Healing Emotions on the Way to Divine Consciousness

While our emotional system is part of our lower nature of thinking mind, vital (emotional), and physical, the feeling of emotion is vital in our soul’s journey of transformation.  Insights, meditations, activations, energy healing, etc. all contribute to our awakening, evolution, and transformation of our human consciousness on Earth, but feeling our wounds of emotional encoding is paramount in the releasing of our ego consciousness.  We make the most progress when we feel our emotions undefended from the numerous ego defenses of distraction that keep emotional pain from full conscious awareness

Divine Human Awareness beyond Thinking Mind and Emotional Energy

The Divine soul in multidimensional frequencies and its emanation as human incarnate is a soul-body of knowing and feeling.  Both knowing and feeling ultimately form a oneness of awareness.  The Light mind in unity with the heart is the soul’s knowing.  The body in unity with the heart, is the soul’s Divine feeling.  Knowing and feeling are direct free flowing awareness.  They emanate from love and creativity.

Knowing knows in the infinite now, needing no memory, conditioning, or templates.  This is different from the thinking mind’s development from conditions and input.  The thinking mind is a censoring, screening, and reactive cognitive means to experiencing life in a limited duality consciousness.  It is born of a defensive conditioning.  It is never in spontaneous direct experience—it is always skewed in its evaluation of the present moment experience.  Emotional energy is the same way—reactive to a stimulus and in its conditioning of encoding responds to present moment experience with its programmed reactions.  Divine feeling directly interacts with the Divine being, joy, and creativity in all of life.  It is harmonic, connected, and pure in love.

When we awaken to our true soul nature embodied in physical form, we will transcend the reactive emotional system.  We will live in the true essence of affect which is Divine feeling.  However, in our journey to Divine consciousness, we must not bypass the emotional energy that is a part of our current lower egoic consciousness.

The Key is to Feel Emotion

The only way to our Divine consciousness on Earth is to clear and release our emotional wounds of our soul from early life, birth, perinatal, ancestral, and past life.  This emotional energy is the pain and fear that limits our true being of love and creativity.  It is not about re-living content and searching for mental insights or answers, but is rather the feeling of emotional energy.  The feeling of the energy is the key to learning and releasing emotional wounds.

While there is no shortcut to genuine feeling of emotional energy that has become conditioned in our body-mind system, we need to proceed with some direction in our transformation.  Here, we must generate a clear outcome of what we intend—how we want our life to be.  With this clear intention, the mind, heart, and soul knows where to search for learning and releasing impediments within our soul history—early childhood, birth, perinatal, intergenerational, and past life.  The actual manifestation of change occurs within an instant.  But these spontaneous moments of change are accompanied by the willingness to feel unresolved emotions and clear all the false self-serving motivations and actions in the ego consciousness that developed through emotional wounds.

Thus, along the journey we are open to feeling emotion without ego defenses, but also maintaining a clear direction of our intent.  Without direction, the unresolved emotion carried by the human being from its soul history and human generations is virtually infinite.  If delved into without direction there would be no end to processing fear and pain.  Therefore, we acknowledge healing and transformation come through processing our feelings with the knowing that we are moving beyond them to an infinite Divine awareness that is lived in the physical.  May we be willing to feel and clear our emotions to be our soul essence of Divine love and creativity on Earth.

The Shifting Energy of Transformation

We are now in a time where increased cosmic energy and spiritual energy are accelerating a rapid change on the planet and within human consciousness.

As existing paradigms in a 3D world no longer resonate, we are in the process of a birth to a new higher dimensional way of life on earth.  The current transition period of this shift appears to be fast and chaotic as the shift accelerates over the next few years.  From one perspective, there are real challenges on the planet as we move from a denser level of existence toward a higher and lighter equilibrium.

At this point in our transformation, it is very important to begin to make a clear movement to the higher energy that will become the fully organized state of our consciousness.  This will minimize the amount of disruption as earth and human consciousness transforms and evolves to a new dimension.  The time to make a clear decision to live in the higher energy is now.

The higher energy is the vibration of the fully opened heart consciousness.  Because of the rapid change in the current period of transition, we no longer have the opportunity to continue to learn by repeating the dense energy of the lower third dimension. 

The ability to open to an increasingly fast transformation of consciousness is the gift of being on earth during this time in solar system and galactic cycles.  Our free will enables us to either embrace the gift of making a clear choice for living in the higher energy now or deciding that we are not ready.  However, it is clear that the path of a long term and slower spiritual transformation over decades is not an option at this time on earth in the physical dimension.

My hope is that we will all decide to make a clear decision to move into the highest levels of healing and transformation.  Here, we live from the heart in unity with the mind and body within the Spirit.  We live from our true self in Divine unity where we love and create in unity, cooperation, and harmony. 

The decisions that we make now over the next coming months will have a profound affect on our journey over the next few years.  Our decision and perseverance will assist humanity to make the shift to a higher dimensional life on earth.

Meditation and the Transformation of Consciousness

In the last several posts, I discussed the development of our creative ability to intend from a heart-centered consciousness. I looked at the way that healing trauma and opening to the Divine light increases the strength of the action of intention. In this understanding, meditation is an awareness and experience of the infinite Divine presence that is beyond time and space.

The study and understanding of our human multidimensional consciousness in Divine unity is important, but these principles can only be truly understood through the experience of the practice of meditation. The regular practice of meditation elevates the vibration of the human heart, mind, and nervous system. In order for meditation to transform our consciousness, it must become a way of life.

Many spiritual, healing, creative, relational, and social practices assist our transformation. However, because our sensory system and rational mind operate on a narrow range of consciousness, only an attentive practice of meditation can provide a shift to our nonlocal and nondual consciousness. This is the heart-centered consciousness of the true self in Divine unity. We may at times open to a spontaneous experience of the infinite consciousness of the true self, but a transformative change to a higher vibration will only usually occur through a consistent meditation practice.

Many spiritual traditions have various meditation practices to open to the infinite and eternal light within the heart. Along my journey, I use heart-based meditation practices that include centering prayer which is based on the author of The Cloud of Unknowing and the writings of Thomas Keating. In this type of meditation, we open to the presence of God within by using our observing consciousness of the nonlocal and nondual heart.

I also practice the Prayer of the Heart which opens to the light of Christ within the heart.  In addition, I use a scientific approach to our heart dimension with the practices of HeartMath.  The practices focus the inner attention on the peace and joy of the heart which creates a vibrational resonance with the mind and body.

As the practice of meditation continually shifts our awareness to the heart center beyond time and space, we will be able to more effectively love, create, and intend. We will express the infinite love and creativity within the dualistic dimension of the physical.

Transforming from Separation to Unity

The conditioning of the fear-based consciousness and culture results in an ego consciousness of conflict and separation. This ego consciousness is encoded in the earliest years of life in the physical body through the energy and information of prior generations, the consciousness of the family system, and the overall culture.

Because of the nature of our early awareness of the world and our true being of relationship and connection, the mind cannot prevent the identification with sensory, emotional, and intellectual attachments that form the restricting ego consciousness of separation. As a result we forget our heart-based consciousness that is our true self of multidimensional unity. Because we are no longer aware of our unity consciousness, we develop a feeling of lack which the ego consciousness is a defensive adaptation.

The ego attempts to fill this feeling of something missing from the outside-in. Unfortunately, by its very nature the ego is doomed to continue to receive separation and disunity. To the awareness of the fear-based ego, it is caught in a paradox in which it cannot see.

When the ego tries to fill the negative feeling by seeking to cause relationships and material possessions to feel unity, it is actually reinforcing its feeling of separation. Its very efforts to try to control the outside world in order to feel connected is an expression of its fear and conflict. In order to awaken to our true unity, we need to enter the heart within. Our heart-based consciousness in Divine unity is our wholeness. From this awareness, we can intend, create, and allow relationships from a world in which we are already connected.

The blindness of the ego consciousness perceives the seeking of unity within as an isolation or alienation from the connection and unity we desire. In truth, when we seek unity from without, we experience separation from others, and when we open to our unity within, we experience unity with others. The difference is that the ego consciousness feels fearful, negative, and empty, whereas the true self heart-based consciousness feels peace, joy, and love.

We must experience our unity consciousness in order to be effective creators of our destiny in the world. If we continue to live from the ego consciousness that feels lack, then that is what we will see reflected in our world and reinforced in our awareness and feeling.

The transformative journey of transcending the ego consciousness to realize the heart-based consciousness and being is a process of awakening to our true self in Divine unity. Our true self works from wholeness and love to create abundance, further healing, and mutually self-giving relationships. The path of transforming is growing awareness through becoming aware of the thoughts, emotions, and actions of the ego. This awareness is cultivated through meditation, self-observation, and practice in the activities and relationships of daily life. As we awaken, remember, and shift to our unitary consciousness of the heart, we understand and experience that our desire and longing for real unity only arises from our awareness and feeling from within our consciousness and being.

Human Support Beyond Ego

In our ordinary fear-based consciousness, there is a persistent conflict, control, and separation in human relationships. Even when we cooperate in personal, business, and social relationships, there is always some level of self-centered interest as long as we remain in this dualistic consciousness.

The fear-based dualism becomes our ego personality that is drawn into and participates in a perpetual conflict to satisfy needs from a perception of lack. The reality of this consciousness is anxiety, fear, worry, inefficiency, inequality, and alienation. At present, human culture conditions a certain level of cooperation that agrees to maintain the fear-based ego consciousness of self, culture, and society.

Therefore, our relationships, participation, and cooperation are never fully supportive because of the self-centered interest of the ego personality. By transforming to a heart-based consciousness of unity, we open to a true participatory, cooperative, and partnership relationship. Within this consciousness, relationships are no longer under conflict, control, and separation. They experience peace, love, and creativity.

The unitary consciousness of the heart supports the other in a way that the others interest, goals, and desires are not separate from one’s own awareness. The self-giving affirming support of the other is the same as one’s personal self-interest. Here, the self does not take pride or attach to the gifts or accomplishments of the other, but rests in the joy of our inseparable connection with each other.

The mutual self-giving of the unitary consciousness of the heart is love. If we were to shift from a conciousness of conflict to the freedom of love, we could create infinite abundance for each other. Jesus says, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Our own self-interest is served by being one with the self-interest of others. We all form a single nondual unity as a multiplicity of unique persons. When the Dalai Lama was asked what persons had inspired him, he responded by saying he is inspired by every human person he meets.

It is time that we learn from and support the gifts of all persons that we have the opportunity to connect with in our daily lives. As our consciousness is transformed, we must no longer allow the conditioning of fame, wealth, attention, and status to impede our openness to support and learn from the gifts of all our relationships. We communicate as a community of being with others through the senses, emotions, feeling, intellect, and nonlocality of the heart. Thus, we will realize our inseparable unity, participation, and communion with all human beings.

A New Vision of Transformation in the World

The quest of this blog will be to express a new way of living through the transforming self in the world. I envision authentic transformation to the true self of love in seamless harmony with our deepest desires to create infinite potential. The joy of loving relationships, play, and unlimited creativity is our gift as human beings. Our goal as we journey is to create the clarity of this vision.

We will accomplish this in two ways–1. Developing continual ways of transforming practice that move us beyond the negative inertia of fear and into the heart, and 2. Revealing this way of the mystic life as the normal human life path on earth. My hope is to convey the true challenges of transforming from our ego personality to the true self of love and creativity while illuminating a joyful pathway in the world. The vision extends us beyond the conditioning of a fear based consciousness and culture.

I will use observations, experiences, and insights to help bring the inner vision into a concrete reality. In doing so, I will draw upon books, films, entertainment, daily experiences, human relationships, and the creativity of work. While I will attempt to limit theory and philosophy, at times I will provide insights of mystics, philosophers, and scientists. Our effort here will be to see the vision in a more practical, simple, and tension free way. You can find greater insights into my model of transformation, multidimensional anthropology, and the integration of the spiritual traditions and the sciences in my website and books.

The intention of the blog is to help bring the new vision into focus. As this occurs, transcendent union and earthly joys will no longer be understood as an “either/or” choice, but as a “both/and” experience. The unity of mystical transformation and spiritual creativity is our true being in divine union. As we proceed along the journey, the vision will emerge.