all restrictions of the bodymind, as well as a human evolution to a higher dimensional consciousness, will only take place by a human recognition of the true nature and extent of the conflict culture.  Thus, seemingly paradoxical, we can only focus on light if we fully acknowledge the dark that has infiltrated the human incarnate experience on Earth.  Therefore, the first incomplete position is to know of the dark, but not fully acknowledge its true reality in human incarnate experience.

The other incomplete view expounds the necessity for a contrast between the light and the dark in order for growth and evolution to occur. This view believes that the soul can only evolve into truth and love through a perpetual struggle of making choices of good or evil, fear or love. The view of needing duality mistakenly believes that souls can only grow through the inertia of error and false conditions.

Since we are still within the 3D fear-based egoic consciousness, it is true that our souls are evolving by this incredibly difficult and complex soul journey of healing traumas and expanding consciousness.  This is all part of the gift of life as experienced in certain dimensions of the cosmos.  Therefore, this awakening, healing, and transforming from disharmonic frequencies to our true harmonic as loving beings united in creativity is foundational to our soul evolution.

However, it is part of a much larger context of elevating the nature of the incarnate experience on Earth.  The dark and light duality is a very low and dense way of learning.  We are here to develop our soul’s experience and full capacity to express its love by evolving our consciousness beyond the error of fear, conflict, control, and separation.  As part of our present soul evolution, we are also here to evolve the entire nature of how souls will experience and learn within Earth incarnations.  We are moving to a new Divine humanity on Earth that is beyond the low density good and evil duality consciousness experience.  For example, we see this understanding in the supermind and supramental consciousness descriptions of Sri Aurobindo, the noosphere, and the fifth dimension and above frequencies of unity consciousness.

The idea that soul evolution only takes place within the current experience of good and evil on Earth is not accurate.  In a 4D, 5D, and above consciousness, learning continues through infinite free will choice of love, creativity, joy, harmony, and peace.  Love and creativity is endless, forever seeking a deepening inexhaustible joy, peace, and harmony.  The variety of learning and harmonic patterns of unique interactions in unity is infinite.

So while we are still healing and evolving within the current fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation on Earth, we are not held back or inhibited by a false belief that dark and evil is a universal necessity for soul growth within incarnations.  It is only one element of learning and evolving at a certain level which happens to be part of the last several thousand years of experience on Earth.  Our mission of soul evolution is to move beyond this level to our true incarnate being of Divine unity. Let’s seek to grow by awakening and becoming aware of our true condition on Earth, to heal the traumas and restrictions of the duality experience, and to move beyond the duality to usher in a whole new level of soul evolution on Earth. This is the new Divine humanity of a higher dimensional incarnate experience of soul growth through the infinite depths and heights of the experience of a heart-centered unity consciousness.

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