Earth Humanity: Both an Experiment and a Dimensional Evolution

We are infinite souls of Divine Being experiencing incarnate physical life and incarnate energetic life in the dimensional realms of the universe. Within our infinite and eternal journey of soul evolution, we experience and express through the physical body in the more dense frequency dimensions, through the energy body in the higher frequency dimensions, and solely as Divine energy and spiritual consciousness in the dimensionless realms.

Soul incarnation as human beings on Earth was originally intended as a new type of incarnation, or in other words as an experiment. As infinite spirit and soul beings of Light, we were to embody Divine Being within the density of the 3D embodied planet Earth. This is an unconditional loving harmonic and creative experience of the Divine human that for thousands of years has not been known within the oscillations of matter at the third dimensional frequency.

The current Earth is organized at the 3D frequency, even though it can resonate to higher dimensional frequencies while still being within 3D. Because of the accelerating energies from the Galactic Center that are encoding a Dimensional Shift in the Divine timing sequence, the Earth has more access to higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy. Because of the greater access to these higher frequencies, some lightworkers believe that the Earth is already in a higher dimension. In reality, the Earth is still very much in the third dimensional frequency. It has a complex process of overlays as it transitions in the Dimensional Ascension cycle. The Earth’s primary frequency organization is only at one manifested dimensional height at one time, i.e. either 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, etc.

Planets only organize or embody up to a given frequency of dimension. Thus, the current Earth at 3D includes the second and first dimensions, but its organizing frequency does not include above the third dimension even though the higher ranges can be accessed from within the third dimension because of the multidimensional nature of existence.

When the Earth ascends dimensions, it emanates and manifests at a higher frequency of organization which then includes all of the lower dimensions. Presently, in the Divine timing sequence of galactic, solar, and planetary evolution, the Earth is in the process of a Dimensional Ascension from the third, through the fourth, and into the fifth dimension. Humanity incarnate on Earth is evolving and ascending with the Earth. As part of personal soul evolution, each incarnate soul has a choice to ascend with the Earth to a higher dimension within the current incarnate body.

This is the pathway or timeline of soul evolution for humanity on Earth. The choice is either an ascension to a 5D frequency Earth or return to spirit world and reincarnation in other systems, including 3D for those not ready to ascend, as well as other dimensional experience for souls according to their soul history and evolutionary sequence.

What is clear for all souls currently on Earth is that we are in a 3D experience of a fear-based conflict, control, and separation consciousness. How did we get here? The original experiment did not call for this, although this potential timeline exists because of the light and dark frequencies in certain manifestations of galactic dimensional experience. Humanity was to embody the pure Light of the Divine all the way down in third dimensional experience. The vision was for the full glory of the Source in all its unity, harmony, love, creativity, and infinite light expressing in a very dense frequency.

It was to be an awesome gift to experience such pure love in the density of only three dimensions. This was the experiment. It had never been done before in any universe. Earth humanity was intended to be ambassadors of 3D Humanity to other 3D planets that would live incarnate life solely from a heart-centered unity consciousness. The experiment did not materialize as intended because the consciousness of humanity fell into the lower frequencies of matter in the first three dimensions. We were supposed to express the highest dimensional frequencies within the first three dimensions, not veil or limit our consciousness within those lower dimensions.

Once humanity became immersed with the conflict and control energies, the fear-based consciousness took hold and the timeline of the experiment of embodying pure Divine Being as a perfect expression in the first three dimensions was over. With this fall, the plan to be a model and an ambassador to other 3D planets was changed. The soul evolution for incarnate humanity on Earth would now develop in another transformative and evolutionary sequence. Incarnate humanity on Earth would only move beyond the fear-based conflict, control, and separation consciousness when the Earth reached the Dimensional Ascension encoding in the sequence of galactic, solar, and planetary evolution.

What makes soul evolution in Earth humanity so challenging is both the depth of the fall into the separation energies and the soul and body remembrance of the original glory of the experiment. The Christ expressing in the incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth embodied the original experiment even living within the changed human timeline of the fear-based conflict, control, and separation consciousness. The infusion of Divine Light and Divine Energy in Jesus was a reminder of the glory of the experiment, and reminder of who we really are as infinite Light Beings, and a model and pointer for our current timeline of evolution and ascension to a fifth dimensional consciousness.

Therefore, with the change in the experiment we have incarnate souls as humans on Earth in one of the most extreme polarizing 3D experiences in the Universe. This is why humanity is garnering so much attention now from the angelic realm, ascended masters, extraterrestrial intelligence, and interdimensional intelligence. They are observing and assisting in ways that they can in this most extremely polarizing 3D incarnate experience in the transition time of a Dimensional Ascension.

Some have thought that the attention is because a whole planet has never ascended before. However, planets always ascend dimensions. It is part of their evolution as conscious beings in the universe. All creation in the dimensional realms of the universe evolve along the dimensional continuum according to the planning of Divine timing sequences. Therefore, all of the attention from the universe is not just to watch and/or assist a planet ascend from the third to fifth dimension, but to observe the Earth humanity experiment that did not exist on the planet as intended make a dimensional ascension after its long travails mixed in the polarity of good and evil energies amidst the Earth’s 3D experience.

If humanity had lived the original experiment of the highest levels of Divine unity in 3D experience, it would have assisted with this type of Earth humanity on other 3D planets. When the current time of ascension was reached, humanity would have made the same ascension to 5D that it is doing now from a fear-based 3D consciousness. Our journey is not to look back. We have the opportunity to embody the Light Body in physical form in a fifth dimensional frequency. We are following the infinite Divine in the glory and magnificence of soul evolution in the dimensional universe. May we continue to awaken to our true self in Divine unity and evolve to a heart-centered unity consciousness on a new ascended Earth.

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