Meditation and the Transformation of Consciousness

In the last several posts, I discussed the development of our creative ability to intend from a heart-centered consciousness. I looked at the way that healing trauma and opening to the Divine light increases the strength of the action of intention. In this understanding, meditation is an awareness and experience of the infinite Divine presence that is beyond time and space.

The study and understanding of our human multidimensional consciousness in Divine unity is important, but these principles can only be truly understood through the experience of the practice of meditation. The regular practice of meditation elevates the vibration of the human heart, mind, and nervous system. In order for meditation to transform our consciousness, it must become a way of life.

Many spiritual, healing, creative, relational, and social practices assist our transformation. However, because our sensory system and rational mind operate on a narrow range of consciousness, only an attentive practice of meditation can provide a shift to our nonlocal and nondual consciousness. This is the heart-centered consciousness of the true self in Divine unity. We may at times open to a spontaneous experience of the infinite consciousness of the true self, but a transformative change to a higher vibration will only usually occur through a consistent meditation practice.

Many spiritual traditions have various meditation practices to open to the infinite and eternal light within the heart. Along my journey, I use heart-based meditation practices that include centering prayer which is based on the author of The Cloud of Unknowing and the writings of Thomas Keating. In this type of meditation, we open to the presence of God within by using our observing consciousness of the nonlocal and nondual heart.

I also practice the Prayer of the Heart which opens to the light of Christ within the heart.  In addition, I use a scientific approach to our heart dimension with the practices of HeartMath.  The practices focus the inner attention on the peace and joy of the heart which creates a vibrational resonance with the mind and body.

As the practice of meditation continually shifts our awareness to the heart center beyond time and space, we will be able to more effectively love, create, and intend. We will express the infinite love and creativity within the dualistic dimension of the physical.

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