The Primary Role of Starseeds in Dimensional Ascension

As we move toward December 21, 2012, we are evolving and preparing for a change of phase in the process of Dimensional Ascension.  For the last twenty-five years, we have been in various stages and sequences of a preparatory phase of transition. This preparatory phase of transition has had many levels of increasing acceleration of galactic energies.  These higher frequency energies have assisted in our healing and transformation, our working through ascension symptoms, and our opening to the awareness of higher consciousness.

We are evolving and ascending to a heart-centered unity consciousness beyond the 3D duality ego consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  Our awakening to heart consciousness is within an overall Dimensional Shift of the Earth and humanity to a fifth dimensional consciousness.  Through the Winter Solstice period, we will be moving into the manifestation phase of Dimensional Ascension.  This will be a much more dynamic timeframe of transition that will lead to the ultimate fulfillment and emanation of the Dimensional Shift.


Moving to the Manifestation Phase of Dimensional Ascension

When a planet and incarnate beings participate in a Dimensional Ascension, there is a sequence of transition time which culminates in a New Earth in a higher dimension.  Most of the shift occurs within the preparatory phase of transition and the manifestation phase of transition.  It is a unique birthing process that is described in my article, “Toward a Mechanism of Transition From a 3D Earth to a 5D Earth.”

As the Divine timing proceeds into the manifestation phase, we will be learning more about the sequence of souls ascending to the 5D Earth in the current physical incarnation.  Within the entirety of the preparatory phase, all activity of healing, transforming, and evolving has taken place on the 3D Earth.  Even though some souls have awakened to a higher consciousness and can experience higher dimensional frequencies, interdimensional travel, etc., no human beings ascend to the 5D Earth in the preparatory phase of transition.  The preparatory phase has been the twenty-five year period from the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 to Winter Solstice 2012.  Once we move into the manifestation phase in 2013, sequential ascending will begin based on human choice and pathway of soul evolution.


Mission of Starseed Souls

Starseed souls on planet Earth at this time of Dimensional Ascension are incarnate to assist humanity during the ascension process.  These souls are anchoring frequencies, increasing the experience of Light, providing information, and modeling the resonance that will align with those souls who choose to ascend.  With all the various roles of starseed souls, their primary role is to ascend.  They are helping humanity through their own ascension as human beings. Through their soul path of incarnating on the 3D Earth to ascend to a fifth dimensional consciousness and body, starseeds are an important catalyst and bridge for humanity to transition from a 3D Earth to a 5D Earth. They have been doing the work of healing, transforming, and evolving during the last few decades in order to ascend to a fifth dimensional consciousness beginning in the manifestation phase of the shift. In this way, they are guides, lightworkers, and communicators to help guide by example for those of humanity that are choosing to ascend to a heart-centered unity consciousness of higher dimensional life.

A starseed soul is an incarnate human being whose primary soul history is not Earth based. While all souls are in a larger sense starseeds because their soul evolution in the universe and spiritual realms is more than Earth experience, souls that are Earth based and not mainly starseed have had their soul evolution focused on multiple 3D Earth incarnations.   

For souls that we are terming “starseeds,” the great majority of soul evolution and incarnate experience has not taken place on Earth.  Starseeds have most of their incarnate experience in other physical and energetic systems.  Some starseeds have more Earth experience than others. For example, one group of starseeds has had many Earth incarnations over thousands of years in preparation for the current Dimensional Shift.  Another group has had three to four Earth incarnations within the last few hundred years in a more streamlined preparation for the Dimensional Ascension.

Within the past fifty years, another group of starseeds has incarnated with no prior Earth experience.  They have incarnated with the purpose of experiencing Earth humanity and undergoing the healing and transformative journey of ascension.  Their primary mission is to ascend and be examples for others on the ascension journey to a higher dimensional human consciousness.  This is a consciousness of the true self in Divine unity expressing the unity of the Light Body in the physical body at a fifth dimensional frequency and beyond.  Dolores Cannon has communicated the general characteristics of this group.  She describes this group of starseeds as “volunteers,” and has categorized them as incarnating in first, second, and third waves in her book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.”   

Starseeds have been helping integrate the higher energies on the 3D Earth in preparation for the emanation, manifestation, and revelation of the new 5D Earth.  While starseeds are doing all types of work and human service, many are often in healing and teaching work to evolve and express a heart-centered unity consciousness among humanity.


A Sequencing of Ascension Beginning in the Manifestation Phase of Transition

As we near the change-over to the manifestation phase of ascension through the Winter Solstice, we are beginning to learn more about how personal souls may begin to ascend after December 21, 2012, as well as how some souls may have access to both the 5D Earth and the 3D Earth for up to the full duration of the manifestation phase of ascension.  According to the understanding of the current timeline, the duration of the manifestation phase up to the full actualization of the 5D Earth is relatively short.  The current timeline is approximately a five year sequence.  The actual ascension for each person happens “in the blink of an eye,” and is in accordance with many ancient, prophetic, and biblical descriptions of an ascension to a New Earth.

Even though persons will be ascending at different times within the Divine timing of this period, the evolution will be experienced seamlessly as all ascending souls will be on a new 5D Earth in this very short sequence within years.  The challenge will be on the 3D Earth as conditions become more difficult with the changing magnetic fields, Earth changes, approaching Galactic superwave, the interstellar dust cloud, solar activity, and the current 3D Earth system seeking to pursue a controlling transhumanist agenda which attempts to impede humanity’s awakening to our infinite multidimensional Light Beings of freedom, harmony, love, and creativity. 

The Earth and the life incarnating on Earth is ascending. It is organized by a Divine intelligence that is way beyond the level of expression of that intelligence in human form at this time.  Therefore, it is not a human choice whether the Earth or humanity ascends to a higher dimension.  While frequencies gain intensity and manifesting ability with greater numbers focusing on a given consciousness, the mechanism of ascension is not under humanity’s call like a one-hundredth monkey concept or a tipping point.  While group consciousness as in a “tipping point” is a very real part of the creativity and manifestation of souls, humans alone cannot make this determination for such a large dynamic as planetary ascension.  Thus, the human choice is to decide whether to go with the ascension in the current incarnate body.  We are working to ascend and to help and assist as many humans that choose to ascend at this point in their soul evolution.

Once the 5D Earth is fully actualized with the humans whose soul evolutionary pathway is to ascend from the 3D to the 5D Earth in this incarnation, the Earth will begin its process of dissolution in the 3D frequency. “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away…” (Revelation 21: 1).  Human consciousness does not yet know fully how this all takes place, but will continue to learn more as the manifestation phase of ascension ensues.


The Role of Starseeds in the Culminating Phases of Earth and Human Ascension

At this point in the Dimensional Shift, the primary role of starseeds is to ascend. Many starseeds have been working on healing, transforming, and evolving for years and/or decades.  The mission of the long journey of work is to ascend and express the heart-centered Divine Light and Energy that may assist all humans choosing ascension at this time in their soul evolution.

Starseeds can be a major help for those seeking further understanding, newly awakening souls, good hearted souls who have not yet done the majority of their clearing and healing work of traumatic dense energy, and souls still in confusion whose pathway of choice will be to ascend. Many souls will awaken and ascend in a very short time period.  

This relates to Jesus’ parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20: 1-16). In the parable, the landowner goes out early in the morning and hires workers for the daily wage. As the day goes on the landowner sees others idle and asks if they would like to work for whatever wage is right with the last group beginning with one hour left in the day.  When the evening came, the owner gave the wages beginning with those who had come last to those that came first. All the workers starting later received the usual daily wage. “Now when the first came, they thought they would receive more; but each of them also received the daily wage.  And when they received it they grumbled against the landowner saying that he had made those who worked only one hour equal to them who had borne the burden of the whole day.  But he replied to one of them, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong; did you not agree with me for the usual daily wage? Take what belongs to you…; I choose to give this last one the same as I give you” Matthew 20: 10-14). 

In the same way, when it comes to ascending to the fifth dimension, some will awaken and be prepared in the very last hour. They will ascend to the fifth dimension in the current incarnate body just like those who have been working hard at healing and transforming for years and leading the way and carrying the burden of all the phases of the ascension process.  The goal is that we desire all to make the choice to ascend and experience human life in the fifth dimension.  We are all interconnected and united in heart consciousness and Being.

We have just touched upon the starseeds role in ascension as we approach the manifestation phase of transition, as well as described some of the dynamics of the ascension process.  There are many more questions and specifics that are still beyond the human mind to clearly grasp.  As we continue in the process, we will gain increasing clarity and a greater understanding will be revealed in Divine timing.

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