Healing Trauma to Release the Divine Energy of Intention

Intention begins from the consciousness of the heart which is beyond words, thought, visualization, and imagination. From the infinite dimension of the heart, we use our mind’s thought and our body’s feeling to give direction to our intention. The infinite, together with the direction of our heart’s desire, enables the Spirit to translate non-physical energy into the vibrations of the physical dimension of manifestation.

Intention necessitates being beyond time, space, doubt, and fear. Thus, in this dimension we live from our intention that already is. Often we can experience our mind and feelings participation in this consciousness, but we have difficulty maintaining it, or locking it in. This resistance draws us back to the appearence of sense and reason. Therefore, we continue to doubt and fear.

The key is learning to be able to access the divine love, joy, and peace within our heart purely from the interior. Love is beyond doubt and fear and is the being where we feel that our intention is already in existence. Why is it such a challenge to open to the infinite light within and remain in a consciousness of love and peace?

Any unhealed trauma and shock that is stored within our body and mind prevents our multidimensional being from resting in love, and therefore totally living from our intention. These traumas have conditioned the negative beliefs, repressed and dissociated emotions, and the activation of our fear-based survival circuitry in the brain and body. Fear and trauma conditioning runs the full spectrum from life threatening situations to any non-empathic human interaction. These wounds are most deeply embedded in prenatal and early childhood, but also can severely impact us when they occur in our later developing years and throughout adulthood.

Any practice of intention should occur simultaneously with the journey of healing and transformation to our true self in Divine unity. There are numerous healing practices that may help in our journey–i.e., energy medicine, the felt-sense, somatic practices, psychotherapy, regression to prenatal and early childhood awareness, self-observation through the consciousness of our true self, meditation, and the practices of the mystical traditions.

As we continue to heal trauma and shock from our mind and body, we are able to hold more light within the heart. This allows a more sustained awareness of our true self of love, joy, and peace. This awareness is the Divine energy that flows into feeling and activates our being to live from our intentions.

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