Heart Consciousness: Transforming to the Light Mind and Divine Body

Only from within heart consciousness can we transform to the Light mind of intuitive knowing and doing.  A Light mind of pure knowing and action that brings infinite love and creativity into this dimension is needed to enable the Divine to fully express in the physical frequencies of consciousness.  In this article, we will discuss the role of the Light mind in embodying the Divine infinite consciousness within the physical body on Earth.  We will describe the Light mind as frequencies that transcend the consciousness of the physical body, emotions, thought, and etheric energy, yet remain as a slower oscillation of the Divine for the purpose of incarnate experience.  Thus, the Light mind is not our full expression of our soul and spirit being of Divine infinite consciousness.

However, the Light mind is vital in experiencing and expressing the Divine infinite consciousness within the physical body consciousness of matter.  The transforming of the dualistic thinking mind will not occur without the awakening and recognition of what we term “heart consciousness.”  The consciousness of the heart is the awareness that we are an evolving soul, a psychic being, and a nonlinear and nonlocal multidimensional being.  The shift to heart awareness brings our consciousness to its center which enables a profound recognition of the unity of all life.  From heart consciousness we experience our essence and expression of love and creativity.


Transforming the Fear-Based Conditioning of Mind and Body

Heart consciousness is the opening to transforming the fear-based consciousness that is the conditioning of the lower thinking mind, emotional energies, and their expression in the physical cellular consciousness.  The fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation, occurs from the thinking mind operating system of the human mind.  The mind closely interfaces with the physical body, but also transcends the physical frequencies of matter.  However, we are not directly our mind.  The mind is an organizing system for experiencing the soul and spirit incarnate life in the body.  The human Divine nature is a Divine infinite consciousness of spirit expressing as soul.  Heart consciousness is our awareness within the body to awaken and ascend to Divine consciousness, and embody the Divine within the physical body.

It is paramount that in order to embody the Divine infinite consciousness in the physical, we must transform the current thinking mind to a knowing Light mind.  The fear-based thinking mind uses the brain’s fight, flight, and freeze systems. These systems operate through the limbic and hind brain.  The reactions to this dense encoding process utilize the basic emotional energies.  The mind’s conditioning of the trauma response with the emotional energies effect the freedom of the Divine infinite consciousness within the body.  The restrictive energy remains within all physical systems of the body which effect the harmonic flow of cellular regeneration.  Because of the fear-based operating system of the thinking mind and accompanying emotional system, the human exhibits a shock response that restricts, anchors, and does not easily relinquish high arousal energies of the nervous system.  Therefore, this mind loop continually replays past frozen states of energy that are conditioned through the body’s chemical and cellular system.

The current 3D human incarnation of limitation is experienced from the thinking mind and emotional systems through this conditioning of the body.  With this mind and emotional system in place, the human cannot ground and live from Divine infinite consciousness in the body.  The true human being is an infinite Divine consciousness of freedom, harmony, love, and creativity.  In order for the Divine infinite consciousness of love and creativity to fully express through our incarnate being, we need to transform to a new mind.  This is a move beyond the fear-based analytical thinking mind to the knowing Light mind that organizes consciousness and intention beyond thought.  In fact, the Light mind also organizes consciousness and intention beyond emotion.  Here, the Light mind unites with the soul’s feeling experience through the body.  This level of bodily awareness is a totality of feeling that combines interior and exterior sensation.  The freedom of creative intention that is the Light mind is pure knowing and feeling.


Beyond the Thinking Mind to the Mind of Light

We must transform the inharmonic frequencies of the lower nature of the thinking mind, emotional energies, and their imbalanced effect on the physical cellular consciousness in order to embody the Divine infinite consciousness in the body on Earth.  The awakening to heart consciousness is our center of awareness where we are evolving the mind to a higher frequency mind of Light.  The changing of the mind’s operating system works in synchrony with the transformation of DNA, the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the cellular consciousness of the physical body.  In this way, the body will be capable of experiencing, expressing, and responding to life on Earth in harmonic resonance with the Divine consciousness.  This is the embodiment of the Divine through all levels of our being.  Thus, the unity of all levels is the fullness of heart consciousness as Divine unity.

The awareness of heart consciousness allows us to awaken our unlimited infinite being which enables the change of the mind’s operating system.  The awareness and change only occurs from the interior of consciousness.  All external frequencies through the material world using the five senses, thinking mind, and emotional energy can guide us on our journey, but the transformation of mind and embodiment of Divine consciousness can only occur through an awareness that is beyond this level.  The practice of meditation is the only sustained way to shift from the thinking conditioned mind to the knowing Light mind.  In this way, anchor in heart consciousness and restore awareness to our nonlocal and multidimensional being.

The awakening of awareness to the higher mind enables us to move beyond the analytical thinking mind and conditioned emotions by releasing the fear that keeps the energy restricted.  Meditation consistently oscillates the brain frequencies in alpha and theta range.  These frequencies relate to consciousness being more harmonic and in the flow of knowing, love, and creativity.  While consciousness can change at any moment in the present of now, it is mainly the persistent inner work of the meditative awareness, self-observation, and inner feeling that evolves the consciousness frequencies of energy in the body.


Light Mind as an Organizing Field for Divine Consciousness in the Body

For humanity to live the Divine infinite consciousness in the body, we must evolve the operating system of the mind.  This change will fully enable the evolution to a higher capable nervous system in unity with heart, higher frequency DNA, and a harmonic crystalline body.  We fully organize our awareness of heart consciousness in the body when we heal all trauma conditioning and evolve from a dualistic analytical mind to a mind of light.  The Light mind is the organizing field of information frequency that mediates the Divine infinite consciousness in the physical dimension of experience.

Our Divine consciousness is nonlocal and multidimensional.  It is unlimited and beyond time, and exists at once on Earth, the solar system, galaxy, universe, multidimensions, and infinite spiritual realms.  It is a being of loving, knowing, feeling, and creating.  When the soul and spirit is incarnate in the human physical body, the Light mind is the organization field for Divine consciousness to experience multidimensionality in the physical consciousness vehicle of the body.

Through the Light mind, which opens from the full power of the heart, our consciousness can communicate telepathically, locate in teleportation, regenerate in harmonic cellular consciousness, and creatively manifest intention.  The Light mind is so finely in unitary resonance with our Divine infinite consciousness that ultimately the mind appears to seamlessly emanate our spirit of Divine consciousness through a physical body.  The evolving embodiment of the Divine in the body is the fullness of heart consciousness.

Meditation and the Transformation of Consciousness

In the last several posts, I discussed the development of our creative ability to intend from a heart-centered consciousness. I looked at the way that healing trauma and opening to the Divine light increases the strength of the action of intention. In this understanding, meditation is an awareness and experience of the infinite Divine presence that is beyond time and space.

The study and understanding of our human multidimensional consciousness in Divine unity is important, but these principles can only be truly understood through the experience of the practice of meditation. The regular practice of meditation elevates the vibration of the human heart, mind, and nervous system. In order for meditation to transform our consciousness, it must become a way of life.

Many spiritual, healing, creative, relational, and social practices assist our transformation. However, because our sensory system and rational mind operate on a narrow range of consciousness, only an attentive practice of meditation can provide a shift to our nonlocal and nondual consciousness. This is the heart-centered consciousness of the true self in Divine unity. We may at times open to a spontaneous experience of the infinite consciousness of the true self, but a transformative change to a higher vibration will only usually occur through a consistent meditation practice.

Many spiritual traditions have various meditation practices to open to the infinite and eternal light within the heart. Along my journey, I use heart-based meditation practices that include centering prayer which is based on the author of The Cloud of Unknowing and the writings of Thomas Keating. In this type of meditation, we open to the presence of God within by using our observing consciousness of the nonlocal and nondual heart.

I also practice the Prayer of the Heart which opens to the light of Christ within the heart.  In addition, I use a scientific approach to our heart dimension with the practices of HeartMath.  The practices focus the inner attention on the peace and joy of the heart which creates a vibrational resonance with the mind and body.

As the practice of meditation continually shifts our awareness to the heart center beyond time and space, we will be able to more effectively love, create, and intend. We will express the infinite love and creativity within the dualistic dimension of the physical.

Meditative Awareness and the Heart Consciousness of Intention

In the last post, I discussed how our healing journey of trauma releases the Divine energy of intention. Now, I will describe the importance of the practice of turning our attention to the interior of our heart.

We look within to access the higher frequencies of the Divine light that is beyond thinking, words, images, and concepts. By consciously stilling the lower frequencies of the body and mind, we open to the heart consciousness of Divine light that is beyond time and space. This is the practice of meditative awareness.

In a new vision of mystical transformation and creative intention, we transform to the heart-based consciousness of the true self through the depth healing of trauma and the creative action of intention. This path incorporates simultaneous healing of trauma and the meditative practice of opening to the infinite light of consciousness.

This way integrates the mystical traditions and the more recent transformative traditions that place more attention on the intentional creativity of the true self. The way emanates from the core of intention while recognizing the need for the depth healing of the wounded consciousness and the practice of opening to the Divine energy of the transcendent heart consciousness. In order to truly intend from the heart, we are always reducing trauma within our multidimensional being and increasing the light of consciousness in Divine unity.

As we transform ever closer to the true self in Divine unity, we are able to use the mind from within the heart to intend from beyond time and space. When the mind operates from the heart consciousness, it can form thought beyond the duality of the thinking consciousness of the mind. Therefore, intention proceeds by the prototypes of thought forms only when within the observing consciousness of the heart.

Our heart dimension is a nonlocal and nondual unity conciousness of infinite being, communion, and creativity. Because we have been conditioned to operate from primarily the sensory and rational bands of consciousness, the consistent practice of meditative awareness is needed to shift our awareness to the heart in Divine unity.