Divine Human Consciousness

Our ordinary reasoning mind is dualistic. This level of our intelligence separates subjects and objects within the physical dimension that is governed by principles of matter and energy that create space and distance.

Although the human mind can initiate vibration that is beyond time and space, it remains attached to the limitations of time and space when operating at its ordinary level of awareness. Thus, our intentional ability of creating through the mind and higher dimensions into the physical dimension only becomes activated when the mind shifts or is transformed to heart-centered spiritual consciousness.

The heart-centered consciousness is beyond images, thought, and concepts. This is our being of the nondual unity of the true self in God. In the Divine unity of the heart consciousness, the mind no longer operates from its attachments to the separate characteristics of the physical band of consciousness. At this level, the power of intention comes alive.

Creative intention flows through a Divine human consciousness. The true self organizes an eternal expression of love, desire, thought, and feeling, and allows the Divine action to create. We can understand the emerging new Divine human consciousness by synthesizing the transformative mystical traditions with the New Thought mystical tradition.

New thought creation does not operate from the ordinary level of the rational intellect. In this awareness, we do not “think” our thoughts as expressions from the reasoning mind. We now “have” our thoughts beyond any time or space conditions.

Our consciousness of Divine unity is often described as the experience of silence, emptiness, detachment from all things, and a nonintentional mind. Robert Forman in his book, Meister Eckhart: Mystic as Theologian puts forth Eckhart’s understanding and experience of mystical consciousness as our ground of being in God where we do not think, feel, or image anything. This is the unitary consciousness of the self in God.

Forman describes Eckhart’s experience as a dualistic state where we live from a perpetual awareness of the true self in God at the same time we are able to think, feel, and act in the world. Here, we are living from both nondual no-thing awareness and ordinary subject-object intentional rational mind and sensory awareness. At this level of consciousness, our action in the world does not disturb our interior peace. While this is an accurate description of our transformed self in Divine unity, what is the role of the human to use intention to co-create from Spirit into experience within the universe?

We have here put forth the understanding that the Divine human consciousness is intentional on a higher plane. This is a more advanced transformation of the Divine human with continual awareness beyond time and space while living within this dimension on earth. It is the discovery that the nonintentional experience of the ground of being is really perfectly intentional. I will explore the nature of the intentional Divine human consciousness in the next post.

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