Accelerated Healing in Support of the Light Body

As we move into 2011, the earth is receiving an increasing consciousness and energy vibration through our position in the galaxy.  This is enabling an acceleration in the process of healing in support of the awakening and transformation to the light body.

The light body is the human ascension to a unified spirit, soul, and body consciousness.  It is the mystical consciousness of the higher dimensional light described by the mystical, metaphysical, esoteric, and spiritual traditions throughout our past 13,000 years of our history and before.  These traditions include, but are not limited to, the ancient Egyptian, Kaballah, mystical Christianity, Eastern Christian hesychasm, Sufi, Vedic, Tibetan Buddhist, Taoist, Western alchemy, Mayan, and Incan traditions.  All of these traditions point to the true human as a luminous light body being of consciousness and energy that unites in a very high harmonic resonance of spirit, mind, and transformed matter. 

While incarnating humans have been working on awakening to the light body through these numerous traditions, the overall human and earth consciousness has been in a fallen third density egoic consciousness.  As we are now upon another galactic alignment at half a precessional cycle of approximately 13,000 years, we are approaching a dramatic shift in earth conditions and a shift/leap in consciousness.

This alignment is more profound than the known previous alignments because it is opening to a shift of the entire human consciousness to the fifth dimension.  The full realization of the light body in human form is a fifth dimensional consciousness.  Because of the shifting vibrations from the galactic center (charged particles of cosmic and gamma rays, etc.), we are all being given the opportunity to realize the light body.

However, the light body cannot be supported by the dense physical body with negative emotions and unhealed cellular memories.  Therefore, a life long process of healing and integration is required in order to allow the higher energies of light to coexist in bodily form.  All negative and destructive frequencies must be healed in order for the synchronous alignment of the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  As negative emotional energy and false beliefs are healed, the unified chakras and multidimensional bodies enable the physical body to support the light body.

The physical body consciousness has three main anchoring points–1. grounding of the body with earth energy, sun, galactic center, and cosmos,  2.  heart consciousness through the center of one’s being, and 3.  Pineal gland opening to higher dimensional information.  These main areas anchor in the energy to all the systems and complexities of the consciousness of the physical body.  All of the physical systems play an integral role in the spirit, soul, and body being.

While in the past the full integrated healing to support the light body took a lengthy life long process of meditation, prayer, and contemplation, we are now in a period where we have the opportunity to participate in a process of accelerated healing.  “Accelerated” does not necessarily mean easier, it means the fullness of integrated healing in a more condensed time frame.  The current accelerated path of healing is actually more challenging in many respects, but the opportunity is a great gift because of the changing vibration and dimensional shift.

It offers a more direct way to heal the entire encoded traumas of the mind and body without the slow methodical grind of healing under the denser 3D earth and cosmos frequencies.  The higher frequencies that are new to our awareness provide us the opportunity to heal and forgive all wounds within our soul and body that are from this lifetime, inherited through emotional and genetic fields,  past life, and interdimensional.

The incoming higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies are opening us to many more healing modalities that facilitate a more direct healing of our being.  While there has been an explosion of new ways to approach healing through consciousness, energy, the unconscious mind, and soul, some of these ways include Integrated Energy Healing (IET), hypnotic regression, timeline therapy, Reconnective Healing, crystal healing, sound healing, Quantum K, the Emotion Code, and the Healing Codes.

All of these ways are allowing us to heal the unconscious mind and the physical body at an accelerated pace.  We are able to handle more healing in a shorter duration because of the higher frequency energy that is being received by the planet and human consciousness.  The mind and physical body needs to be healed in order to support the power and frequency of higher fifth dimensional energy.

So let us embrace the potential of all healing opportunities that are presented to us through 2011 as we move toward 2012 and beyond.  Happy New Year!

Movements in Healing and Transformation

The journey to the true self is to restore, evolve, and transform humanity to our multidimensional being within the Divine unity of infinite love and creativity.  Within this journey, the healing and transformation of consciousness is a dynamic process. 

In the current stage of third density consciousness, we have received conditioning through the negative energies of fear.  These energies restrict and inhibit the freedom of love and creativity of the true self in Divine unity.

The healing process is a journey of awareness, awakening, and remembering.  In order for the human being to evolve, transform, and ascend to the full potential of Spirit, soul, and body beings, the healing process requires a learning that is not linear.  However, this nonlinear healing journey takes place within an overall movement of stages within a dynamic process.

These stages of movement can be defined as knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and living.  The first stage of awareness is “knowledge.”  Through the awakening to knowledge, we learn very quickly that knowledge about an aspect of personality does not mean that we are able to live our truth.  This insight of having knowledge without experientially living our truth frames the understanding of healing and transformation as a dynamic process.

We can gain knowledge through intellect, intuition, emotion, and feeling.  The insights of knowledge is the first step in awareness.  However, with the gaining of knowledge, we do not yet have “understanding.”  We receive understanding as we take in knowledge and process it through multiple modes of awareness.  The knowledge then increases in clarity and integration within consciousness through the soul’s interaction with Divine energy.

The purpose of the “understanding” stage is to prepare us to be able to open to the critical change making stage of “acceptance.”  This is where learning takes place through Spirit, soul, unconscious mind, and into conscious awareness and the body.  The learning is forgiveness, letting go, and releasing karmic attachments to negative energy and conditioning.

Forgiveness releases the restrictions and limitations.  As a result, the influx of the true self of higher vibrating information and energy now has the infinite and eternal freedom to express through the action of “living” the true self in Divine unity.

Healing with the Emotional and Intuitive Body in Heart Consciousness

In order to heal all the wounds that were conditioned by a fear-based consciousness, we must feel them with a non-judgmental feeling consciousness.  This is a higher level awareness that is beyond what we understand as our ordinary intellectual mind.  The feeling awareness emanates from the mind within the heart.

A higher feeling based awareness from the heart center is needed because the intellectual mind was used in the conditioning of negative emotions and beliefs as a result of external experience in a fear-based consciousness and culture.  The intellectual mind is dualistic.  Therefore, it defends against painful experience by judging the experience as too painful for the emotional system.  Thereby, it stores the information out of conscious awareness in the unconscious mind.  By doing so, the person identifies with the negative experience which continually limits the peace, freedom, and love of the self.

Because the intellectual mind maintains the identfication with the wounding experience, it cannot effect healing.  The rational intellect can be used to point us in the direction toward healing, but within itself there always remains a duality.  This duality is the core of the negative fear-based condition of conflict, separation, and external power and control.  The conditioned mind results in limitation and an awareness that restricts the person from fully expressing the truth of their interior of infinite love and creativity.

Healing occurs when consciousness shifts to a level beyond the awareness where the mind encoded the perceived problem.  The healing and transformation of emotional wounds occurs from levels of awareness that we have called altered states of consciousness, higher consciousness, transcendent consciousness, mystical consciousness, etc.  All these descriptions, and the infinite dimensions within them, are a continuum of our heart-based consciousness of the true self in Divine unity. 

We need to continue to develop our heart consciousness in order to more effectively use the emotional body and intuitive body through a feeling awareness that heals. We can further our transformation to a heart-based consciousness with meditation, energy healing practices, and many mind and heart spiritual practices. 

All of these practices focus on an observing loving awareness of the infintite true self within the heart in the Spirit.  As we develop our heart consciousness and use this higher feeling awareness to heal, we continue our human transformation toward a unity consciousness.  

Accelerating Energy and Unity Consciousness

Within the last several thousand years, the process of healing the wounded self and transforming to the true self in Divine unity has been a lifetime journey.  Very few persons would make it to the higher levels of a unity consciousness in a single lifetime on earth.  Many have opened to the transformative journey, and healed numerous layers of the conditioned fear-based consciousness, but the core of the duality consciousness often remained.

Transformation to the true self in Divine unity has taken decades of persistence and discipline in meditation, self-observation, and contemplation.  It was only through this long term wearing away of conditioned negative patterns of belief and emotion, as well as a change to a higher mind, that in turn changed the energy of the endocrine and nervous system of the physical body to be able to reflect and experience an infinite nonlocal consciousness.

In the history of human transformation, spontaneous or sudden awakenings do occur, but are usually accompanied by long time frames of integration and periods of plateau before consciousness is elevated to the next higher level.  Often individuals have lived lifetimes being at a new profound peace, yet not the fullness of the human in Divine Being.

We are now in a period at the end of the age where the acceleration of energy is altering the experience of the time frames of transformtion.  As we are completing a 26,000 year precessional cycle, the earth and solar system is aligning with our galactic center.  With this occuring, we are in a window of time where the awakening, healing, and transforming of consciousness is being accelerated by necessity. 

At this time, we no longer have decades of persistent meditation and psychological healing to become our true unified self.  We must awaken, heal, and remember our full multidimensional being in what would have otherwise been an impossibly short duration of time on earth.

We are in the midst of a major shift in humanity from a very constricted conflict-based 3-dimensional consciousness within good and evil, to a unified 4-dimensional consciousness of cooperation, peace, unity, and creativity.  The shift is described in the biblical tradition as the New Heaven and New Earth.  The evolution of consciousness on earth to an integrated 4D will enable humans to live in harmony and to further evolve up to the fullness of 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions, etc.  While transforming to a unity consciousness will enable love and creativity on a new earth, the vibration of consciousness will still remain far below the dimensions of the higher heavens.

The gift of life in this dimension of the physical plane is to express Divine consciousness through the denser vibrations of physicality.  Instead of consciousness almost completely falling into the 3D aspect of the physical, awareness will remain transcendent while expressing within the physical.  We are being led to an opening to a major consciousness change by an accelerating energy that is altering the perception of time.  The nature of time will change at a fourth dimensional consciousness.

The human consciousness on earth is evolving to a heart-based consciousness beyond the duality of the intellectual mind.  Sri Aurobindo called this “the supramental consciousness.”  At this approaching level, humans will be unique expressions of a unified whole.  The nonlocal unity consciousness will be fully intersubjective, intentional, and telepathic.  In this window of accelerated change, we must be willing to let go and heal the totality of the multidimensional self.  The time is now.

Healing Trauma to Release the Divine Energy of Intention

Intention begins from the consciousness of the heart which is beyond words, thought, visualization, and imagination. From the infinite dimension of the heart, we use our mind’s thought and our body’s feeling to give direction to our intention. The infinite, together with the direction of our heart’s desire, enables the Spirit to translate non-physical energy into the vibrations of the physical dimension of manifestation.

Intention necessitates being beyond time, space, doubt, and fear. Thus, in this dimension we live from our intention that already is. Often we can experience our mind and feelings participation in this consciousness, but we have difficulty maintaining it, or locking it in. This resistance draws us back to the appearence of sense and reason. Therefore, we continue to doubt and fear.

The key is learning to be able to access the divine love, joy, and peace within our heart purely from the interior. Love is beyond doubt and fear and is the being where we feel that our intention is already in existence. Why is it such a challenge to open to the infinite light within and remain in a consciousness of love and peace?

Any unhealed trauma and shock that is stored within our body and mind prevents our multidimensional being from resting in love, and therefore totally living from our intention. These traumas have conditioned the negative beliefs, repressed and dissociated emotions, and the activation of our fear-based survival circuitry in the brain and body. Fear and trauma conditioning runs the full spectrum from life threatening situations to any non-empathic human interaction. These wounds are most deeply embedded in prenatal and early childhood, but also can severely impact us when they occur in our later developing years and throughout adulthood.

Any practice of intention should occur simultaneously with the journey of healing and transformation to our true self in Divine unity. There are numerous healing practices that may help in our journey–i.e., energy medicine, the felt-sense, somatic practices, psychotherapy, regression to prenatal and early childhood awareness, self-observation through the consciousness of our true self, meditation, and the practices of the mystical traditions.

As we continue to heal trauma and shock from our mind and body, we are able to hold more light within the heart. This allows a more sustained awareness of our true self of love, joy, and peace. This awareness is the Divine energy that flows into feeling and activates our being to live from our intentions.

A Synthesis of Mystical Transformation and Creative Intention

In my work of developing a new vision of mystical transformation and spiritual creativity, I unite two significant worldviews or ways of transforming. The first is the depth understanding of the mystical traditions, the second is the metaphysics of the heart and mind’s creative intention.

In the depth of the mystical traditions, we transcend the ego consciousness toward the true self in Divine unity by healing our fear based conditioning, intergenerational transmissions, childhood wounds, and traumas. In order to heal and transform, we are primarily developing and practicing an observing or witnessing consciousness of the heart and mind. Through meditation, we open to the Divine presence, and the peace, energy, and goodness of the true self. This way of healing our unconscious conditioning through contemplative oriented practice enables a vertical growth to a higher consciousness. This is the mystic self of a unified nondual consciousness and being.

Along the mystical path of healing and transforming, the goal of the journey is enlightenment to our true self in Divine unity. This is our infinite and eternal being and consciousness in the physical dimension as well as the transcendent spiritual dimensions. This pathway of the mystical and esoteric tradition expresses the depths and heights of the work of transforming consciousness. Much of this work is the diligent focus on meditation, psychology, allowing the unconscious to become conscious, and detaching from negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

In the depth aspect of the mystical tradition, our emphasis is on healing our negative conditioning that is expressed in thoughts, emotions, and actions. As we are opening to the heart-based consciousness of the true self, we are healing the impediments that prevent the awareness of freedom, peace, cooperation, love, and creativity.

However, to incorporate our creative intention, we must shift to a height orientation that places the emphasis on the goodness of results and not on the problem. Here, we have the modern tradition of the New Thought movement and a science of consciousness and subtle energies. The emphasis is on the infinite creativity of our true self in Divine unity. The intention of human creativity lives from the consciousness of the new and allows action to bring the good desire into physical reality. Along the path of creative intention, our goal is to be creators through the Divine action of health, happiness, prosperity, and abundance.

At first, these two major traditions may appear paradoxical. The mystical tradition often focuses on healing the negative conditioning as we transform to a higher mystical consciousness, while the creative tradition deemphasizes the problem and focuses on the goodness of our desire, true self, and creativity. The paradox arises because we understand that we must focus on healing our fear-based ego impediments in order to creatively intend, but we cannot creatively intend if we are fixated on the negativity of our problems.

In the new vision of mystical transformation and spiritual creativity, we are synthesizing both traditions into a new unified way. In this vision of transforming and creating, we focus on the solution in a way that we are aware of the negative problems of deeply unconscious fear conditioning without focusing on the problem.

Jesus focuses on healing and transformation with an understanding that our ordinary consciousness is not free–i.e., “You must be born from above” and “you will know the truth and the truth will make you free” (John 3:7, 8:32). He describes certain aspects of the discipline in healing the wounded self by a persistent effort to deny the ego’s misguided ways to fill a false sense of lack,i.e., “let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23).

Within the current reality of the negative fear conditioning, Jesus emphasizes the shift in consciousness to the creative light. He says, “whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours” (Mark 11:24).

He teaches that a transforming life in creative intention will express the goodness of the true self in Divine unity–i.e., “will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these” (John 14:12).

A unified life of mystical transformation and creative intention is the way of healing and expressing our true self of love and creativity. Jesus sums up this message in saying, “I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

Beyond the Darkness and into the Light

Our fear-based conditioning develops our ego consciousness. This is our identification with our relative mind’s memories, defenses, negative thoughts and feelings. It operates like a computer software program always scanning present situations for past results or projecting fears into the future. This level of our mind and body consciousness proceeds from a sense of lack and separation from wholeness. As long as we maintain any level of the fear consciousness, we inhibit our full capacity to intend, love, and create. The ego conditioning always carries a degree of the darkness.

Our true self is our heart-based consciousness of good desire, love, light, joy, and peace. Being in the heart is living in the now. When we are within the heart, the fear-based mind programs of past situations or the constant evaluation of fears projected forward cease their activity. The heart is the center of intention where we create from good thought and feeling of what just “is.”

As we pursue the journey of transformation, we gain increasing moments where we enter the heart and the ordinary mind does not interfere. However, it is still a battle of shifting strengths between the intensity of light that we can hold in our hearts and the powerful fears that have been conditioned within the mind. Can these fear-based mind programs be entirely uninstalled like software? And if “yes,” what is the process of change and transformation that accomplishes this whole new consciousness and way of being?

In the prologue of the Gospel of John, he says that “the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it” (John 1:5). This is our new being in Christ where our consciousness is always in the light of the Divine energy within the heart. This infinite nondual energy is then expressed throughout all our dimensions of heart, mind, and body. In this consciousness, the darkness is no more-“he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away” (Revelation 21:4).

For us in our present journey, the dispelling of the darkness is a process, not an instantaneous shift. As our intentional consciousness becomes the norm, we will not have the long persistent effort of transformation. But at present, transformation usually takes place over time through a continual strengthening of the capacity to be in the present moment of Divine light regardless of the current sensory obstacles and past experience.

It can be viewed as the paradoxical dilemma of what comes first, the chicken or the egg. We need to open to a greater intensity of Divine light and energy in order to overcome the darkness, but our ego mind programs act as a drag to letting the light in. Thus, the journey is like a continual process of lessening the darkness and increasing the light. Here, we practice prayer, meditation, self-observation, and making conscious the unconscious fear conditioning.

The process of transformation is experienced as a resolving polarity. We must gain greater awareness of our fears, thoughts, emotions, and actions that emanate from the ego consciousness. As the unconscious fears, negative beliefs, and negative emotions are brought into awareness, we must also hold our developing heart-based consciousness. We are strenghthening the heart consciousness to open to greater intensities of light and love. When in the heart, “perfect love casts out fear” (cf. 1 John 4:1).

As we are learning to live in the heart, we begin to alternate, or oscillate between the heart consciousness of love and the ego consciousness of fear until the increasing light dissolves the polarity. In his work of Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine describes alternating between a trauma vortex and a healing vortex. This is another way of communicating the light and darkness polarity. The journey requires persistent practice because the fear-based consciousness restricts our openess to generate enough light to completely cease the operation of the ego consciousness. As we become more aware, we oscillate between the ego conditioning and the heart consciousness at faster and faster speeds until we simultaneously hold the core of fear in the fullness of Divine light.

For thousands of years of history and what we understand of our prehistory, humans have had a consciousness of fear along with the creativity of love. This has been our experience in this dimension of the physical universe under the duality of the knowledge of good and evil. David Sereda in his book Singularity talks about overcoming the inertia that exists within consciousness, our bodies, and physical matter. In the light of Divine love, there is no resistance of time and space. Therefore, there is no fear, conflict, or separation within the unity of the heart.

When our undefended fears are brought to full awareness with the full consciousness of the strength of the Divine light in our heart, the darkness disappears. Step by step the many aspects of the fear-based ego consciousness are brought to awareness in our increasing light of the heart. The intention of our transformation is to realize the complete cessation of the fear consciousness to become the true self in Divine unity that is infinte love and creativity. Jesus says, “no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above” (John 3:3).

Transforming from Separation to Unity

The conditioning of the fear-based consciousness and culture results in an ego consciousness of conflict and separation. This ego consciousness is encoded in the earliest years of life in the physical body through the energy and information of prior generations, the consciousness of the family system, and the overall culture.

Because of the nature of our early awareness of the world and our true being of relationship and connection, the mind cannot prevent the identification with sensory, emotional, and intellectual attachments that form the restricting ego consciousness of separation. As a result we forget our heart-based consciousness that is our true self of multidimensional unity. Because we are no longer aware of our unity consciousness, we develop a feeling of lack which the ego consciousness is a defensive adaptation.

The ego attempts to fill this feeling of something missing from the outside-in. Unfortunately, by its very nature the ego is doomed to continue to receive separation and disunity. To the awareness of the fear-based ego, it is caught in a paradox in which it cannot see.

When the ego tries to fill the negative feeling by seeking to cause relationships and material possessions to feel unity, it is actually reinforcing its feeling of separation. Its very efforts to try to control the outside world in order to feel connected is an expression of its fear and conflict. In order to awaken to our true unity, we need to enter the heart within. Our heart-based consciousness in Divine unity is our wholeness. From this awareness, we can intend, create, and allow relationships from a world in which we are already connected.

The blindness of the ego consciousness perceives the seeking of unity within as an isolation or alienation from the connection and unity we desire. In truth, when we seek unity from without, we experience separation from others, and when we open to our unity within, we experience unity with others. The difference is that the ego consciousness feels fearful, negative, and empty, whereas the true self heart-based consciousness feels peace, joy, and love.

We must experience our unity consciousness in order to be effective creators of our destiny in the world. If we continue to live from the ego consciousness that feels lack, then that is what we will see reflected in our world and reinforced in our awareness and feeling.

The transformative journey of transcending the ego consciousness to realize the heart-based consciousness and being is a process of awakening to our true self in Divine unity. Our true self works from wholeness and love to create abundance, further healing, and mutually self-giving relationships. The path of transforming is growing awareness through becoming aware of the thoughts, emotions, and actions of the ego. This awareness is cultivated through meditation, self-observation, and practice in the activities and relationships of daily life. As we awaken, remember, and shift to our unitary consciousness of the heart, we understand and experience that our desire and longing for real unity only arises from our awareness and feeling from within our consciousness and being.

Letting Go of the Fear-Based Ego Consciousness

Along the journey of healing and transformation, we reach a point where we become aware that our ego personality has been, and continues to be, an ever-present lens of our experience in the world. While we may have intellectually understood the fear-based ego or felt its restriction for some time, we now see through and feel the totality of its illusion.

Because we have identified with the false illusion of lack, the ego consciousness becomes a reality of experience in the physical dimension. Even though we came into this world open to our true being of the consciousness of the heart, we became conditioned by the current fear-based consciousness and culture. All of the fear, control, conflict, and separation that is experienced from the family and our cultural environment is downloaded into our consciousness.

Because our early childhood consciousness cannot disindentify with the outside conditioning, we forget who we are–a multidimensional being of wholeness. Within our true self of the heart-based consciousness there is no lack. Our experience is love, intention, and creativity. We live from the abundance of the inside in unity, peace, partnership, participation, and cooperation. We are fully connected to everything because there is nothing missing that must be filled up by controlling the outside world.

When we are ready to see the totality of the false consciousness of the ego, we have reached a point where we accept that the ego consciousness does not work in our life. This is a stage where our consciousness begins to come home to the heart. The true self in unity with Divine energy is embraced within the heart through the Spirit. The ego’s attachment to control by seeking approval, acceptance, and validation from others no longer satisfies.

During our life in the ego consciousness, many of the strategies of the ego have remained unconscious. Part of the false fear-based consciousness conditions us to be unaware of the ego’s misguided attempts to fill a perceived lack. At the core of the fear-based consciousness is a darkness of separation and isolation. It is the absence of unity, love, and creativity. The ego forms its most intense strategies to avoid the experience of this dark emptiness. Here, we find our greatest fears and addictive behaviors. If these defenses become fully uncontrolled, the experience of life can be debilitating. Therefore, another part of the ego is a defensive adaptation to the core fear-based wound. Here, the ego takes the underlying true desires of the heart and filters them through its need to fill its identity from the outside acceptance of others. Because we feel that we are expressing the true intentions of our heart, the ego’s ways of subtle attachment to approval are some of our deepest blindspots. The ego controls from all directions–on one side it controls through self-centered narcissism in pursuing one’s objectives, or on the other side it can control by being compliant to the ego needs of others.

When we can see that our ego consciousness is always in operation, even when it recedes to the background during moments of authentic love, we are ready to begin relinquishing its need. We now strongly desire to live from the heart-based consciousness all the time, not from just sporadic moments when our heart opens. The ego’s defenses no longer work for us. We understand them for what they are–a misguided attempt for love and acceptance. We recognize that the ways of the ego consciousness will not bring what we are looking for. Our true being of love, acceptance, and support has always been within our heart in unity with the Divine. From this awareness our heart is expressed through our mind and body, and through our intention and creativity into our experience of the world.

Once we understand the ego’s all encompassing ways of being in the world, we can let it go with compassion and love. If we are still fighting it and judging it for its negativity, we are still using it. When we see through the fullness of the fear and false self of the ego, our heart-based consciousness can now view its misguided attempts with compassion. As our conciousness transforms to love the whole self, the role of the ego will fade. The ego’s fear-based conflict of control and judgment is no longer necessary. It ways of struggling for love, acceptance, approval, and achievement are not needed–and most of all our use of the ego to struggle against itself dissolves. It is healed by the awakening of the heart-based consciousness of love, intention, and creativity. From the unity of the heart-based consciousness, we are free to intend and create in the love of our true being of infinite potential and connection.

Observing, Feeling, and Detaching from Negative Emotions

Today’s insights into emotions and the transformative journey continue from the previous post, “Emotions and Healing.” With the understanding of the important place of the emotional life in opening to mystical transformation, we turn our attention to how this awareness of emotion can help us progressively shift to our heart dimension.

If we observe negative emotions, we will also be able to observe negative thoughts. The genuine awareness of emotion lets us either fully express the emotion in consciousness or diminish its power and necessity through detachment. By changing the circuitry of negative emotion that anchors our fear based ego self, we can more easily open to and remain in the heart through the Spirit. In the heart, beyond the fear and doubt of the mind, we are free to love and create in joy.

If we put our attention on observing and changing our thoughts first, it is more difficult to become aware of the underlying emotions that support negative conditioning. As we become more aware of the subtle changes and shifts in our emotional state throughout our day, it will become easier to recognize negative thoughts and self-talk.

The observation of emotions and thoughts becomes a way of life in the mystical journey. Supporting the effort of continual observation are daily meditative practices, ie. detachment from the contents of the mind (mindfulness meditation, centering prayer), both directed and non-directed prayer, and inner self practices such as Heart Math’s “Freeze Frame.” In the freeze frame practice, we learn to shift attention to our heart dimension as soon as we recognize a negative reaction.

As we begin to understand our emotional wounds, we open to the grace of healing our being from the negative inertia of fear. We will open to our true self by living from the heart in the infinite love and creativity of the Spirit. When operating from the fullness of the heart, we will put our mind, emotions, and body in the service of self-giving love and creative work.